Healing Hands

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A Chris Evans fan fic

By avenger-nerd-mom

Chris and his girlfriend get caught in an ice storm while on a romantic getaway.  Chris is worried about her health and does everything he can think of to help her feel better.  If he doesn’t Dodger might just attack him

Warnings: Language, Adult Situations, fluff, concern, NSFW, drinking, anal play, daddy kink, dom/domme behaviors, finger fucking, penetration, pull out method, no condoms

Word count: 4212

He sneaks up on her quietly as she sits in front of the fireplace, sweetly whispering to Dodger in her lap.  He cringes when he hears the cough rumble in her chest and she heaves to catch her breath.  He winces at her perceived pain.  “Oh, babe, I’m so sorry.  This isn’t really what I had in mind for our romantic getaway.”

He sits quickly and offers up his apologies.  Dodger lifts his head, looking at his owner, his eyes pleading with him to help her.  “I hear ya, Bud.  There’s no medicine in the place.  I searched every cabinet and drawer.  All I could find was this.”  He holds up the dusty bottle of whiskey and two small jelly jars he found in the kitchen.

Her burst of laughter breaks into coughs and he pats her back.  Her eyes water and she giggles quietly.  “Likely story.  You’ve been wanting to get me drunk from the minute we started dating and I told you I’ve never even had a shot.”

He kisses the tip of her nose, blushing at the truth to her statement.  “Whiskey is on old-time medication, it’ll definitely sooth the pain.”

“Or I’ll be so drunk, I won’t care.”  She laughs, caressing the side of his cheek, scratching at his beard.  “You need a trim.”

Chris shrugs.  “Ah, I gotta shave it off soon enough.  I’m doing the mountain man thing this week, just for you, babe.”  He stretches out his arms to show off the tight Henley and flannel plaid and she leans against his chest.

“I love my man in plaid,” she chokes out and he caresses her hair back over her shoulder and rubs down her spine as another series of coughs wracks through her little body.

He feels just awful. Their time together is always so rushed and sporadic.  She hadn’t been able to get away at the holidays, so they’d compromised with a mid winter getaway to a cabin owned by a friend of his.  He wasn’t expecting an ice storm to hit, followed by a large snow.  The power lines had snapped on their second morning in the cabin, and now on the third night her cold had turned worse.  He’d tried earlier to get the car out, but there was no where to go.  All the shops in the village down the mountain were closed and they were pretty secluded from the outside world.  Fortunately his phone service worked, and he’d been able to inform friends and family they were safe and sound, but he really was concerned for the rattle in her chest and wanted to get her back to civilization as soon as possible.

“Stop thinking.  You’re too loud.  I’m fine,” she wheezes.  “Pour me a shot.  Let’s do this.”

She sits up and rolls her eyes as his look of concern takes on a mischievous grin.

“Go ahead.  Rub your hands together gleefully like the villain in old cartoon about to steal the innocent virtue of the fair maiden.  I know you’re dying to,” she teases.

He throws his head back in a hearty laugh, but stops when her laughter brings on another series of deep coughs.  He shakes his head, “Stop that!”  He rubs her arms and scolds her.  “Don’t laugh at me; it makes you cough.”

“Telling me not to laugh at you is like telling Dodger not to bark at birds in the yard.  I can’t help it.  Your laughter is infectious. It’s one of the things I love about you.”  She dips her head and smiles up at him sweetly.  “It’s one of the first things about you when we met that I was attracted to.”

“Not my charming personality or my bulging muscles?”  He flexes his arm for her and she turns up her nose.

She shakes her head and holds up her jelly glass. “Not too much… No. None of those things.  Those things actually make you a dick sometimes,” she giggles.  “It was watching you at my niece’s party laugh and play with the kids on the swingset for an hour and you never wore out or got tired.  That’s my Chris.  That’s my fantasy and the man I want.  The Hollywood you can go to hell.” She coughs again and smiles wryly.  “But it’s time to get back to work.  You’re getting soft.  Been sitting on your ass too long.”

“Man, you really know how to kick a man, don’t you,” he chuckles.  “Yes, ma’am.  On it.  Back to work ASAP.”  He salutes her before pouring a fair amount of the dark amber liquid into her glass.  “How is it you’ve made it to this point in your life, you were a college sorority girl, and you’ve never been drunk or had a shot before?”

“Smart life choices.”  She taps him on the nose with each word and he smiles.  “Oh my God, this fuckin’ stinks.  It’s like paint thinner.” She complains and screw ups her face.

He smiles at her expression and his heart flutters.  “Don’t smell it.” He pours himself a larger drink.  “Just knock it back.”

She stares at the liquid and swishes it around.  Dodger lifts his head to watch her and he even pulls back from the smell and brushes his paw over his nose.  “Right, bud?  Can you believe Daddy willingly drinks this shit?”

“Fuck, babe.  Don’t call me Daddy unless you mean it,” Chris moans in frustration and adjusts his jeans to prove his point.

She chuckles and does her best to hold in her cough, trying to hide her blush.  “Damn you, I didn’t mean it like that.”  She tosses her head back and her curls cascade down her back as she lifts the glass to her lips and downs it all in one choked gulp.  She sputters and lifts her head upright and cringes at the taste, wiping her mouth on the back of her wrist.  “Fuuuuck, that burns.”

Chris lifts the glass to his lips.  He watches her closely as her eyes follow his movements, and he chugs his shot down quickly.  He laughs as she holds her hand to her chest, still shuddering from the burn of the whiskey.

“That’s awful,” she whispers.  “Why?  Why would you chose to drink that for fun?”

Chris moves closer to her and Dodger growls at him lowly.  “Hey man, she’s my girl too.  Watch it.  I’m not gonna hurt her, relax Bud.”  Dodger bares his teeth and Chris taps him on the nose.  “Enough of that.  You go.”

Dodger nudges her hand and she tugs on his ear gently.  “It’s okay, you’re not in trouble.  Go sleep.”  The protective mutt rises from his spot and stretches slowly, irritating Chris on purpose.  She coughs and chuckles and taps the dog playfully on his hindquarters to get him moving faster.  “Go now,” she commands and he totters away, his back legs stiff from his interrupted nap.

“Damn dog,” he grumbles.  “Likes you more than he likes me.”  Chris adjusts the pillows behind him, and leans back against the couch.  “Are you warm enough?” he asks as he pours two more shots, handing her another.

She shakes her head no, trying to refuse the little glass. Chris doesn’t give her choice. “You’re still coughing.  Tonight it’s not meant to be fun.  It’s to help you get better until we can get to the store or a doctor and get you some medicine.”  He holds the glass to her until she willingly takes it and chokes it back.

“No more.”  She spits out, scrunching up her face again.  She covers her hand over her mouth and breaths in.  “God, it’s on my breath.  It stinks.”

“Hush,” he drinks his glass and gently pulls her to him.  “You complain a lot.”  She rests against his chest and plays with the buttons on his shirt.

She bows her head sheepishly.  “I’m sorry.  I’m kinda ruining our romantic getaway, aren’t it?  You’ve done everything.  All I’ve done is sleep, cough and sneeze.  You’ve been chopping firewood- very sexy to watch from the window, I might add- gathering food we can cook over the fireplace.  Thank god for hotdogs and popcorn,” she giggles. “And I’m glad you carried the mattress down here.  The loft would be too cold.”

She reaches her arm up and pulls another blanket off the couch from behind him and he helps adjust it over the top of them.  He doesn’t want to admit to her that he’s too warm under her body and the blankets and the heat of the blazing fire.  After the blanket is settled, he tugs under her ass and shifts her body higher against his, resting his denim covered cock between her legs.  She’s weightless on top of him and he loves being her big, strong protector.

He wishes she could see what he sees right now.  Under the haze of a slight fever, her eyes warm from the liquid fire she ingested and glints of hazel and green sparkle back at him as she searches his face.  Her lips are plump and ripe for the taking.  And the smell of the whiskey on her breath begs to be savored.  He pulls her close and kisses her tenderly, not wanting to take all her air but needing to share his with her.  Her lips part so she can breath and he continues to caress her bottom lip between his as a breathy moan escapes the back of her throat.

She snakes her hands from between them and wraps one around his neck and slides the other lower, down the row of buttons on his shirt, stopping at the waist of his pants..  His bottom lip resting against hers, he whispers.  “No, you need sleep.  We can play later.”

She whines her complaint and he chuckles, kissing her again.  She moves her hand and grabs his hip, sighing.  “I really am sleepy.”  She kisses him again, sucking in all of his air to her desperate lungs before separating with a smack.  “Thank you for breathing for me,” she chuckles.

“Anytime, sweetheart.” He kisses her forehead before gently pushing her to the side, snuggling her next to his body and adjusting her in the crook of his arm.  “You realize you haven’t coughed in nearly five minutes?”

“Yes, fine, oh wise one.  The whiskey worked.  You were right.  I’ll cross-stitch it on a pillow for you.” The little blonde pokes him in the ribs.  “Don’t get too used to hearing me say that.  But I’ll make you a commemorative keepsake.  I’ll date it and everything.”

“Well, damn.  You’re rambling like a woman who might be a little tipsy.”  He laughs warmly, the shake of his body jiggling both of them.  His foot wiggles from under the blankets.

“Shut up and kick off your socks.  I know you want to,” she laughs, snuggling up into his neck and inhaling deeply.  “You smell so good.  Like cologne, firewood and snow.  Better than a candle,” she mumbles.  “So sleepy…”

Dodger raises his head and gives a happy bark before resting his head on his paws again, curled in front of the hearth.  Chris tips his head to the dog, indicating they both have watch over their girl for the night.  Chris tries not to shift away from her damp breath on his neck but he knows he needs to keep her warm through the night.  He’s worried about her becoming more sick before the morning.


Hours later, the wheeze has returned to her lungs and her chest heaves for breath.  He can feel each labored cough as they slowly build again.  The fire has died down, and Dodger is curled up on her other side to keep her warm.  Chris slides out from under her and smiles at the quiet whistle she makes from her congestion.  She would be so embarrassed, but he finds it just  adorable.  She’s always so tough and strong and this vulnerable state is endearing.  She’d probably punch his arm if he told her, so he’ll keep his thoughts to himself.  While covering his feet with his socks, Dodger lifts his head and yawns.  Chris puts his finger to his lips, as if the dog really understands.  The pup lays his head back down over her hip and whimpers quietly.  Chris pats the mutt’s head affectionately, knowing he’s leaving her in good care.

The power is still out.  A quick check of his phone tells him the time, but to conserve the battery he shuts it back down.  Piling on the old army jacket and silly fur hat he found earlier in the day, he heads out to the back porch to bring in more firewood.  He is startled by a doe and her fawn foraging under the tree and stands to watch for a moment before they run off across the valley.   He’s pretty sure he hears coyotes baying in the distance. The air is cold and stings his lungs while he quickly gathers enough wood to last till sunrise.

Returning to the chilled living room, he quietly places the wood in the fire and stokes the flames, Dodger and his love sound asleep.  He makes a stop in the bathroom and changes into comfortable sweatpants before foraging in the kitchen of the small hand crafted cabin.  Taking a water bottle from the cooler he finds her more aspirin.  Nibbling on the chocolate cake they brought from the bakery, he realizes he’s not really in top shape to go back to work.  A few more days of splitting firewood should do the trick.  Through the cold night air seeping through the chinked paneled walls he can hear trees bending and cracking under the pressure of the ice.

Stepping into the living room-

“Sweet Jesus.”  His heart stops at the sight in front of the fireplace.

Her bare bottom is raised up in the air, as she rests on her knees, face down on the mattress, her arms folded over above her head.  At least twelve thoughts- only twelve?- roam through his mind and he thanks God quietly she is faithful about attending her yoga class.  A quick look around the room has Dodger in his kennel, out of sight, and the jelly glasses lined up on the hearth, hers empty and his ready to go. Trying to find his voice and not sound as off balance as she’s thrown him, he murmurs lowly.  “Can I do something to help you?”

“I can’t sleep.  I thought you might be able to wear me out,” she offers, turning her head to him, her voice low and quiet in return.

He kneels on the mattress behind her, his eyes on the prize, willingly given to him.  “Are you sure?”  He asks tenderly, wanting her so badly but knowing she isn’t really physically up to anything zapping what little strength she has left.  His hand caresses gently over her right cheek and her skin rolls under his touch.

Licking her lips, she sticks her tongue seductively between her teeth, before breathily supplying her response.  “Yes, Daddy, make me better.  Use your hands to heal me.”

His own breath catches and he grips her flesh.  He instantly springs to attention turned on by her words, a game they’ve never played before.  He raises his eyebrow to her and she winks back, giggling and hiding her cough.  Closer now to the fire, he sees she’s added their favorite lotions to the pile of her clothes next to the whiskey bottle.  Daddy?  How drunk is she?  “My pet,” he intones, using a new nickname for this little foray into a darker world, “are you sure?”

She rolls her eyes at him and shifts forward on her arms, raising her ass higher.  “We already have a few rules, Daddy.  If I start coughing too much, or can’t handle it, I’ll call ‘recess’ tonight.  And no, I’m not drunk.  Just feeling very warm, from the booze, the fever, the fire. You.  We haven’t been together in weeks, Chris. First we were apart, then my period, and now I’m sick.  I just need it, please?”  She reaches back and squeezes his thigh, one of their signals to continue.

He reaches for the bottle of lotion and pours some in his hands, warming it with friction as he rubs his palms together.  The fire crackles and pops, the dancing flames reflected in the warmth of her eyes.  He takes the poured liquor and savors the taste, hot on his tongue.  He pours another shot for later as a filthy idea she just might like pops in his mind. He smiles and shakes his head as she hiccups quietly.  “Not drunk, you say?”

“Oh, maybe a little buzzed,” she confesses.  “But that doesn’t mean I don’t want this, or that I’m not aware of what’s going on.  I had the forethought to put the dog up, get lotion and condoms.  Give me some credit, man.  Control issues.  You and me both.  If you think I’m not game, stop.  But I know what I want, and right now, I really just want you to finger fuck me.”

He chuckles.  Strong and independent.  Just the way he likes her.  Loves her.  “Why?”

She coughs and he rubs over her back as the sound subsides.  She chokes out a quick breath before telling him what he needs to hear.  “I saw you light up when I was talking about our puppy parenting.”  She moans quietly as his hands run over the curve of her ass and she rolls with his caress.  “I can give up my need for control so you can have your fun, that’s what loving couples do, Chris.  I want to give this to you.  So, tonight, while I’m tipsy, I’ll be your pet and you can be my Daddy.”  She rocks back on her heels and rises to kiss him.  “Play, have fun, babe. I love you.”

He kisses her lips tenderly at first before growing in intensity.  When she’s struggling for breath, he releases his hold of her mouth and gently pushes her back to her resting position.  As her breathing returns to normal, as normal as it’s been the last few days, he continues to rub over her.  She settles in and his hands work magic over her skin.  Work tension and family stresses leave her and they listen as the wind picks up and freezing rain pelts the cabin again.  He murmurs to her, telling her all the things he loves about her.  She moans and whines happily and he loses all track of time.

Taking another shot, he wonders if she’s half asleep.  A slight cough answers his question as he smiles, holding the warm liquor in his mouth.  He bends over her, ripe and ready and pulling her flesh apart, he swallows the heated whiskey before licking his tongue gently across her pretty pink rim.  She gasps in shock, then practically purrs in excitement, while he kisses gently, teasing with his tongue, pushing her tender opening.  She spreads her legs for him and with one hand he wraps around her waist.  He blows warm air across her sweet little hole, reaching under her to slide his fingers between her wet, aching lips.  He sets a slow rhythm, nibbling on the flesh of her rounded ass, grazing her pussy with his fingertips.  Her breathing builds and she coughs a few times, humming her pleasure and fisting at the sheets.

“Please, more,” she whines.

He soaks in her pliancy and teases along the entrance to her cunt.  She’s dripping with desire and he wants her so badly.  “Please, what?” he growls, his hand slapping across her ass.

She chuckles, her eyes watching the fire blaze.  “Daddy, please, I need to feel you inside me; your healing touch.”

He swiftly brushes over the tight bundle of nerves found hidden between her walls and she jumps in his hands.  He bites at her hip and kneads her toned skin. Another swipe through the wet, and he pulls some out to tease around her clit, rolling the swollen button between his fingers.  She whines and rocks back in his hands, grinding against his palm.  Darting forward, he penetrates her with two strong fingers and pushes to her inner depths as she cries out a happy sound.  “Fuck, me Chris,” she pleads.  “I wanna come in your hands.”

“You’re so wet, my pet,” he rolls his eyes at the unintended rhyme.  “It won’t take long will it?  Tell me.”

“No, no it won’t,” she admits.  “I hate playing without you; I need this.  Daddy,” she giggles.

“That’s right, you shouldn’t play without me.  You should save yourself and only come for me,” he commands lowly.

“Then do it; make me come.”  Her body ricochets against his intrusions and her breasts sting against the friction of the mattress.

His fingers scissor through her slick, pounding again and again.  Her cunt tightens around him and as her pleasure rises her vocals echo in the small room.  He leans over her, kissing her back and pulling himself from his sweatpants with a swift, forceful tug, drops of precum rolling down her backside.  As she begins to come she shifts onto her stomach and grinds his hand into the mattress, pushing her clit against the bed.  He falls over her as her body stills and she silently finishes her rolling orgasm, pulsing and pulling his fingers in as far as they’ll reach.  He bites at her shoulder and she turns her head, searching for his mouth.  She lifts up for a kiss as the quaking stops and he covers her mouth, capturing her final sounds of completion.

Her body begins to convulse in shakes and he realizes she’s coughing again, but she requests he doesn’t move.  “I like feeling you on me.  Warm and safe, Daddy.”  She smiles between coughs, before she finally rolls to the side and pushes him off.  “You always make me feel so loved, so protected.”

Her eyes are drawn to his exposed cock, and he shakes his head ‘no.’  “No,” he chuckles, trying to put it away.  “You’re too sick.  You can’t stop coughing.”  He pauses so she can hear herself and he can prove his point. “I’m not gonna ask you to take care of me.”

She reaches for his stiff cock and says, “You’re not asking, and I appreciate that, but I need this too…”

She tugs up quickly on his shirt, and his nipples harden in the cold morning air.  She pushes him back against the pile of pillows against the couch, and straddles him quickly.  “I’m done playing and begging.  Now I’m taking what’s mine.”

His head falls back and roars with laughter as she straddles him and sheaths him.  “It’s all yours babe, my pet, every inch of it.” He looks down to see he’s totally hidden inside her and it’s so fuckin’ sexy.  He quietly whispers his thoughts to her as he tucks her hair back and holds her face in his large hands as she rides him.  Up and down, controlling him now, she quickly pulls him to his edge.  Teetering there, he pushes her over, pulling out and tugging, long ropes of creamy white cum on her tight stomach.

He collapses next to her and she winds her fingers in his hair.  “You cheated,” she coughs.  “That’s not what I wanted.”

He kisses her shoulder, and mumbles sleepily.  “Wasn’t covered… unless we’re ready for a little one to be calling me ‘daddy…’”

She traces her fingers along his profile.  Her voice dances with a gleeful joy.  “Maybe that wouldn’t be so bad…”

He rises up on his elbow and smiles down at her.  He grabs his shirt and wipes up his mess across her belly.  “Now I know you’re drunk,” he laughs.  “Just a month ago you didn’t want to talk about this.”

“Things change,” she shrugs her shoulders and her eyes seek his in the firelight.  “Just a month ago I didn’t know how tender and calm you could be in a crisis.  It’s like you just passed a test or something.  You’ve taken such good care of me, so worried about me and doing everything to comfort me and make me better.  Maybe it is time someone really call you ‘Daddy.’”

Dodger barks and growls, pacing in the kennel.  “Diaper changes, letting the dog out in the middle of the night, guess it wouldn’t be that different,” he jokes.

“The man with the plan and healing hands,” she giggles and coughs.  She sits up and pulls on her tank top.  She pours another shot of whiskey to calm her cough and her face reflects the bitter taste.

Chris chuckles, his hand tight on her thigh.  “Just where do you think you’re going?”

“Dodger needs out and I gotta use the restroom,” she blushes, searching the pile of clothes for her panties.

“You’re not going out there.  I heard coyotes, and it’s raining.”  He rises next to her and kisses her neck with care.  He crawls to the hearth and puts another log on the fire.  “I’ll take care of him; you take care of you.”  He hands her the water and aspirin.

She smiles kindly, and teases in a light tone, “Yes, Daddy.

Copyright © 2017  avenger-nerd-mom.  All rights reserved. Intellectual property of avenger-nerd-mom

Christmas Adventures: Naughty or Nice?

Christmas Adventures.jpg

*a Chris Evans fan fic*

By avenger-nerd-mom

Actor Chris Evans spreads holiday cheer

Warnings: NSFW, language, fingering, oral sex, penetration

This is written as a “choose your own adventure” type story.  The opening to the story is the same for both pieces, but when I reached one point in the story, I saw two possible endings.  And since I couldn’t decide which to use, I wrote both.

Opening Word count: 1859

“Hey pretty girl, wanna sit on Santa’s lap?”

The voice calls out over the din of the room.  The hospital Christmas party.  The little boy balanced on her hip has finally stopped crying, so she sets him down, balancing him on his feet before he toddles away, gripping his candy cane.  Her hands are sticky. Her feet are tired.  She doesn’t want to seem like a grinch, but the days before Christmas in a child’s sick ward are difficult days.  She does not need this crap.  She looks at her watch, seeing she’s well over her step count for the day, and realizing it’s only about twenty minutes before she can clock out.

“Are you on the naughty or nice list?” his voice calls out to her again.

Damn. Where did they hire this creep from?  Another child walks past him, smiling and thanking ‘Santa’ again for her new doll.  The nurse steps closer, but staying out of Santa’s grasp.  “Listen, here fat boy. I’m not interested. And if you-”

She shuts her mouth when she sees the head nurse giving her the evil eye.  “God, I hope you’ve just been creepy to the nurses and not the kids.”

In his incredibly ‘realistic’ costume, his belly laughs.  “I promise, I’m not a sick bastard.  I just have a thing for pretty nurses with dark hair.”

She rolls her eyes, moving to break up a fight between two little boys over a set of Legos.  Santa reaches in the big sack of toys and pulls out a matching set and offers it up to the older boy.  She begins to move away but pauses when the younger boy begins to complain that means the older boy got two presents from Santa.

She watches as Santa kneels down next to the boys and the littlest one, about five rests on his extended knee, pouting.  “Jonathan,” Santa says in a low authoritative voice.  How does he know his name? She wonders.  “Brandon has an older brother that always comes to visit.  What if we let Nurse Janelle keep the basketball here, so when Brandon’s brother visits, you can all play basketball together?”

The little boy chews on his lip for a minute, looking at Santa, Brandon and the dark haired nurse.  “You mean like a present for all of us?” he asks Santa.

Santa ruffles the top of his hair, careful not to bump the IV pole attached to the tubes in the boy’s arm. “For everybody,” he nods.

The little boy wraps his arms around Santa’s neck for a quick hug and calls ‘thank you’ as he runs off to get a cookie.  The older boy hands the ball to Santa, who hands it to the Nurse.

Taking the brightly colored ball, she tucks it under her arm.  “How did you know their names? About Brandon’s brother?”

Adjusting his fake beard, he laughs again.  She tries to ignore the pleasant tone and steps back when he reaches to her.  He drops his arm, defeated he can’t charm her.  “I’m Santa.  It’s my job to know the names of all the kids.  The ones here at the hospital are especially important to me.  And I try to know all their names and wishes…. Just like the nurses.  Nurse Janelle.  And you’re wishing for a Disney trip?”

Who the fuck is this guy?  “My scrubs are covered in Mickey.  That’s not hard to deduce, fat boy,” she pokes him in his foam padded belly, catching sight of her watch again.  She just wants to go home. Take a hot shower. Order pizza. Have a beer.  Be alone for the next three days.  He grabs her jacket sleeve, turning her wrist to see Mickey on the watchband as well.

“Call it a lucky guess?  So what are you doing after work.  I’m guessing you’re off now? You’ve been watching the clock for the last hour.  If you’re not bus-”

“Nurse Janelle! Nurse Janelle!”  Santa steps back when an adorable little blonde runs between them, tugging on the nurse’s jacket.  “It’s time; you’re leaving?”

Janelle squats down to the child’s level.  “Yea, sweetie, but I’ll be back.  You know that.”  While she talks to the girl, she holds her tiny hand, discreetly checking the child’s pulse to make one last note for the day.  “I’ll be back on Saturday, and you can tell me all about your Christmas, ok honey?”

The little girl looks over her shoulder at Santa, smiling.  She steps closer to Janelle and whispers in her ear.  “I asked him for a pony. But it can’t come inside the hospital.  How do you think he’ll do it?”

Janelle giggles at the wisp of breath the little girl creates against her neck.   Moving back, she looks in the innocent bright blue eyes.  The eyes.  Something jumps in her mind.  She shakes her head as though she knows it can’t be right.  Knowing the child’s parents have made plans to take her out of the hospital for a sleigh ride on Christmas Day, she firmly replies, “Santa always works magic.  I’m sure he’s already figured it out.”

She hugs her sweetly before rising tall.  Tugging her scrubs in place, she turns to go quickly before any more of the kids catch her.  “Sure I can’t change your mind?” Santa asks.

Sighing, she huffs, “I’m sure.  Thanks, but no thanks, Santa.”

Making her quick get away,she shuffles down the hall quietly, keeping her head low, just waiting to get to the workroom to clock out, hoping there are still some cookies left that haven’t been touched by children.  She loves her job, but off duty, she does not want kid germs on her food, especially during the cold winter months.  If she’s sick, she could be off the job for days, just to keep the patients from becoming more sick.

The workroom itself is festive with the group getting ready to go on shift, and those getting ready to leave for the night.  Washing up quickly, she takes the cookie and hot chocolate her friend Chani offers her.  Nibbling on the wonderful sweet she moves to the counter to clock out before plopping down on the couch, joining her friend for a quick rest before heading out into the cold night.

“Janelle, girl, come with us.  Honey, you can’t sit at home and mope for the next few days,” Chani prods.  “I’ve got a slinky black dress perfect for you! Hit the town with us.”

“Slinky black dress? I’m all for that.”  His unmistakeable voice fills the space.

Looking up, Janelle can’t believe it.  Santa was played by none other than Chris fuckin’  Evans.  “Sweet Jesus,” she mumbles under her breath as he leans forward to give Chani a kiss on the cheek.

“Hey, good-lookin’!  I’ve missed you!  I’m so glad you got to come play Santa,” Chani laughs, letting her hand rest against his chest a moment longer than necessary.  “I see you’ve been staying away from the Christmas cookies this year, ‘Santa.’”

“Gotta stay in shape, ya know.  It’s a tough job, but somebody’s gotta do it,” he laughs.  Eyeing the table of sweets, he reaches for the smallest cookie he can find, the sugar cookie kind with a chocolate kiss pushed in the center, and pops it in his mouth before sitting on the coffee table, trapping Janelle’s knees between his legs. He taps her knee purposely with his.

“I’m sure you’d look charming in an LBD, because I’m not wearing it.  You two know each other?” Janelle asks indifferently, taking a plate of goodies one of the other nurses hands to her.  She nibbles on a white chocolate covered pretzel totally ignoring the good looking actor sitting in front of her.

“This handsome fella came by the clinic I used to work at in Chicago once and we’ve been friends ever since.  He was the first person I knew when I came to Boston,” Chani explains, stealing a cookie from Janelle’s plate.  “HE’S the guy I’ve been trying to set you up with for months.  I think you two are perfect for each other.”

“I am NOT the same animal as him,” Janelle replies quickly, almost feeling bad about it when she sees him wince at the comment.

Recovering quickly, Chris rubs his hand over Chani’s knee.  “Aw, honey, thanks.  But I get the feeling she doesn’t want to be set up, even with a great guy like me.  Don’t believe everything you read,” he teases as he winks at Janelle.  “Come go with us; it’ll be fun. I’ll get changed out of this Santa suit-”

Looking him squarely in the eye, Janelle interrupts.  “Take away the suit and you’re still just a millionaire, playboy, philanthropist… I’m. Not. Interested.”

Chris clutches at his heart, pretending to be hurt.  “Oh, that’s a good one, sweetheart, like I’ve never heard that before.”  She can see in his eyes her dig cut just a little bit.

Chani shakes her head, stage whispering, “Girl! What is wrong with you? Chris Evans is asking you to go out with us!  Come on; you have no need to rush home.”

“I don’t know Chani, maybe she has cats to take care of,” Chris dismisses her as he gets up and shakes his arms out of the heavy Santa jacket.  Like the abs in his too-tight tshirt are going to change my mind…

“Oh, that’s original.  No wedding ring, early thirties, so you automatically assume I have cats.  Nice.” He shrugs his shoulders.  “I have a boyfriend; Chani you know I have a boyfriend.”

“That douchebag?” Chani rolls her eyes, setting her plate on the coffee table, waving goodbye to a few of the nurses leaving for the night.  She signals to the girls she plans to meet with later.  “If he’s so great, why have I never met him?”

Janelle hits her head against the back of the couch, accidentally thumping it against the wall.  She screws up her face and rubs at the tender spot.  “I can’t help he lives outta town and it’s easier for me to go visit him.”  She glances to Chris.  “But if you wanna have this discussion again about how unsuitable you think he is as a suitor for me, can we do it in private? After Christmas?”

Sheepishly nodding her head, Chani apologizes.  “Sorry.  That was rude.  I’m sure if you like him, he’s not a total douche.  But leaving you alone at Christmas totally sucks and I really wi-”

Janelle stands up, bumping into Chris, nearly tripping over his feet and he places a hand on her waist to keep her from falling.  She jerks away quickly from his touch.  “Chani.  Enough.  Babes, I love ya.  But I am going home.  To call my boyfriend,” she says pointedly to her friend.  “And to feed my cat,” she addresses to Chris.  “Not that it’s any of your business.”

Stalking to her locker, she quickly grabs her coat and gloves, murmuring her goodbyes and good wishes of a holiday season to her coworkers.  She glares back at Chris before she leaves the room, resisting the urge to flip him off.

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Christmas Adventures: Nice

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An hour and a half later, tired and exhausted from work, she trudges up the stairs with the bags of groceries to her tiny apartment, admiring the wreath on her door.  She pauses momentarily before inserting the key into the lock, smiling to herself.  Entering directly into the living room, she can hear the sounds from the kitchen.  The wonderful smell fills her nose and walking past the beautifully set table she grabs a sugar cookie with a chocolate kiss in the center and pops it into her mouth.

Leaning against the door frame she watches her man at the stove.  He fluidly moves, shifting his weight from side to side as he reaches to the shelf of spices, adding something to the steaming pot.  He hums along quietly to the Christmas music on the radio and she sees the muscles tense in his back when he realizes she’s there.  He relaxes, resting the spoon on the edge of the pan; the smell of the bubbling sauce makes her stomach growl.  Wiping his hands on the Christmas towel, he turns to her with a smile.

“So, do all your friends think I’m a douche?”  Chris laughs as she steps into his open arms.

She shakes her head, laughing at him.  “No, not all of them.  Nancy thinks you’re a dick, hiding a secret family in New Jersey or something.”

“Oh, that’s great. Just great.”  He kisses the tip of her rosy red nose, cold from the winter night.  “We agree to keep things private, because you don’t want to be in the press, and I’m totally fine with that, but now all your friends think your boyfriend is an ass, and they probably secretly talk about you behind your back, wondering if it’s time to stage an intervention.”

“Well, they might want to after today’s performance when they find out you’re my secret boyfriend!  That didn’t help your cause any… What was that about?”

Chuckling, grabbing her ass, he says, “What?  You didn’t like my naughty Santa?”

“You were such an ass…,” she giggles when he jumps at her cold hands tucked inside his shirt collar.

“I couldn’t help it.  Once you walked into the kids’ game room, I wanted to get your attention.  I really thought you knew it was me, but you were so focused on the kids…  It was amazing to see you work, babe.  And then I figured you didn’t want Chani to know we knew each other so I kept up the act, you just followed my lead.”  He shrugs his shoulders.

“Like always.” Laughing, Janelle runs her hands over his jaw, scratching at his beard.  “I really had no idea it was you; I couldn’t figure out how Santa knew the kids’ names?  Cuz I talk about them all the time, right?” She smiles, when he nods his head.  “I felt like such an idiot when you came in the work room.  I don’t expect to see my superhero boyfriend at my place of work, but I’m so glad that-”

Chris places his hands on her face, delicately holding her while he tries to quiet her chatter.  He leans in for a kiss, slow and gentle at first, caressing her lips, reuniting his mouth to hers.  “Stop talking,” he whispers in puffs of air against her mouth, charging in with more kisses, each one with more urgency than the one before beginning to warm her up.

She can taste the chocolate on his lips.  “How many of those cookies did you eat?” she giggles, tugging at his bottom lip with her teeth as they kiss.

“They’re my favorite.  I think I’ve had about five.  We’ve got to get rid of them,” he chuckles.

“I’m sure your kids in New Jersey will like them,” she teases poking him in the ribs. His laughter fills the room.

As her hands run down his tight chest to the waist of his pants, settling on his hips, his hands unbutton the front of her heavy wool coat.  Reaching inside he places his warm hands on her breasts, cupping her and giving a needing squeeze.  “You feel so good,” he whispers.  “I missed you too!  I wanted to surprise you at work.”

He slides the coat down her shoulders and it drops to the floor as their mouths continue to comfort each other and get reacquainted. His hands grasp her forearms, lifting her up on her toes. She runs her tongue against his pouty bottom lip and feels him shiver at the contact. His kisses make her ready for more.

“I love the feel of your lips on mine,” he says quietly, his nose brushing against hers, still red and cold from the Boston winter air, pushing her against the counter. Turning the heat down on the stove, he slides the pot off the burner.  Sliding his lips across her jaw, he captures her tiny earlobe between his lips, taking a quick nip.  “You need to warm up.  I’m stuffed on cookies; can we eat later?”

Tilting her head back, Janelle opens her neck up for his sweet caresses, enjoying his affections.  Chris glides his lips along her neck, pulling back on the collar of her shirt.  “Mmm… I love when you smell like the hospital,” he chuckles, biting and kissing at the crook of her neck.  “Come on, let’s get you cleaned up.”

Bending to wrap his arms behind her knees, he lifts her over his shoulder and slaps her ass.  She reaches for a piece of the toasted garlic bread on the counter and takes a quick bite.  Walking towards the hallway, he pauses next to the table and blows out the candles.  “No,” Janelle laughs, reading his mind.  “It’s already set nicely; and I could use a shower after work.”

He starts moving down the hall again, turning to enter the bathroom carefully without banging her into the door and sets her gently down on the edge of the tub.  He starts the water for her, turning it up high, just like she likes.  He kisses the top of her head, handing her a towel and rising to exit the room.  She blows him a kiss, and he pauses at the door.  “I could put the Santa suit back on?  It’s in the car.”

Untangling herself from her scrub top, she pulls it over her head and stands before him in her boring work bra.  She drops it to the floor laughing at him.  “Sorry, babe. No Christmas kink here.”

Chris leans his head against the door, smiling at her.  “So you don’t want me to tie you up with the Christmas lights I got?”

He chuckles at the candy cane panties she’s wearing when she stands up straight from removing her work pants.  “‘Santa: I can explain.’”  He reads aloud.  “That’s not kink at all,” he laughs.

Janelle bends over in laughter, grasping her sides.  “Chani got them for me; I think they’re funny.  No I don’t have Christmas kink.  I was kidding all week about the Christmas lights, honey.”

Chris laughs at the somewhat shocked look on her face.  “Hell, I wasn’t.  I went to all the trouble of driving around when I wasn’t working to find the little ones that wouldn’t burn you.”  Watching with a grin, he admires as she removes her clothes for the shower, catching her bra when she tosses it in his face.

Pulling her hair loose from her braid and stepping naked into the shower, she laughs, “You’re a sick weirdo sometimes, you know that?”

A gut busting laugh echoes through the room.  “But I’m yours and you love it. Lights?”

“Lights,” she agrees as she pulls the curtain closed, her laughter echoing against the tiles as he closes the door to the room.


Hours later, Chris wipes the spaghetti sauce from her chin, playfully teasing her about her ravenous hungers.  “You really should eat more than lettuce and wraps and fast food when I’m gone, baby girl.  You gotta keep your energy up for when I’m home.”  Winking at her the implied energy he’s talking about, he uses the garlic bread to wipe up the last drops of sauce on his plate and savors the rich flavor as he chews slowly.  “Carbs.  Damn I miss carbs,” he chuckles.

Admiring his washboard abs, she laughs, “Oh, honey but you look so fucking good when you stay away from them.  It’s not fair.  I eat right.  I work out all the time.  You give up carbs for three weeks and look like a god.  Besides, you’re a better cook than I.  Why should I bother?  I’ll just freeze the leftovers and I’ll have food for awhile when you’re gone.  I’ll miss you, but some of your Italian lovin’ will still be right here with me.”

She giggles when he tosses his napkin at her playfully, and points to her plate.  She nods that she’s finished and he leans over, setting the two plates on the floor beside the bed.  “Don’t you think you need to learn to cook?” he asks quietly rising up on his knees and crawling to her.  “Who’s gonna cook for our kids when I’m away working?”

“Kids? Christopher, don’t you think you’re getting a little ahead of yourself?  There are no kids till there is a wedding, there is no wedding till there is a ring and you know we said-”

His lips reach hers in time to shut her up.  “You talk too much, sassy girl,” he chuckles quietly, wrapping his hands in her hair, tilting her laughing face to his.  “What do I need to do to shut you up?”

“Impossible,” she laughs as she raises up on her knees as well, their kisses crashing against one another.  She tugs on the back of his hair, starting to grow back out, glad it will be longer by the time they take their Disney cruise at the end of January. That should have been her clue about Santa’s true identity at the hospital, but she was still in work mode at the time and was focused on her job.  “So, uh, where are those lights?  Maybe I should tie you up instead…” she taunts as she pushes him over backwards on the bed, landing solidly on top of him.

His leg rises up, creating a space for her to nestle her legs between his.  Wrapping his leg over the back of hers, he holds her tight to him.  “Oh, really?  That could be fun. Later… Ladies first.” His eyes gleam in the lights of the tree in the corner of their room. Kissing again, he pulls her hair, grabbing her closer to him as his mouth becomes more aggressive.  He begins to rock under her, moving and rolling her, his cock stiffening for round two.  She’s already slippery against him, her unfinished needs waiting to be cared for this time around.

“They’re in the gift bag beside the bed,” he tells her.  Chris rocks her forward just a bit more and she reaches out with her hand to pick up the little red bag covered in snowflakes.

Lifting the bag over the edge of the bed she sits up, moving to straddle him, teasing her waiting cunt against his hard cock.  He raises his head and pulls a pillow to him, bunching it up and resting back, smiling as she traces her finger over one of the glittered snowflakes.  Her hesitancy shows when she bites her lip nervously.  “Baby girl, it’s just some Christmas lights.  We can always try it another time; I don’t wanna do anything you aren’t comfortable with.”

Rocking forward again, she grinds herself against him, giggling softly.  “Oh, no, honey, it’s not that… I want to, believe me, I want to… I’m just trying to figure out the best way to do it.”

He laughs, his arms dropping back against the bed as he bucks her up again, his eyes watching closely as she peers into the bag, looking for the end of the strand.  “Where’s the light switch?” She asks pulling at the string of lights.

“In the box; pull carefully and the cord shouldn’t tangle,” he advises, his smile growing.

Continuing to pull the lights out, she rests them delicately on the bed next to his outstretched leg.  She pauses, reaching the box at the bottom of the bag.  Flipping the switch, the lights don’t come on.  Cocking her head at him, she asks, “You didn’t test they work?  And really.  How are you gonna wrap me with these?”

“Of course I tested to see if they work; I’m not an idiot,” he laughs.  “Check the batteries didn’t get knocked loose.”

Opening the box, her jaw slowly drops, her hands beginning to shake.  He takes the battery box from her, grinning at the tears forming in her eyes.  Shaking the sparkling diamond ring from the box into his hand, he sets the box on the bed and pushes himself to a seated position.  Taking her left hand in his, he chokes back his own tears. “I think from this point forward, we do everything together.”

Salty tears of joy roll down her cheeks. “You’re proposing while we’re naked, you ass.” She whispers and laughs, wiping away her tears with her other hand. “It’s so us.”

He leans into her caress as she sweeps the tears from his face as well, chuckling.  Moving to slide the ring onto her slender finger, he continues his declaration of forever.  “You are my light, and cheer me up when I’m at my lowest.”  Chris pushes the ring into place, raising her hand to his lips, tenderly kissing the back of her hand.  “Honey, I wanna be tied to you forever, starting tonight with these Christmas lights.  Whatdya say, baby girl?”

Through tears and laughter, Janelle nods her head, whispering ‘yes’ again and again.

The couple sit together, kissing and caressing with tenderness and love as the heat rebuilds from before.  Chris extracts batteries he’d hidden in his pillow case and the lights quickly glow to life.  Holding her hand in his, he wraps the lights around their wrists, binding them together.

“Hey,” she giggles.  “Did you write that down first, or was it off the top of your head?”

He laughs loudly and raucously, the sound vibrating against her body and jostling her to a different sitting position, his cock right at the entrance to her sweet hole.  With his free hand, he lifts under her ass and moves her towards him, gliding her onto his rod, willing and waiting.  Her wet welcomes him in and she breathes a sigh of relief as she whispers ‘yes’ one more time.  He shifts again, cradling her in his lap and she folds her legs tightly behind him. Taking the string of lights she wraps them around his back, leaning to the Tolle quote tat and lapping it with her tongue as she rocks against him, sliding him deeper into her sweet hole.

“Fuck, I missed this.  I miss us,” he sighs, leaning his head back as he enjoys the attention she gives along his collarbone, a shiver down his spine when she runs her tongue up the pulsing vein, landing to kiss and nibble at his ear.  Commandeering the sparkling white lights, he takes them from her, and laces them across her back, winding them down her arm as well.

“That tickles,” she giggles at the delicate touch of his fingertips, ensuring the bulbs are not too hot against her skin.  Yet his thrusts in and out of her plush inner walls become more forceful, claiming what is his.

He raises his legs, planting his feet firmly on the bed, changing the angle he pistons into her, bouncing her full breasts against his chest. He strings the lights over and around his leg before dropping the pile of glowing white bulbs on the bed next to them.  Grasping her rib cage on either side he forces her back and extracts himself from deep inside. She whines her dislike of the situation but playfully laughs when he propels her onto her back on the oversized bed, landing on top of her since they are loosely tied together by the Christmas lights. “That’s better,” she praises, opening her legs for him.

Resting up on his knees, holding his weight off her, he grips their tied hands above her head. “Can’t escape now,” he growls, his breath hot against her neck as his lips graze over her skin, finally stopping to capture one of her taut peaks between his plump lips.

“Don’t want to,” she replies bucking her mound against his pelvis, needing his sex back inside her. She moans in frustration, the sound low and animalistic in the room.  His mouth wrecks havoc on her nerve endings and quiet whimpers escape from her lips. “Please, Christopher, baby… oh,” she pauses as her breathing heightens, her body reacting beyond her control as he moves from one sweet nipple, sliding his nose down the valley between her breasts and circling his tongue around the other. “Baby, I need you. I need you to fuck me. Please. Don’t make me wait any more.”

He hums against her breast, his tongue flickering against the tight pink bud, ignoring her request. Her free hand clenches his hair and she tries to raise him up as she bucks against him, her dripping wet need escaping between her legs.  She longs to be connected to him, to stretch for him and to let him fill her in every way possible. The light cord dangling at her side catches her attention and she gives it a harsh tug, collapsing him to her with an exhaled “oomph.”

“I’m sorry,” he chuckles. “Did you need something?” he gladly asks, taking the cord from her, as she places her leg in the crook of his elbow, smiling when he tangles the strand around her thigh. He tosses the cord to the other side of the bed before driving his pulsing cock into his favorite Christmas present.

His force crushes the air from her body and she struggles to right her breathing. “I need you,” she chants between belaboured breaths.  “God, yes, harder,” she encourages him as he drives her into the bed..

The tangled lights limit the range of movement, but she opens her legs wider, allowing him to sink closer to her.  The wiring around his leg shifts, creating additional friction against her swollen outer lips, an unfamiliar sensation as her crest builds.  With her free hand she pulls the light strand, adding to the tension.

He can feel the change as her walls begin to tighten, each plunge deeper in and she constricts around him as he pulls out, teasing her rim and brushing against her taint with the velvety head of his cock.. She’s yanking the light strand tight enough to dig into his skin. Tilting his head up he locks his dark eyes on her face. Her eyes are closed, her dark lashes against her flushed freckled skin. Her beauty calms and excites him at the same time. A few more intrusions into her luscious center and he senses she is right on the edge of tipping over. “Baby girl, look at me.” Fluttering open, her eyes flash dark. “Beautiful baby girl; all mine. Let go, let go.”

At his command, she squeezes around his shaft, dragging him to the brink. The orgasm rolls through her body and as she comes she cries his name quietly, whispering words of love.  Her body shudders against him and her grip on the light cord loosens.

He continues his rhythm as she mewls and settles, keeping her legs open for him.  Hitting against her inner walls, he tightens, feeling his quake rise up from his toes.  Squeezing her hand tightly that is tied to his he whispers, “I’m yours,” as he spills his love into her.


Hours later, the lights lay tangled at their feet, her cat batting at the cord hanging over the edge of the bed.  She asks with true concern in her voice.  “What the hell are we gonna tell people when they ask us our engagement story?”

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Unseen Passions

Unseen passions.jpg

Unseen Passions

By avenger-nerd-mom

Chris x OFC


Chris strays from his usual path and meets a woman different from anyone he’s been close with before… While doctoring her injury, he gets to know her better.

Warnings: NSFW, language, adult situations, oral sex, intercourse

Word Count: 5625

Running along the gravel road Chris is lost in his thoughts.  Getting away from the craziness of life on set and crazy late night antics with his castmates was a good decision.  A sign of maturity… Renting an old farmhouse in the country allows him to make a dent on the growing bucket list of things he wants to do with his life before he’s too damn old to enjoy them.  However… Although he enjoys the quiet solitude, he misses basic companionship. Someone to talk to in the lazy early morning hours; someone to cuddle with at the end of stressful day; someone…  Aware that his thoughts aren’t even really about sex, images of curves and soft skin fill his mind and he turns up the sound on his playlist to block out the noise in his head and increases his pace.

Coming over the crest of the hill, he wonders if he’s seeing things.  A very female form is crouched down in the gravel.  Continuing his easy strides, he pulls out his earbuds and readies himself to greet the other runner.

Feeling around for her phone, the sting of the gravel and cuts on her hands causing her eyes to tear.  She hears the sound behind her, a steady footfall and crunch of stone and shell.

“Who’s there?” she calls out turning her body to the noise.

The sound skids to a halt.  “Me? Chris?”  His vocal cadence flusters.  “Are you okay?”

“Yeah, I’m fine.  I dropped my phone and can’t find it,” she huffs, still reaching around at her feet.

“It’s right here, behind you?  How can you miss the bright green color?” he teases bending to pick up the phone and trying to be inconspicuous about looking down her sports tank top where she’s nearly spilling out..

“Oh, thank you!” Standing up she turns to face his direction.  “Easy; I’m blind.”

“Oh, shit,” he whispers, taken aback at her response.

She laughs, “It’s okay; it’s not like it’s tattooed on my arm.” She gently rubs her hands together to brush off the loose gravel and hisses from the pain.

“Hey, you’re bleeding.  That looks pretty bad.  What happened?”  He takes in her athletic form quickly, but doesn’t see any other scrapes or cuts.

“Is there are a rock or tree limb or something?  I tripped.”

Chris sees the offending branch and kicks it out of the path.  “Yeah, a branch. Must have fallen in the storm the other night.”

“I guess so. I ran my other route the last day or two.”

“But, you’re… how?  How do you know where you’re going?”  Fuckin’ idiot. His curiosity got the better of him, and he spit out the words before he could correctly form a sentence with a little more sensitivity towards her disability.

“I can see things in certain light. That’s why the phone is a bright color.  It’s just too bright for me this afternoon to see anything.”  She taps the edge of her dark wrap around sunglasses.  “These aren’t just for fashion,” she laughs, shrugging her shoulders. “I just have a path I take. I know my way around and the neighbors know to watch out for me.  You must be renting the Johnson’s old place; he said to expect traffic up and down the road.”

“Yea; listen, your hands do look- um…”  Shit.  Can you say ‘look’ to a blind person?  “Your hands are bleeding and you might need help getting the little pieces of gravel out.”  Feeling obligated to help, he thinks quick.  “My rental isn’t far.  You don’t know me; would you wanna wait here and I can go get my ride and take you home? It’s a truck; you could even sit in the back, if you wanted.”

“Nah, I think I’m good.  Can I have my phone please?”  Placing it gently in her delicate hand, he watches curiously as she slides her hands down the cord to find the earbud, rising to hold it to her ear.  She listens for a few seconds before announcing, “I can make it back.  I didn’t sprain anything.  My hands caught my fall. I’m only about a mile and a half up, on the right.”

“How can you know that; how can you know where you are?”  Again with the dumb questions, Evans?!  Pretty sure she can’t see him, he face palms, shaking his head at his stupidity.

“My playlist.  I figure I lost a song while looking for my phone and talking to you; and I can already feel my legs getting tight.  But I will take you up on the offer to help clean my hands.  I don’t want an infection and I can’t get to town to the clinic today for Sally over there to help.  I’m guessing you must be in decent shape if you’ve already come up the hill from the Johnson’s.  Can you make the next hill with me?”

“You really can’t see me, can you?” he asks, laughter in his voice.  “Yea, I can make it up the hill to your place.  The big old farmhouse, with the wrap around porch?”

“That’s the one!  It’s beautiful, isn’t it?”  Before he can speak, she explains, “Like I said, I can see things in early morning light, but most of my sight is based on touch.  Give me your arm.”

She reaches out her hand and he steps to her, offering his extremity to her.  Feeling round his bicep, the attractive runner identifies a prominent vein running down his right arm.  His blood pumps energetically from his run and she follows the raised protrusion down to his wrist.   Her fingertips dance over the ridges there, turning his hand to touch his warmed palm briefly.  She giggles, slightly breathless.  “Yes. Definitely in shape.  I think you can make the hill.  Ready to get going?”

“Don’t you wanna know what I look like?  Like in movies, how people feel bone structure and stuff?”

“Dude. You’ve been running.  I can smell your pheromones.” Damn he smells good.  “You’re sweaty from your run; I am not touching your face.”  Laughing, she pulls her leg up behind her for a quick stretch.  “Besides,” she begins to jog in place, “if you are half as cute as you sound, I’m not too worried, Bahstin.”

She takes off running and yells back, “Don’t watch too long before you decide to catch up.”

Just for that he does pause to watch her bounce away before joining her.  “On your left,” he announces, and then has to stop himself from outright laughing.  He keeps pace with her, looking over occasionally to watch the slight bounce of her tits. Shortly before reaching the house, she goes for an all out sprint and he races to catch up, finding her on the sidewalk in front of the beautiful old home, talking on the phone.

“Yeah, I just ran up the drive… No, I fell, but I’m fine… I’m only two songs behind Gram…. I should have known you’d be timing me….Just a scrape on my palms…. Right. I need to go inside now and clean them up, but I gotta stretch first.”  As she talks, she tentatively reaches in front of her, and finding the low railing along the steps, she throws her leg up and leans over her it,stretching, sticking her ass out for Chris to admire.  “I promise, I’ll let it air out before I bandage it…  Gram. Gram.  I am a grown woman. I’ve been on my own before. Just cause I moved back here doesn’t mean I need you watching me every day… I’m fine. Really…  Really. I have to go. A friend is here for dinner…  Yes… Okay?  Thursday. Two o’clock?  I can’t wait!  Kisses, Gram.  Bye.”

Chris watches as she stretches and grows hard as he concentrates on her lithe body moving through her motions.  Damn; a feminine distraction wasn’t really how he intended his stay in the country to go, but a little admiration never hurt.

“Like what you see?” she laughed, motioning for him to follow her into the house.

“What?  No.  I wasn’t staring.  I was stretching.” He’s almost grateful she can’t see the blush on his face or the hard-on he has in his pants.

“Uh- uh. I don’t believe you.”  She giggles, opening the screen door. “So would you like to stay for dinner?  It’s the least I can do since you’re being kind enough to help me clean my hands.  Nothing fancy.  Just a roast and potatoes in the crock pot.”

The aroma of the cooking food hit his gut the minute he stepped inside the comfortable farmhouse.  His mouth starts to water, having lived on his sparse cooking for one during the last few days.  “It smells amazing; sure. I’d love to stay.”

“I don’t make a habit of inviting strange men in.  I was vague on the phone.  Gram will call and check on me later,” she says, almost as a warning, leaning against the wall to pull off her shoes.

He throws his head back in laughter and steps on the heel of one shoe, pulling his foot out and kicking it out of her way before removing the other.

Following her into the living room, he watches as she lightly walks on her tip toes maneuvering through a maze of stacked books.

“This way,” she instructs.  “The light in this guest bath will be better and there’s a first aid kit under the sink.”

He chases behind and bumps into a stack of books, knocking it over.  He quickly rights the stack, embarrassed by his clumsiness quickly rubbing at his toe.

“Nice going. And I’m the blind one,” she teases.  Biting back laughter, she wonders about this man she’s invited into her home.  Lord, I know I prayed for someone to brighten my day, don’t let this be a cruel joke.  He gives off a confident air, but she senses a loneliness to him and it calls out to the emptiness she finds within herself.  He strikes her as charming and playful, but a bit awkward too; almost like a little boy still at heart.  Like he spends his life playing pretend. He seems at ease with her but she feels her lack of sight throws him off balance, like he’s used to being on view..

“Fuck, that book was heavy.” He mumbles as he continues walking, taking in the eclectic decor of the home.  He shakes his head at his clumsiness.  Dude, pull it together.

“Braille.” She snickers.  “Was it the stack by the standing lamp?”

Looking back over his shoulder, he replies, “Yeah, it was.”

“Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.  It’s nine volumes.  I just stack them because they kept breaking shelves in my old place.  Here, they’re just part of the decor and I don’t have to listen to my ex complain,” she laughs. “Don’t sue if your toe is broken. You were the klutz who didn’t see where he was going.”

Focusing on the word ‘ex’ he smiles at the meaning behind the tidbit she’s just shared, wondering if it was for his benefit or just conversation.  “Sure, ‘cause I’d want to tell someone I broke my toe when a Potter book landed on it,” he guffaws, a lyrical sound filling the room.

Turning towards his voice she pauses in the open space and grins warmly.. “It’s a small room.  Why don’t you step in first and get the kit from under the sink?” she suggests, holding her arm towards the entrance.

Chris brushes past her and she feels his mass against her chest, realizing for the first time his full size and build.  She senses a change in him, as he turns serious.  “Ok. I may have been a klutz in the living room, but I promise I’ll be careful in here and with your hands.  I’m gonna wash up first, okay?”  He reaches under the counter and finds the first aid kit she mentioned.  Looking around, he takes in other items needed to doctor her wounds.  “I’m guessing I can use the towels hanging here?”

Stepping into the room behind him, she reaches out, touching the satin trim.  “Yup, these are fine to use.”

As he washes up, he talks to her quietly and introduces himself again simply as ‘Chris,’ exchanging names and pleasantries.  “So how long have you lived here?”

The two make small talk as he gently attends to the minor lacerations, tenderly flushing out the gravel with a water rinse.

“I’m kinda creating a shadow over your hand.  Can you sit up on the counter so I can see better?”  God damn, how many more references can I make to vision?  He shakes his head, catching a glimpse of himself in the mirror.  Smirking, he scowls at his sweat stained face, smudged with dirt from the gravel road. He grabs another towel and cleans himself up a bit, just for his own sake, regardless of the fact she can’t see him.

“Sure.  Um, I can’t really put pressure on my hands to climb up.”  She sighs.  “Can you lift me?”

Oh fuck.  Chris looks at her curvy hips and doesn’t even worry about hiding his smug visage.


He pauses a second too long, holding his breath before responding. I swear, I’m not making excuses to touch her, he chides himself.  But damn, those are some nice curves.   “Alright, on the count of three, I’m gonna put my hands on your hips.  Bounce and I’ll lift you up.”

With athletic acuity, she follows his directive and he sets her gently on the marbled counter top, her skin warm and damp from the late afternoon run. His hands briefly caress down her thighs before lifting away and he hears her breath catch.   “Thanks,” she expresses quietly.

Exhaling to ease the pain as he continues cleaning her cuts, she is surrounded by his scent.  She hadn’t been teasing about his pheromones; his manly aroma is nearly overpowering in the small space.  Sweat, cologne and a woodsy smell greet her nose and laughter bubbles inside as she thinks about the Potter books he toppled over.  Yeah. That would be my damn love potion.  Battling to focus on his words, she does her best to ignore the rising heat his fragrance builds up from her inner core.

Continuing the small talk, Chris lets his eyes wander over her frame while he works.  Whatever her job, it’s obvious she takes care of herself.  Tight and toned, she has a dancer’s body and a sense of grace to her movements.  Her skin has a sun-kissed look, and the flowers in front of the house give evidence to her working outside.  Her delicate features are sprinkled with freckles and she wears no make-up to hide the slight imperfections to her skin.  He wonders briefly about the small scar on her chin and smiles at the haphazardly cut row of bangs across her forehead.

Using tweezers to remove the larger pieces of gravel, he tries to distract her with chatter, never letting the conversation rest on him.  He is surprised to look up and discover she’s removed her dark shades.  Her eyes are a crystal clear blue, reminding him of a TV character he had a crush on when he was a young boy.  She winces from the pain and tries to pull away, tears forming in her eyes.  “Fuck, that hurt,” she whispers.

“I’m so sorry.  I think that’s the last of the gravel,” he says caressing his thumb over the back of her hand as he inspects her palm closely.  “Ok, you’re gonna hate this next part. But there was peroxide under the sink. I really think I need to clean the cuts with it.  That shit always stings.”

“Damn,” she sighs. “I can’t get it infected; yea. Use it.  If you have to,” she whines.

He holds her hand a bit tighter as she starts to pull away.  “I didn’t even open the bottle yet. Why are you squirming?” he chuckles working to ignore the fact he’s grown hard as her toned legs have bumped against him from her movements.

She giggles. “Conditioning. My mother used to pour that on, no warning. It stings so bad.”

“I promise; I’ll fix it so it won’t sting.”  She smells so nice; like lavender and her skin has a musky scent from her run.  What was it she’d said about pheromones earlier?  Just being near her calms him; he hasn’t met someone like her in a long time.

“Yup; that’s what she used to always say too. Don’t lie. It’s gonna hurt like a bitch,” she laughs.  Chris’s mirth joins hers and he turns to hold her hand over the sink.

“I like the sound of your laugh,” she confides to him.  “It’s vibrant and full of life.  I think it tells a lot about who you are.  Easy to be with…. I like that.”

Blushing, he simply states his thanks, but can’t think of a true response.   There’s something so simple, so innocent about being with her knowing she can’t see him. Keying into her rising attraction as she leans closer to him, he realizes her pulse becomes more rapid with each slight touch of his hand against hers.  Chris feels a sense of pride that it has nothing to do with his looks for a change.

“Ok, just hold your hand right like this, balanced on mine.”  He holds her hand gently and begins to sprinkle the chemical over her open palm, leaning forward to gently blow across her skin, attempting to cool the heat as the medicine bubbles.  He watches as goosebumps form on her arms, and he raises his eyes momentarily on level with her perfect tits, seeing that her nipples are straining against her sport bra, although sweat from their run still shines on her face.  He struggles to control himself and grunts, “Other hand.”

He repeats the same actions and bites his lip when she involuntarily moans.

“Damn,” she sighs, her breath light.  “That’s kinda sexy.”

Taking her wrist, he pulls her slowly to him, praying he read the signs right.  “Uh-huh; it is,” he growls lowly the sound rumbling between them in the small room.  Dragging his fingertips up her neck, he leans in for a kiss, pushing his hands in the loose hair falling from her bedraggled pony tail.  Sighing quietly, she holds the injured hand out of the way, resting it on his shoulder. The fingertips of the other grasp across his chest, searching for the hem of his shirt and giving it an upwards tug.  Oh, thank God…

“Really sexy,” she whispers, pulling away from the kiss before moving in for more.  She struggles one handed to pull up his shirt, sticking to his body from perspiration. She moans in frustration.  He reaches over behind his neck and tugs the collar of the shirt, separating his lips from hers for a brief moment before crashing back into her.

Replacing her arm over his shoulder, she lets her hand dangle over his back.  With her other hand, she drags the back of her fingertips slowly over his chest ‘seeing’ every detail.  Her fingers play with the tiny hairs across his belly as their kisses rise in need.  Continuing her search, she stops at his Bardsley tat, skin slightly raised, and pulls back simply whispering against his plump bottom lip.  “A tattoo?”

“Yeah; in memory of a good friend,”  he explains, taking her mouth back in his,catching his bottom lip against her top one as his hands wrap around her back, growing with impatience as he slides them down to knead her ass in her tight yoga pants.  Spreading her legs, he moves between them, his cock straining against his shorts, demanding attention. Her hand over his shoulder begins to explore as well and she discovers the chain of his medallion and gives it a tug, biting into his skin. She runs her finger down it until she reaches the charm, smoothing her fingers over the raised metal.  “Saint Christopher? To protect you away from home?”

He nods yes, realizing she can’t see him. He moves from her mouth stating, “I travel a lot.”  His lips return to her salty skin, kissing along her jawline and slowly alternating between kisses and bites until reaching her ear.  “You smell so sweet,” he compliments.

She counters with, “You’re so solid.”  Amazed by her own bold moves, she decides to just go with it.  Chance encounters with men rarely happen in her life…  Live a little; have some fun…

He chuckles gruffly, shifting his hard cock against her hot covered mound.  “You could help with that?”

“I could,” she replies, her voice full of mirth.  “I’m a little defenseless; I can’t really use my hands.” Pausing, she breathes out slowly, her voice low and seductive when it returns. “You could help me out of this damn bra.”

“You sure?” he asks, his hands already sliding up her back, running his fingers under the elastic band. His large hands tantalize, cupping around under the fabric, teasing at the sides of her breasts.  He pulls his lips back, dropping his vision to watch her chest heave, her nipples growing hard again as he continues his light touch.

“I’m really injured.  I may need help out of all my clothes,” she seduces.  Why not?

Taking his cue, he slowly raises both her arms above her head, caressing back down her toned muscles, smiling when she giggles at his feathery touch. “All the clothes, huh?”

“Well, it’s the least you could do to help,” she slowly breathes out, leaning forward for another kiss before he pulls the clammy sports bra over her head, her rounded tits bouncing free, perky and high, a hint of a summer tan line still remaining.  His sharp intake of breath at the sight brings a smile to her face.  She blushes.  “Admiring again?”

He grins back, nodding his head adamantly, free in the idea she can’t see him. “Fuck; I can’t take my eyes off you.  Perfect.”

She giggles.  “Look all you want; I don’t mind.”

Leaning forward again, declaring lowly “I think I’ll take a closer look then,” he closes his mouth over one of her pretty pink nipples, pushing his body against hers.  She drops her arms over his back, feeling his smooth skin, trying to control her breathing.

Arching to him she scoots her bottom forward on the counter, wrapping her legs around his tapered hips.  She locks her ankles behind his back gently tapping his ass with her heels with each sway of their bodies, his strong arms wrapped around her back.

hugs veins.gif

Carefully moving a hand between them she makes her way round front to the waistband of his track shorts. Sweat pools and the garment is wet to her touch but she can feel his radiating heat; his covered cock twitching to be free. She is careful with her sore hand and Chris moves between them to relieve himself of the confines of his clothing and places his thick rod in her outstretched hand.  Both sigh on contact, her hand gently holding him, squeezing and feeling his girth.

Chris releases her nipple with a tug, leaning away from her to watch her hands slide over him. Her fingertips trail along the prominent ridges to the base, gently brushing over his tightened balls and she smiles wickedly. “Everything about you seems big, huh?”

Chuckling, with no true response, he returns his hands to her hips, pulling her forward and she leans against his solid muscular frame. The shift lifts her ass from the counter and allows him to remove her remaining clothing in one swift movement. His fingers corner her V, massaging the crease where her legs meet her pussy, his thumbs dipping in her wet. Pushing the heel of his palms against her, she rolls her hips into his hands silently begging for him to touch her deeper. She tugs his hard rod, pulling him closer to her.

“I saw condoms under the counter?” he grunts.

“Uh-huh. I can’t help,” she holds her hands up. “Damaged? Remember?”

“That’s okay, honey, I think I got practice with that.”  Balancing one strong hand on her thigh, he holds her in place on the counter, stepping out of his clothing pooled at his ankles before crouching down to grab one of the condoms.

From his position he is right at the perfect height to provide her some oral satisfaction. Pushing her legs further apart, she straddles over the front of the counter and opens her wide to see her swollen lips, dripping with her desire.  With no warning, he leans forward and laps at her sweet nectar.

“Oh, fuck,” she cries out in surprise, hitting her fist against her thigh, feeling for the top of his head before winding her hands in his hair, tugging at the short ends.  “Damn, warn a girl,” she mocks, feeling the soft hair between her fingers, ignoring the pain in her battered hands.

He only mumbles against her cunt, his tongue continuing its work.  Flicking down each side of her walls, he nibbles and sucks along the way, holding his hands against her tight thighs and massaging her toned flesh.  He wraps around her delicate button, tugging and pulling with his teeth gently.

“Hey there, Bahstin soldier boy, it’s been a while for me; take it easy.  I don’t wanna come too quick.”

Her words catch him off guard.  He pulls back, completing a long lick. “Soldier? Why’d you say that?” He’s curious about her word choice, wondering if she somehow knows who he is, but not enough to break the moment.  He uses one hand to continue to drag though the additional juices he’s created in her.

She runs the tips of her fingers over his hair again, looking down but not really seeing him, twisting to push her throbbing cunt against his hand.  “Fresh shave, short hair, built like a fuckin’ brick wall… Gotta be military or something, cause your body is just ridiculous.”

He joins in her laughter, relaxing again with the thought she has no idea who he is or what he looks like; it’s a freeing notion.  Standing to full height again, he continues pumping his hand in and out of her hot box, bringing the other to clutch at her breast.  She drops her head and it rolls to the side, lost in the ecstasy he provides, stretching her neck gracefully, exposing her tender flesh.  His lips call and he has a desire to cover her in hickeys.  Dropping his mouth to her skin, he tastes again the salty sweat and dust from the run along the gravel road.  He washes over her skin before grasping with his teeth and bearing down momentarily.  He releases with a pop satisfied with the beginning of a mark to add to later.

“Hey, just because I can’t see it doesn’t mean others won’t.  Can’t really wear a scarf to water aerobics tomorrow,” she ribs, pushing him away playfully with the back of her hand before sliding her hand up his bicep across his strapping shoulder to wrap around his neck. She pulls him forward and commands huskily, “Do it again.”

He laughs at her playfulness and obliges in her desire, his mouth and hands creating a rising need, teasing them both by dragging his stiff rod against her thighs, building his own longing as he attends to hers, this beautiful stranger.  As her whimpers become louder and fraught with a tinge of pain, he releases his hold to roll the condom on, not worrying about creating a show of it.  He is surprised when one of her hands drops to his and she trails her fingertips over his hand, running from base to tip as he snaps the latex in place.  “Beautiful,” she whispers.  “I bet you’re simply beautiful.”

Lifting one of her legs over his arm, he smiles as she drags her fingertips through her own mess and wipes down the length of his covered cock. Wrapping her other leg around him, she pulls him close and he lines up to enter her, sinking deep inside.  Making no effort to move, her held breath audibly indicates to him she needs time to adjust to his size.

“God, you’re fuckin’ tight,” he favors. “You feel so good on my cock,” complimenting as he slowly begins to push in and out of her.  The sound of slapping flesh, her squishy wetness and quiet whimpers from them both fill the room.

Her head drops to his shoulder and she bites down on the sinewy tissue between her teeth. Cantoring against his supple skin, she confides,  “Fuck, Bahstin, those noises turn me on.”  Running her tongue over his flesh, she bites again, calling forth a yelp from his lips.  “Like that,” she smiles, her lips upturned sinfully.

Maintaining his hold on her, he picks her up from the counter, turning to push her against the wall behind them in the close space. It begins to dawn on him that she needs to hear their lovemaking, as she can’t see it.   Shifting her higher in his arms, he moans loudly aiding her auditory need as her nipples drag against his chest.  Feverishly he pulls her down on his rigid cock, her foot hitting against the small of his back.  Fucking her against the wall, their movements rattle the hanging picture frames and his breath catches with each fervid thrust.

“Hell, yes,” she sighs, falling into a heavenly cacophony of sounds, bringing her to the edge of a release in ways she didn’t think were possible.  As her utterances grow in volume, his growls follow suit, a torrent of noise enveloping her.

Her body tenses as he pushes her against the wall again, so powerfully she can barely breath.  Her fingernails dig into the flesh on his broad shoulder and bicep, ignoring the pain in her hands. Cries of pleasure and want urge him to continue, pumping faster as he thrusts up harder, pushing deeper into her sweet hole.  “Fuck, babe, I’m close. Can you come first?” He rumbles in her ear, his breath hot against her skin, leaving a trace of his sweat on her neck. The resonance of his voice rolls through her, creating the tightening in her belly she craves.

“Uh-huh, yea; almost,” she whines, her mewls lustful and needy, adding to Chris’s devotion as well.

As their mouths meet to capture one another’s sounds, he moves away from the wall, releasing his grip under her briefly to smack her ass. As the sting burns her behind, the timbre echoes in the room. The noise itself tilts her over the edge as she falls, bouncing against his cock, crying out, “God, yes; I’m coming, I’m coming.”

With her pussy bearing down on him, he thrusts upward a few more times before he spills, filling the condom full.  Knees weakening, he spins to sit her back down on the counter, wrapping his arms tightly around her as he silently enjoys his release, burying his head in the crook of her neck, lips tenderly against her skin; elated to be connected with someone again.

Her heart pounds loudly in her ears, as does his labored breathing.  The sensation of being well used makes her smile as she draws her hands across his broad muscular back.  She’d forgotten how much she’d missed the contact of a man and indulges in this quiet time together.

She hears him rattling around the bathroom and the snap of the condom.  She can’t wipe the smile off her face as she follows his sound, imagining what he might truly look like, hoping she might have the opportunity sometime to see him in the right light.  His presence halts and his fingertips grace under her chin, lifting her head up.  His contented sigh speaks volumes to her well-tuned ears.  “We should probably wash those cuts again?” he suggests, cautiously taking her hands in his and rinsing them again.  He also uses a wash cloth to clean over her mound, caring to clean the delightful mess he made of her.

Wrapping a towel around her, he lifts her and carries her from the counter.  “You gotta be sore from the hard surface? I’ll massage you down; I promise,” he vows, resting his forehead to hers. Stepping into the living room, buck naked, he pauses.  He looks to her innocent face and laughs, “Where am I taking you?”

“Depends on what you have in mind?” she asks quietly, the cocoon of the bathroom broken. Not sure what to expect next; never having had sex with a random stranger in her bathroom before, she doesn’t know what to say.

Chris hears the insecurity in her voice and isn’t quite sure of himself either, so he says the first thought that comes to mind.  “A hot shower, from our run and other… activities.” He cocks his eyebrow, but realizes this winning gesture is lost on her.  What a challenge she could be!  He ponders momentarily.  None of my visual tricks would work…  Shifting back to the now, he completes his thought.  “Then that pot roast.  It smells amazing. And maybe round two before breakfast in the morning? I have some work to attend to tomorrow, but I could be back in time for another evening run?”

“I like the sound of that plan, Bahstin.  The master bath is up the stairs… What kinda work you got?”

Sweetly kissing the top of her head, he replies cheekily, “Oh, you know, just saving the world, fighting off bad guys; nothing serious.”

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Brownie Batter

brownie batter cover aug 8 2016

Brownie Batter

Part 2 of Summer Vacation

A Mrs. Evans Story

*a Chris Evans fan fic*

By avenger-nerd-mom

Future Chris and his wife enjoy some time alone in the RV

Warnings: NSFW, language, adult situations, food play, analingus, fingering, penetrative sex

Word Count: 2207

Part 1- Summer Vacation

Summer 2034

Humming a little tune, I stir the brownie batter and whip it as smoothly as I can, missing my stand mixer and some of the other comforts of home. I smile to myself when the door to the RV flies open then shut, and Chris curses when the door won’t latch.  I look over my shoulder at him, laughing.  “You’re gonna have to get that fixed.  You keep telling the kids not to slam it so it won’t break and you’re the jackass that broke it.”

He sighs deeply and rolls his eyes.  I turn back to my task of mixing and he comes behind me, pushing my hips against the counter, his cock already hard and pressing against my ass.

“I thought we ordered pizza so there wouldn’t be any dishes to clean.  Why are you baking brownies?” he asks, brushing my hair over my shoulder and nibbling my neck.

“I wanted the batter.  I needed something chocolate and sweet.”

“I got something sweet for you,” he suggests as he pushes against me again, his hand coming up to cup under my breast.  Noting the lack of bra, he asks, “You showered?”

“Yup,” I reply, looking over my shoulder at him.  “All ready to watch a movie and hang out with you till the kids get back.”

Chris reaches his other hand over my shoulder and dips his finger into the batter.  He pulls it up and the chocolate gooey mess drips from his fingers as he brings it to my mouth.  A glob lands on my chest right above the lace trim of my tank top.  He turns me slightly in his arms and eyes it lustfully.  Diving to lick it away, a wicked grin graces his face as he raises his cocky eyebrow at me.  My breath catches, and my nipples harden at his touch, straining against the thin fabric of my top. “Damn, I still fall for that eyebrow,” I laugh, caressing it with my thumb.

“Still got it, babe.” Winking, he places his finger in my open mouth, wanting to share with me.  My tongue wraps around his finger as my mouth closes on him, sucking the chocolate from his warm skin. I savor the flavor and tease my tongue on the lightly calloused pad of his finger tip.  I giggle as he pulls his finger lose, scraping against my teeth as his body shakes from a slight chill, his reaction to my tease.

Dipping his finger back in the batter, he moans quietly, “My turn.  I wanna taste some.”  He drags his fingertips across the top of my shoulder, the chocolate covered finger held out of the way as he moves the spaghetti strap down my arm before smearing the chocolate down the side of my neck.

“Aw, Chris, now I’m gonna be a sticky mess!” I fuss, secretly pleased with his attentions.

His mouth starts on my shoulder, kissing and licking up the sweetness, moving towards my neck.  His teeth gently drag across my skin, his tongue leaving a trail of wet in its wake.  His other hand reaches under the edge of my short shorts and teases along the edge of my lace panties.  “Mmhmm… You’re wet,” he whispers in my ear, a chill running down my spine.

“Door locked?”

“Yup, and Bud and I had a chat. He knows NOT to bring the other two back early this time.”


“What? How can he be fourteen and not realize ‘old people’ still have sex?! Doesn’t he live in the same house with us? How did he not know?!  And your son called us OLD!”

“Yea, that was a dumb,” I laugh, turning the sweet sound to a moan as his lips nip at my flesh again. “You didn’t say it, did you?”

“No,” he sighs bitterly, licking the remaining chocolate from my neck, his beard tickling me.  “But really, how often do you get the opportunity to say ‘if the trailer’s rockin’, don’t come knockin’?’”

I take a spoonful of batter and seductively lick the spoon as he watches me.  “And you wonder why the kid needs therapy?”

He pushes me into the counter, a little roughly. “Hey, mood killer? Wanna talk about taxes and funeral plots, too?”

“Sorry, sorry,” I push my ass back against him. “Stupid ‘mom brain.’  Got any ideas on how to clear it?”

Pushing my shorts down quickly, he turns us so he can push me onto the bench seat at the table in the confined space. “All fours, babe,” he orders. I tug my top over my head, revealing my toned naked form to him. I bite back my laughter when he hits his head on the hanging lamp and curses.  “Chocolate and sweet?  Hmmm… I like that idea,” he announces.

The metal mixing bowl clangs against the counter as he pulls it to him and I instinctively shy away when the cold batter dribbles across the top curve of my ass.  “How many squats today?” he asks, appreciatively.

“Two hundred and fifty. Tomorrow’s a rest day,” I answer as he runs his finger through the mess of chocolate he’s making.

I look over my shoulder and the look on his face is pure Evans.  “Are you finger painting?” I ask with a smile.

“I always liked art. Edible just makes it more fun.”  He pushes down on my back, lowering me to crouch back on my heels.  I stretch my arms out in front of me, pushing back against the wall, enjoying his playfulness.

I hear his belt buckle hit the floor and his foot hit the cabinet.  “Dammit,” he mutters. “I shoulda just carried you to the bed, but I didn’t wanna hear you bitch about brownie batter on the sheets.”

“Shut up, Evans.”

“Yes, ma’am.”

He kneels behind me, wiping his hands on the kitchen towel.  He grasps my hips and massages me roughly, pulling me back to him.  Goosebumps cover my flesh when he begins to use his perfect tongue to clean the chocolate mess.  His wide oral muscle makes quick work of the cleaning process, his lips following after each swipe to deliver gentle kisses.  His moans hit to my core and I’m practically dripping on the leather seat, writhing and pushing myself to his face.  He chuckles at my silent message.  “Almost clean,” he murmurs, his breath hot against my skin. “Good things come to those who wait.”

His hands spread my cheeks, tugging and pulling as his mouth continues to cover my skin, moving closer and closer to my hole.  I hold my breath in anticipation and I’m not disappointed when his lips cover my sweet rim and he kisses me intimately.  One hand reaches through my legs, seeking my other entrance, plunging in two fingers quickly.  With his hands and mouth working his magic, he knows how to quickly bring me to the edge; he’s had years of practice and tonight there is no time for games.  “Shit,” I hiss. “It’s not enough, I need you to fuck me, babe.”

Chris chuckles, his lips pulling away from the suction on my pretty pink asshole.  He remedies that quickly by returning to his kisses, making use of his tongue as he dips gently inside.  I moan in pleasure and a thought enters my mind, “Not this time, mister.  No licking brownie batter there.  It’s good for five minutes, but not worth the troubles later.”

He taps my ass, acknowledging he heard and understood me, and I look over my shoulder again, just seeing the top of his spiky summer hair.  His fingers pick up speed, twirling and scissoring, and curving against my walls in our own practiced rhythm. I crave a verbal release, but we’ve learned over the years that’s not acceptable in family oriented campgrounds.  I quietly hum as his tongue pushes a little deeper in one space and he teases around my clit in the other.  So close to the edge but I need more.  “Chris,” I whine. “Help.”

A third finger isn’t what I had in mind, but it does the trick.  I shatter and come, but not hard enough, not with the relief I need.  His mouth releases its hold on my ass, but his hands still work their magic.  His foot hits the cabinet again and I can hear him changing position on the floor.  He quickly pulls out his fingers and grabs my hips, pulling me off the bench and down on the floor, into his lap.  My pussy still clenches, needing more, needing to be full.  He rests me momentarily on his thigh and I twist to kiss him, ravenously taking his mouth, not caring where it’s been.  He holds his stiff cock, so beautiful, in place, as he guides me with his other hand to slide down on him.

Chris leans forward, holding my back against his chest, reaching to grab my tits with his free hand. I am seated on him, pulling my feet behind me, resting against his legs, gasping as he fills my need.  My space stretches for him, swallowing him deep inside.  His hands slide down my ribcage and hold tight on my hips, pushing and pulling me against him.  I lean forward on his strong thighs and grind against the base of his cock, turned on by the rapid sounds of his breathing, and the quiet moans he makes.  He uses his strong hands to bounce me on his tool, sliding one hand down between my open legs, reaching for my sweet button to signal my release.

Her growls in my ear, “I wanna play forever, but the kids…”

“I know,” I whine. “Roll me; fuck me into the floor.”

“Whatever you say, Mrs. Evans.” He obliges my request quickly, hooking one arm under my leg and raising it before thrusting deep inside then pulling out slowly. “Just a few of those,” I sigh, smacking his ass, the sharp sound of my flesh against his like music to my ears.

He grunts, repeating his actions and I reach for the side of his face, drawing his attention to my eyes.  “I love you, baby.”

I can’t take much more of being pushed into the hard floor.  His eyes focused on mine, I smack his ass again with my other hand.

“You’re bad; that’s it,” he grits through his teeth, letting go of my leg and falling to me, his mouth on mine, hot and wet, sweat clinging to his beard. His hard chest pushes against my breasts and I arch into him. I never exactly know quite what his last minute move will be, but it’s always just what I need, and not always the same, as he pummels into me, pushing me over the edge.

Rising up for his own release, he hits his head on the underside of the table. “Dammit!” he barks, continuing his penetrating bursts before his seed spills into me, filling me and when it’s too much, his heat runs between my legs, pooling on the floor under me as he falls next to me.

I wrap my arms around him, holding him tight.  “Good job for an old man,” I tease, stroking the patch of gray in his hair that I adore so much. He chuckles and nips at my breast, rolling to reach the bowl of brownie batter.

“Not too bad yourself,” he teases.  “See.  Old people can still do it.”

“Stop!” I fuss before he can reach into the chocolate batter.  “Your hands!”

Confused at first, he stops himself in mid-air, sitting up before setting the bowl on the bench we didn’t just fuck on.  “Yea, I got it,” he nods.  “Why don’t you go shower again? I’ll wash up, myself and the leather seat, maybe mop the floor,” he grins when I flip him off, “and get the brownies in the oven, and when the kids get back we can have ice cream with them at the campfire?”

I smile when he uses the spoon to drop one last glob of rich chocolate onto my breast, suckling it clean, before helping me to my feet. “Cut the roll of cookie dough in the fridge. We can’t use sex brownie batter for the kids; that’s all kinds of wrong,” I laugh.

Before I step into the other room, I turn back to him and catch him licking from the spoon. A dribble of batter clings to his lip and I step back over to kiss him. “I love you, Mr. Evans. Thank you for an enjoyable fuck; I needed that.”

“And thank you for letting me fuck you.   I mean, I’m sure the creeper across the way would have been available.” When I punch his arm, he grimaces, laughing and rubbing the spot.  “Hey, that arm still hurts sometimes, you know.”  He rolls his eyes, lit up with mirth and a tease to his voice. “Still not into being a swinger? No? He watched you all afternoon-“

“Shut it, Evans. Enough, you’re the only man, or cock, for me.”

“I am quite desirable, and lovable.”

“And an asshole,” I call over my shoulder, stopping again at the door, smiling at him.

“Babe, that was quite memorable…  Go shower.  I love you, too, Mrs. Evans.”

Copyright © 2016 avenger-nerd-mom.  All rights reserved. Intellectual property of avenger-nerd-mom


Local Attractions

like magic 2 local attractions July 28 2016.jpg

Local Attractions

*A Chris Evans fan fic*

By avenger-nerd-mom

While on a quick weekend getaway, Chris meets a local girl

Warnings: Language, Adult Situations, Rough sex, forced oral sex, penetration, condoms

Word Count: 1186

She almost wishes he’d slow down and let up a bit in order for her to enjoy and savor their sexual escapades a bit more. Everything just seems to be moving so fast, and I wanna remember it all, she thinks as her tits bounce with each thrust he delivers.

On the edge of his hotel bed, one ass cheek practically hanging off, one leg dangling to the floor, the other caught in the crook of his arm , Chris increases his invasions into her welcoming hole. Sounds of their sex fill the air and neither are too concerned if the neighbors will hear them.  It’s early evening and most of the guests are still sight-seeing or out to dinner.

Just as quickly as he charges into her, he pulls out, shifting his position and sticks his covered cock in her face.  “I want you to take it,” he growls, but she also hears the underlying request, as though she has the power to choose.  Who would say no to Captain America?

She wraps her lips around his thick piece, tasting herself on him, a smile forming at the flavored condom they’d joked about purchasing.  The damn thing even smells like strawberries…In disbelief, she shakes her head back and forth, moving him from side to side and adding a gentle hum for his benefit.

“Fuck, that’s nice,” Chris offers seductively as he grips her hair holding her still as he strikes in and out for his own pleasure before letting her free to lick him like a lollipop again.  Pulling him in as deeply as she can she hears his gasp, and reaches to massage his Adonis, running her fingers up through the faint hairs on his lower abs.

Pulling out with a pop, he enjoys the “oh” shape her mouth creates and leans to kiss her harshly, staking a claim before aligning with her center again for penetration.  He pulls in and out, stretching her walls, feeling her velvet grip him tight.  Leaning over her, he takes one of her pretty tits in his mouth, sucking and teasing with his teeth across her nipple, eliciting a gasp of shock from deep in her throat.  His little game continues, teasing her just to the edge before pulling back and rebuilding her need again.

Tiring of his stance, he pistons inside with the force to push her higher up on the bed, bunching the sheets under her as she moves, so he can hover above her.  “I want you to come now,” he orders, looking in her eyes with a giving smile as he sinks deep inside, holding still momentarily for the final expansion she needs to accommodate his size.

Over her, he pulls out slowly, long strokes pushing back in quickly.  “Shit, I like that,” she admits breathlessly, so he continues his skilled movements, a master at work.  Within moments the waves are felt between them as she begins to come.  “I need more,” she whines and he willingly snakes his hand between them and finds her clit, teasing it as the shockwaves grow larger and her sounds, “Oh, Oh, hmmm, just like that,” fill the room.

His cock swells as the feeling rushes through his thighs, adding to the vigor he delivers into her as he comes, filling the vending machine condom with his seed.  “Just like that,” he repeats, chuckling when she grabs his ass, holding him still.

“Don’t move,” she giggles, a visible quake washing over her body as she tells him what to do.  He kisses her forehead, damp with sweat from their summer games. Another wave rolls through her, and she releases him, allowing him to fall to her side.

Face first, head in the down-filled pillow, he throws his arm across her chest, massaging his thumb over her hip.  “That was… unbelievable. Fuckin’ unforgettable,” she sighs.

He turns his face to her, watching as she stares up at the ceiling fan, listening to the children down at the pool, sounds of ice falling into the machine nearby.  A smile grows on his face and she turns to grin at him, a slight blush on her tanned cheeks.  They lay in silence, both not knowing what to say.

The silence is broken moments later when her phone rings.   “Your side, I think,” he says as he gets out of bed and walks to the bathroom to clean up and give her privacy.  He leaves the door open, curiosity getting the better of him once again.

“Hey, baby girl. Yea, I won’t be able to make it tonight after all… Remember the joke this morning about the ‘man of my dreams?’ I’ll tell you all about it tomorrow… Shit, I can’t really talk.  I’m in his hotel room… At the gas station,” she replies. Chris can see her shaking her head, but stretching out like a queen on his bed, proud of herself.  “Yea, I know, right after I talked to you… Right. A GDT,” she giggles.  “I don’t know. If he asks me to stay, I might… Always safe… Ok. Talk to you tomorrow…”

Chris steps back into the room, carrying a hot wet wash cloth for her and a towel, biting back a laugh as she pinches her fingers open and closed, rolling her eyes as she mimics the talking of her friend.  He begins washing over her sticky mound with the cloth.  “Mmmhmm… Yea… Fuck I gotta go.  I promise, first thing tomorrow. Luv ya! Bye!”

She tosses the phone back down on the floor, lifting her hips into his hand as he gently wipes her down, then pats her dry with the second towel.  “What’s a GDT?” he asks.  “Or do I not wanna know?”

She runs her fingertips down his arms, and looks back to him with challenge in her eyes. “That’s a local term we use for God Damn Tourists, like you. A GDT,” she laughs, eying his beautiful naked physique as he stands next to the bed, her eyes slowly moving from tat to tat. Memorizing his beauty.

He chuckles at the acronym.  “So was it ‘like magic?’” he asks, bending to pick something off the floor and she laughs when her Captain America shirt hits her in the face.

She tosses it back to him.  “Everything I dreamed it would be and more.  In fact, where’s the grape one?  I wanna try it next,” she taunts, teasing him about the selection of flavored condoms he got in the vending machine at the gas station where they met earlier that morning.

He steps over to the little table by the window, adjusting the curtain again to ensure no one can see in as they walk by the second floor room overlooking the pool.  “Please don’t think I’m an ass… Take this as a compliment that the sex is so good, I can’t remember a thing,” he chuckles, embarrassment written all over his face.  “But, uh, what’s your name again?”

She throws her head back in laughter as she spins around to sit up on her knees, motioning for him to join her.  “Well, Chris,” indicating she definitely remembers who he is.  “They call me Becca.”

*can be read as a stand alone, but this story is truly a follow-up piece to “Like Magic“*

Copyright © 2016 avenger-nerd-mom.  All rights reserved. Intellectual property of avenger-nerd-mom

Safe and Sound

safe and sound july 3 2016

Safe and Sound

a Steve Rogers fan fic

by avenger-nerd-mom

Steve returns home late from a dangerous mission, glad to be back in Charlie’s bed

Warnings: NSFW, Adult situations, Language, Oral Sex, Fingering, Intercourse, condom use

Word Count: 1647

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 Steve parks his bike across the street, thankful her light is still on despite the late hour.  His ribs ache as he throws his leg over to dismount the cycle.  He cradles his arm to his chest, his limp prominent as he crosses the street.  He nods hello to the night doorman and punches in a passcode to the private elevators of Charlie’s highly secure building.  Steve scoffs at the thought that she just happened to already be living in a building owned by Stark with its advanced safety features.  As soon as Tony met her over the holidays, knowing Steve’s concerns for her safety, he advanced security measures in her building, to the benefit of other residents.

He takes a deep breath and leans against the wall of the paneled wood as the elevator ascends to the eleventh floor.   The pain in his head weakens as the healing process speeds through his body.  Exiting the metal box, the limp is now gone and he stretches his arms in front of him, swinging them back and forth, good as new.  He touches his cheek, the bruise still stinging to the touch, reaching for the key in a lower pocket of the cargo pants on his uniform.  He smiles when it clinks against the compass he’s carried with him since he was a younger man, many years ago.

Tired, beyond exhaustion, the soldier enters his girlfriend’s apartment, quietly sliding off his shoes.  For a split second, he considers grabbing a beer from the fridge, but knows it won’t do any good.   With stealth he walks down the hallway, silently pushing her door open, finding her asleep on her side.  Her book lays open in front of her, her glasses sliding down her nose.  A need surges through him, but he simply removes the glasses, placing them and the book on the nightstand.   He pulls the blanket over her, gently kissing her temple before going down the hall to the second bathroom for a shower.

The heat of the water renews him and the pain through his body subsides.  A quick survey in the mirror shows the bruising from the broken rib is fading and the scratches on his shoulders zigzag across his skin.  He wraps the towel tighter around his tapered torso, shaking the remaining water from his hair.  While brushing his teeth, his eyes land on her collection of creams and lotions that scatter the counter.  He brings the bottle of her favorite perfume to his nose and smiles at the instant flash of memories that fill his mind, most recently their snowball fight in Central Park hours before he was called away on another dangerous mission.  He remembers the sweet promises she had whispered in his ear and his cock stirs at the memory as well.

Returning to her room, Steve lets the towel drop to the floor.  He crawls in bed behind her sleeping form, his chest to her lovely back.  His fingers draw across her shoulder, sketching heart shapes, his mind wandering.  “I love you, Charlotte Mayer,” he whispers against her neck.

“Wuv you too,” she answers groggily, awoken from her slumber.  “Glad you’re home.”

Steve hums his agreement and slides down her body, covering kisses across her back, nibbling at her rounded ass and backs of her legs.  Charlie begins to squirm and moans her approval.  Steve lifts her left leg and crawls between her thighs.  He trails small kisses to the apex of her curvy figure.  Dipping his finger into her flooded well, he swirls around her inner walls and curves his finger to pull out her juices.  He rubs her swollen lips, smearing the sweet wet before pushing his finger in again.  From her curved spooned position, the dark haired beauty can watch the top of his head and sees him pull his finger out slowly, feeling him brush her velvet lining before sucking his finger into his mouth and savoring her taste.

His ocean blue eyes lock on hers as he sucks his finger dry.  The vision of Captain America between her legs preparing to suck her off causes her heart to race.  Her breathing catches as he devilishly winks at her and dives forward with a flick of his tongue against his lip.   His flat tongue does things to her she only dared imagine before and she begins to crave the ache that she knows will come after their lovemaking.  No one has ever loved her like Steve, and no one will ever compare.

His tongue laps at her, pushing at her opening to release more wet.  He washes over her lips, right and left, flicking back down the center of her slit.  Steve groans at her deliciousness, digging his fingertips in to grip her ass in his strong hands, lifting her to his mouth as her hips roll back and forth against his tongue.  Building whimpers escape from the back of her throat as she grinds against his face.  His stiff muscle slides smoothly over her entrance, the tip of his nose dragging across her waiting clit.  Slapping one cheek lightly, Steve encourages her wordlessly to fuck his tongue harder.  He instinctively knows the wetter she is the easier she can take all of his super strength when he plows into her.  He’s never known a woman so eager to take the loving pain he gives.

He gently rests her down onto the plush bedding, wrapping one arm around her thigh, and shifting her leg to rest her foot on his shoulder, opening her up.  While teasing with his tongue, his hand gently strokes the ball of her foot, eliciting a giggle from her.  He smiles over her mound as her head drops back against the pillow before she arches into him again.  With his other hand, he slips his finger in to gently fuck her hole as his lips wrap around her aching clit.

Charlie feels like she is going to explode with the heat of desire ready to consume her body.  She winds her hands around the back of his head, pulling him in to her, listening to his own groans of pleasure at her response to their lovemaking.  She can feel how closely she teeters to the edge, waiting to be tipped.  His caresses continue and he begins to suck harder on her clit.  Slipping another finger into her sopping wet void, the hums Steve makes against her cunt cause her fall.  She fucks his hand, riding out the waves of pleasure that threaten to drown her.  Steve continues his talented assault as she cries out his name with seismic fervor.

Before letting her come down completely, Steve moves his mouth away, wiping his face against the bedding and reaches to the bedside for a condom.  Gliding it on quickly, he moves his body up hers, crushing himself against her soft tits, her nipples hard against his solid chest.  He plays with them, watching the heat in her eyes as he covers them with bites and kisses, leaving her breasts coated in her own juices.  The scruff of four-day old stubble grazes her soft skin as he attaches his mouth to her neck.

“Steve, I can’t wait, hurry and fuck me, babe,” she whines.   Her whole body is on fire with every kiss against her throat.

Supporting himself with one arm by her head on the bed, his free hand gently rubs circles on her hip while lifting her to him as he teases his cock over her entrance.  Whimpers of desire escape her lips as he whispers in her ear, “You make me so hard, doll.  I think you’re ready.”

Her gasp echoes through the room as he sinks inside her, pushing full to the hilt.  “Fuck me, please,” she cries out.

Steve knows she has been primed, and knows she takes pleasure in her pain.  He doesn’t hold back as he enters her again and again, ranging from slow to rapid movements, building her to another orgasm, wanting to feel her convulse around his thickened cock.  He pushes in deeply, his balls hitting against her, creating an erotic sound that fills the room in time with her quiet cries.

The bed begins to creak beneath them and Steve grasps the headboard to keep his weight from her.  His long strokes are exemplified in the painful smile on her face as he watches her from above.  She scratches at his back, clawing at his ass, encouraging, “Come for me, baby, please, fuck me harder.”

Her request sets his release in motion as his thighs and balls tighten, the orgasm rushing through him like a freight train.  The headboard pounds against the wall as it receives the brunt of his thrusts while he attempts to cushion the blows to Charlie’s fragile form.  His growls roar through the room and his eyes reflect an animal lust mirrored in her own when he looks down into her blackened eyes.  Her own orgasm follows shortly and her cries, “I’m coming, I’m coming,” mingle with his in the night.  A few more pushes in and out and Steve slows to match her needs.  He falls to her, not really landing on her and trails kisses from her forehead down the side of her face to meet her waiting lips.  Her musky flavor is still in his mouth and mingles with the coffee on her lips from earlier in the evening, tongues teasing and tasting one another.  “Sweet,” she coos.

Steve slides down, resting his head on her breast.  Brushing his hair back from his sweat covered brow, she marvels at her gentle giant, the superhero who loves her so beautifully.  Her arms wrap around him tightly, holding him close as his body still shakes, his used and limp cock resting against her muscled thigh. Sleep over takes him quickly as he lays in her loving arms; home, safe and sound again.

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Copyright © 2016 avenger-nerd-mom.  All rights reserved. Intellectual property of avenger-nerd-mom

On the Pontoon

on the pontoon

On the Pontoon

Part 2 of Weekend Hideaway

An Emery & Chris story

By avenger-nerd-mom

Chris and Emery find a little alone time during a large family gathering by sneaking off to check on the boat, down at the boat dock

Warnings: NSFW, Language, Adult Situations, Public Sex, Fingering, Oral Sex, Penetration

Word Count: 3013

Click here for Part One

“Chris, what if someone comes down here to check the boat?”

Chris removes his mouth from her neck, lifting himself up to look around.  “Kitten, there is no one on the boat dock. You already said the family is too busy getting drunk at the bar and listening to the band or back at the house, eating s’mores.” His blue eyes glisten in the light from the dock as he gazes down at her, pressed under him on the floor of her dad’s boat. “I can fuck you hard and fast if it will make you feel better?”

Emery chuckles, shoving the boat bumper away from her head.   “No, no.  I can do this.  Right? I’m an adult.  So why is my tummy jumping and I feel like a nervous school girl?”

Chris laughs when another boat passes through the cove and the bumper rolls back from the movement in the boat slip and hits her in the head again.  “Part of the fun is the excitement of getting caught,” he growls in her ear as he lies back beside her, grasping her hip.  “Relax.  We put the bag of empty beer cans in the path. If anyone comes down the dock, we’ll hear them knock into it.”

His mouth begins to work her over again, covering her neck and shoulders with wet kisses, designed to keep her fire going.  “God, I’ve missed you, kitten.  I need you.  Stay focused on me.  I got you.”

His voice, deep and calming, washes over her, lulling her into a sense of security.  She takes a deep breath, wishing she’d had a little more to drink earlier.   She remembers the bold feeling she had at the Christmas party they went to when she gave him a blowjob in the stairwell. But the idea of getting caught by his friends is totally different than the idea of someone in her family finding them.  She pushes the idea from her mind as he continues to whisper to her.  His words are puffs of warm air against her skin, fighting off the chill of the night air.  She becomes aware with each clutch of his big hand at her hip that he is gathering up the fabric of her maxi dress, exposing her legs to the cold.  She wraps her arms around his neck, cradling him close as his mouth finds the sweet spot just below her ear.  She rubs her hands over his new buzz cut, acquainting herself to the feel, rather ticklish against her palms.  She giggles and repeats the pattern over the top of his head as he begins to nibble her neck.

“Careful, mister. I can’t cover up with a turtleneck on the boat tomorrow,” she laughs.  “Damn you!” She admonishes him when he bites even harder.

“Sorry!  That one may leave a mark,” laughs Chris. “I really was just playing.”

“Uh- huh.  Likely story….”

“Maybe I should bite someplace less visible,” Chris springs quickly to slide down her body, settling between her legs.  He shouts out when his foot hits the swim ladder, creating a metal clanking sound that echoes on the dock and she laughs.

“You’re evil- taking pleasure in my pain…  Just for that, you’re gonna get it,” Chris taunts devilishly as he wraps his arm under her thigh, pulling her to him.  “I promised you’d like this haircut.  And you have to be quiet.  Sound carries across the water, you know.”

“Oh, cuz I’m so loud,” she giggles.

“Oh, honey, I’m gonna make you wanna scream my name.” His velveteen voice rumbles through her body as his hot breath hits against her thigh.  “Thank you for making this easy,” he graciously replies, untying the sides to her bikini bottoms and shoving them quickly into a pocket on his cargo shorts.

The boat rocks again as another moves through the cove, and they bounce in its wake.  Her leg rolls into the side of his face and he takes advantage by placing a slow open mouthed kiss on her inner thigh.  She squirms as he holds her tight.  “This is gonna be fun,” he teases as he looks up at her, triumph on his face.

“Got your energy back, did you?” she baits him, enjoying his caresses, loose enough now to play along.  She silently sends up a prayer that no one finds them.

“Mmmm…” he hums against her leg, tickling gently behind her knee.  He bends her leg up so he can kiss the same spot, knowing it drives her crazy.

“Fuck,” she whispers.  “You don’t play fair.”

Chris continues to move his mouth over the back of her knee, slowing sliding his lips up her inner thigh, nipping with his teeth as he moves along.  “No, baby, I don’t.”

They freeze momentarily when they hear voices and laughter on the dock, but the sound recedes and Chris returns to his task, moving his mouth leisurely from right inner thigh to left, biting and kissing, each a little harder than the next.  He looks up over her, where she has risen on her elbows to watch him, quietly swallowing the sounds she makes.  He winks at her before moving back down to brush his buzzed head against her thighs.

If she thought he was evil before she had no idea of the pleasure the soft bristles of his freshly shaved head would cause on her thighs as he slowly rubs the top of his head over her.  “Damn,” she hisses out, reaching to grasp the back of his neck.  She toys with his ear, gently massaging his earlobe and giggles when his pleasurable moan matches hers, echoing in her ears.

“I missed you, Em,” he whispers, reaching up inside the top of her low-cut dress, grasping her breast in his large, strong hand.  “I missed us,” he sighs.  He continues to tease her with his hand on her breast and his hair on her legs as she slowly begins to writhe beneath him, silently asking for more.  He pinches too hard on purpose, eliciting a squeak from her freshly licked lips glistening in the light of the moon.

Chris changes position, allowing his other hand to find her second pair of wet lips.  He gently runs his middle finger through her slick, smearing it from side to side.  He watches her with his dark lustful eyes as she holds her mouth closed to hold back any sound.  He turns his hand, twisting in and feeling her cunt already pulsing for him.  “I missed your wet pussy too,” he tells her, smiling at the blush he knows his words create on her cheeks.  “It’s so fucking beautiful, and I’m gonna eat it.”

“Shhh…,” she giggles, surprisingly aroused at his words.  He’s slowly been introducing her to things he likes that may push her comfort zone. Up till now, dirty talk hasn’t had an effect on her, but maybe she’s just missed hearing his voice in person rather than over the phone these last few weeks, but she knows this time his intimations have added to her already wet flood.

Twisting his thick finger in, he mimics the movements he plans to use soon.  Her velvet box has been lonely while he’s been away and he can feel how tight she is; how she needs him.  He’s so damned turned on how she waited for him without him even asking or requesting it, not even pleasing herself. He had no idea sweet, innocent women like Emery still existed in this world.  Chris smiles to himself, thinking how he can’t wait to wreck her in the best ways possible and claim him for his own, forever.  His cock hardens at the thought and he shifts slightly.  Making out on the hard floor of the boat isn’t ideal, but it seems to be the only space they could find free from her family.

Gently adding a second finger, Chris slowly stretches her as he thrusts in and out, pulling out her wet.  He moves in, nose first against her clit, holding her tight when she jolts, and laps at the dripping wet.  “You taste so good,” he murmurs against her, licking her again from top to bottom.  Tiny gasps of air escape her lungs as she bites back any noise she wishes to make.

“Fuck, baby,” she whispers, her Southern drawl filled with awe, “your tongue is magic.”

She brings her leg up and places it on the boat seat closest to her, providing her leverage to move with him.  She rocks against him as he fucks her with his tongue, moving to hold his head closer to her.  He moans quietly against her, throbbing against her clit, pushing her closer to the edge. His warm tongue slips between her folds and he slowly drags it up. She shivers and moans into the damp night air. His tongue continues to wash her slowly, over and over, until he finally brings the tip of his tongue to her pink button. She doesn’t know how much more she can take as his mouth wraps around her clit, sucking hard.  Her sharp intake of air doesn’t stop him as continues his assault, flicking his tongue repeatedly over the sensitive spot, and she bites down hard on her palm, while her breathing falters.  She squirms and whimpers but he doesn’t let up.

The boat rocks in the dock again as another boat moves through, carrying more revelers for the party at the lakefront bar.  The sound of music and laughter carries across the cove and smoke from a grill fills the night air. Chris watches her intently, smiling as the boat bumper rolls and hits her in the head again.  Her swollen clit throbs, aching for him, and he doesn’t want her to wait any longer.  Hell, he doesn’t wanna wait any longer.

With his own strength, he powerfully flips her over, grabbing the rounded boat bumper and putting it under her belly, beautifully tilting her ass up in the night air just for him.  He grins at her gasp of surprise, and she reaches back with one hand to grasp his.  “You okay?” he asks quietly.  The squeeze of her hand is the only response he needs and she lets go, reaching for the towel next her to hold tight to as he continues his play.  He rises and crawls between her spread legs, still sitting low so if anyone walked past the boat he couldn’t be seen in the dark.  He messages her tight ass, slowly spreading her cheeks.  “Soon, kitten, you know that, right?”

She’s lost in her heat and moans in pleasure, “Sure, baby, you can fuck my ass, but not tonight,” she giggles.

She holds in more sounds of squeaks and mewlings as he licks her pussy, and revels in the shudder she experiences when his tongue caresses the rim of her ass.  He can’t resist her anymore.  Her instant pleasure at such an intimate touch hit him hard.  He quickly unzips his pants, releasing himself just enough to roll on a condom. Chris places the tip of his hard cock at the entrance of her pussy and pushes in gently, holding back his desire to slam into his love.  Her walls expand around him, making room for his girth, welcoming him home.  Her sounds of pleasure are quieted as she hides her face in the crook of her elbow.  He uses the rounded surface of the boat bumper to roll her on and off his cock as he adds power to his thrusts.

His heavy breathing turns to quiet moans.  She smiles as his penetrations come faster and harder, she quietly moans for him, knowing he wants her noise, the noise she’s kept quiet for so long.  The sound that escapes her is so animalistic to her ears she surprises herself.  Her tits harden as they push into the floor of the boat with each thrust and she feels her pressure building.  She squeaks again at the pleasurable pain of the carpet burn on her chest, and he comes fast and strong to her sounds, pumping into her hard from behind.  Her whole body bounces with his force and her ass slams back onto his cock.

He rides his wave of pleasure, slowing his thrusts, but not letting them die out.  He pulls out and flips her over gently, shoving the boat bumper away.  Bringing her leg up under his arm he pushes into her gently, all the way in, to complete her own release.  He bounces her a few times, scooting her across the floor with his force.  She grabs the base of the captain’s chair and uses it help her to push back against him.  Her eyes gleam in the moonlight and lock on to his.  “Do it.  Make me come,” she whispers.

He pulls out and her hips rise to him before he pushes her back into the floor forcefully as the crest of her orgasm wracks through her body, the heat stinging them both as she comes for the first time in weeks. He pulls in and out, following the movement of her hips, guiding him to give her all she needs.  As her muscle contractions slow against him, he grabs the condom at his base and slowly pulls out, collapsing next to her.  He ties it off and throws it over the side of the boat, to be washed away by morning.

They lay in the dark, a mess of cum and sweat.  He wipes her clean with the towel and cleans himself.  “Still breathing, Miss Emery? Or did I kill you?” he chuckles as he pushes back her curly hair.

“Thoroughly fucked.  Thank you.  I needed that.  Welcome home, baby,” she giggles in response.

With a kiss on her forehead, he replies, “It’s good to be home.”

She sits up and pulls her dress over her head, a hint of the devil in her eyes. “What are you doing?” Chris asks, already knowing the answer as she stands at the back of the boat.  Her body is highlighted in the moonlight and the shadows follow her curves as she gracefully dives in.  He moves over to drop the swim ladder as she jumps out of the water like a mermaid- his own little Ariel, with her pretty red hair.  She pulls up on the ladder, her beautiful breasts exposed and kisses him before splashing him and swimming away.

“You’re a sticky mess too, you should dive in,” she offers.  “Water’s not so bad.”

“It was fucking cold in day light; everyone said it won’t warm up till July,” Chris says, not wanting to jump in the cold, dark water.

“Cleaner than the Boston Harbor,” she teases. “You swam in it before, and you said it was cold?”

“I don’t know about cleaner. I just saw a condom float by,” he jokes as he pulls up the hem of his shirt, removing it in one graceful pull.

“Fuck, you’re sexy,” Emery says with love and admiration. “How’d I get so lucky?”

Watching from the water, her man stands on the swim deck of the boat, his chiseled abs and arms outlined by the moon behind him.  She follows her eyes to the taper of his waist and watches with delight as he unbuttons his jeans and slowly begins to slide them down his hips.

“Whoo! Baby take it-“


“What the fu-? Who left this here?” Preston Thomas, Emery’s father grabs the bag of empty beer cans and sets it aside. “Who’s that? Who’s down on my boat?”

Diving below the water, Emery swims into her uncle’s boat slip, out of sight.  Chris can’t help himself.  “We are, sir,” he calls out.  “It’s your daughter, I tried to stop her, but she insisted on skinny dipping. Can you believe that?”

“Christopher!” she shouts as both men chuckle.

“Son, she’s just like her mother…”


“Sir, I really didn’t need to know that…” Chris replies, blushing in the dark, trying to wipe that visual from his mind.

“You embarrass my baby, I’ll get you right back,” Preston admonishes his future son-in-law.

“Sorry, sir, you’re right.  Sorry, Em,” Chris replies to her smiling face peeking over the edge of the dock, grinning when she winks at him.

Preston checks the locks on the ski cabinet and puts away the dried life vests.  “There’s dry towels in the bench up front, and I think there’s still some beers in the cooler.  We’ll have to get fresh ice in the morning.”  He organizes a few other things, staying far enough back from Emery for the privacy she deserves.  “If you two head up to the bar before the band quits playing, you could probably catch a ride with the family back to the house.”

“Ok, thanks, Dad,” Emery says.  “Can you go now; I’m freezing?”

“’Night, darlin’; Chris,” he says, waving good-bye as he walks away, chuckling, taking the cans for recycling with him.

“Should we go back and have some s’mores?” she asks.

“Why don’t you come up here and we can have ‘s’more’ of somethin’ else?” Chris invites her coyly to join him back in the boat.

Pushing her wet hair back and laughing, Emery giggles. “Mmm… That sounds promising.”

Watching her execute one more dive under, her round ass bobbing up above the surface, Chris stands at the back of the boat with a towel and beer waiting.  She climbs the ladder, wringing the water from her hair.  Chris sits the beer down and holds the towel out of her reach, grabbing to kiss her first.  He quickly wraps her in the dry towel when catcalls are heard from across the cove.  Her teeth are chattering from the cold and he picks her up in his arms, carrying her over to the bench seating where he proceeds to warm her up again. And again.

Part Three: One Too Many

Copyright © 2016 avenger-nerd-mom.  All rights reserved. Intellectual property of avenger-nerd-mom

Beautiful Design

beautiful design.png

Beautiful Design

by avenger-nerd-mom

*a Chris Evans Fan Fiction*

Chris x OFC (First Person)

Chris Evans develops a crush on his interior designer, a sassy plus sized woman with an eye for details

Warnings: Language, Adult Situations, Oral Sex, Penetration, fingering, NSFW

Word Count 4727

“How did you know I like soft, fluffy things on my bed?”  Chris’s laughter and sultry tone causes me to jump out of my skin, releasing a squeal of surprise.

“Oh, Christopher! You scared me!” I turn my attention from the decorator pillows I’ve been fluffing on the giant bed, and start to blush, realizing how this must look to him.  The meaning behind his words is not lost on me.  He leans against the doorframe so casually, my heart skips a beat and I can feel my blush deepen.  “I wasn’t expecting you till after the shoot.  What are you doing here?”

He ignores my question, moaning quietly.  Fuck, why must he do that!  “Unf… And you’re already kneeling on my bed?”

“Stop, teasing, please,” my voice pleads with him, reaching to straighten and fluff the rest of the pillows, becoming self-conscious, knowing he is watching me.  He’s been flirting for weeks, but he doesn’t really mean it.  That’s just who he is.  He’s just a flirt.

“Why?” Chris moves across the room, emptying his pockets onto the dresser.  Seeing the expression on my face, he opens the drawer and slides the items off and hides them away.  “What is it going to take to convince you to go out with me?  Why won’t you say yes?”

Pivoting carefully on the bed so to not disrupt the décor, I catch my reflection in the mirror on the wall behind him.  Nearly a size sixteen… That’s why I don’t say yes.   Chris doesn’t really want me he just wants the challenge because I keep turning him down.  Having worked with the household staff for weeks getting ready for this house design photo shoot, I am totally aware “no” isn’t a word he hears often.

As I finish fussing with the blanket at the foot of the bed I realize Chris is watching me closely.  “You haven’t answered my question…” he says quietly.  My heart cries at the sound in his voice.  This flirting is different.  He truly seems hurt by my rejections…

Crawling to the edge, I shake my head, getting ready to climb down from the higher bed he requested.  As I move across the surface, I realize my dress isn’t holding me in and my two best features are slowly popping out over the top of the neckline.  I look up and Chris notices too.  That goddamn smirk of his… “Christopher, isn’t the answer obvious?” I turn again and begin to crawl away from him.  At least the length of my skirt will keep my ass covered until I can get off the ridiculously high bed.  I bite the inside of my cheek to keep from laughing at all the jokes the design team had while creating the room’s main feature.

“Either direction is a good view,” he chuckles, kicking off his shoes.

“Goddamn it,” I mumble under my breath.  “There is no graceful way to get off this bed.”  I spin my legs around to a seated position, preparing to slide off to the floor.

“Then don’t.  Stay on the bed,” Chris says as he steps in front of me.  “You look good there,” he purrs, just as my feet hit the floor and I stand up, nearly bumping into him.

“Damn, you’re tall.  I don’t think I’ve really noticed that before,” Chris says, reaching beside me and straightening the edge of the blanket I kicked.  As he moves past me, I can feel his warmth radiating from his body, and catch the smell that is him- the outdoors, clean, fresh, manly.

I try to side step him, but he blocks my path.  “Christopher, don’t you have something else to do, I have work to finish here.” I put my hand on his arm to push him away and encounter his rock hard bicep.  My fingers linger there and I can’t deny the attraction I feel for him.

“I love that you call me ‘Christopher,’” he says, dropping his eyes to my manicured hand on his arm.  “And I think you’re amazing.  Don’t give me that “low self-esteem” bullshit.  I’ve known you for months.  You are the most vibrant, out-going, carefree person I know.  You’re funny and opinionated and you don’t take any shit… That’s my kind of girl.  Why won’t you go out with me?”

I freeze when the back of his hand caresses the watercolor hummingbird tattoo on my collar bone as he brushes my fair colored hair over my shoulder.  His eyes plead for an answer.  He touched me.  I can’t think.  Quietly, I say the honest truth, the first thing that comes to my mind.  “The funny, fat girl is always great to hang out with until you have to be seen in public with her.”

He leans in and kisses my tat, his lips a bare brush against my skin. I can feel the slight exhale of his warmth breath as he puffs out his next words. “That’s bullshit.  I don’t see you like that.  I need a better reason.”  Goosebumps form across my pale surface as he continues to caress my shoulder, his fingertips running under the strap of my favorite yellow sundress.

Unable to control my breathing, trying to keep steady from the effect he has over me, I choke out the words “I work for you.”

His long nose nuzzles against my neck, his beard trailing behind, ticklish.  “Not any more.  You’re fired.”

Giggling, I grasp the back of his hair and lift his head even to mine.  My stomach turns somersaults.  I don’t want him to stop.  “The camera crew will be here in two hours.”

“Plenty of time,” he answers, diving towards my lips and meeting them with a wanting heat.  Both hands now continue to tug at the straps of my summer attire.  His tongue flits across my plump bottom lip inviting me to open and accept him.  My breathing accelerates and I run my fingers through his hair, holding him tighter to me, knowing it’s a bad idea but feels so good.  His hands run along the sweetheart neckline, dragging his fingers just under the edge of the dress covering my ample chest.  A delicious moan escapes my lips, aching for more of his touch.  “And we can go for round two later,” he growls seductively.

His mouth continues to tease.  Damn, can that boy kiss!  My lips slowly part at his temptations, his lips soft against my own.  His tongue eases in slowly, gently touching my tongue before sliding back out and running across my bottom lip.  A slight chill runs through me and my knees weaken so I tighten my grasp on his arm.  He repeats this move again, venturing his skilled tongue deeper inside, tangling with mine.

His hands snake down the corset style front of my dress, stopping to squeeze under my breasts, grabbing at my ribcage and pulling me into him.  I can feel his erection through the layers of my skirt, pushing warmly against my thigh.  I open my eyes to remind myself this is really happening and he is watching me with his pupils dilated, lost in the black of desire.  He really wants me?  If this is an act, he should win in an Oscar.

A million thoughts cross my mind.  If I go through with this, I don’t want it to change the friendship I’ve developed with this charming man.  I love stopping by with a new find for the design layout and finding him watching Disney movies alone, collapsing in a nearby chair to join his movie marathon.  I love catching him eating fries and a burger, leaning against the counter, exhausted from his day with a cold beer near his hand.  I adore overhearing him on the phone with his niece and nephews.   I love all the little things he does that has captured my attention in the time I have known him. I love the easy banter we have and the way he makes me laugh even when I don’t want to. But damn, I want him bad.  “You can’t fire me.  I have bills to pay and the job isn’t done.”

Winding his large, strong hands around my sides to my back, he grips me tighter.  Again I can feel him, even stiffer than before and he teases, “I can offer you a nice severance package.  You won’t be complaining.”

His kissing becomes more fervent and I match him lick for lick, nipping at his bottom lip.  His hands roam across my back side, gripping and tugging.  I bring both hands up to his forearms, grasping his biceps and running my fingers under the sleeves of his t-shirt.  His lips pull away and drag along my jawline, moving to tickle my ear with his breath.  “I love that you always smell like springtime and lilacs… and Gucci?”

Giggling back, I answer, “You left it on the counter.  I couldn’t resist.”  Tilting my head back elongates my neck to give him more space to play with his lips, his beautiful scratchy beard against my delicate skin. He obliges, running his nose along the exposed flesh, taking my ear lobe between his full lips and playfully biting down.  I can’t stop the moan of pleasure that threatens to escape.  “Ah, fuck,” I confess.  “I’ve always loved that when you hug me goodbye, I go home smelling like you.”

“So you admit, you like me?”  His breath is hot and damp in my ear and my insides melt like lava.  I want this man; I’ve needed him for weeks now, wishing he’d see me as more than his decorator, more than a friend.

He licks his tongue around the outer edge of my ear, sending chills down my spine, tenderly nibbling back down towards my chest.  He places a slow, wet open mouthed kiss on the side of my neck and I grasp at him tighter, wrapping my arms around his neck, playing with the hair touching the collar of his shirt.  “Damn, that feels good,” I sigh. “Christopher, me liking you has never been the issue.”

He scoffs at this, but he doesn’t say anything.  Besides, his lips are too busy slowly biting and kissing around the front of my neck to the other side.  His hands wander down my back, pulling at the curve of my generous hips. His tenacious fingers drift farther down, under the curve of my ass, pinching together the fabric and pulling up the skirt, exposing my legs, gently brushing against my body.  The impact of his desire causes a surge of warmth and wetness to my most intimate spaces.  His kisses are igniting a flame only he can control and I struggle to keep my breathing under control.  Impossible.

My feelings for Christopher have been simmering for weeks, but I wasn’t sure until just now he actually meant any of his flirtations. The bright lights of Hollywood aren’t easy on a girl built like me, but I’m no wallflower.  Sure, he’s Captain America, with biceps to die for, but how do I know he’s strong enough for me. It’s his anxiety, his desire for a private life that’s kept me holding back.  I know the looks I get when I’m out and about.  Add in the additional attention of being on his arm?  I can take it, but I’ve wondered if he can?  Has he even thought about what the press or the fans would say?  On a good day, in my favorite heels, I stand taller than he does.  I’m definitely more than a handful and nothing like the little starlets he is often photographed with…

Pulling back from my neck, Chris’s eyes search my face, placing a hand on my cheek, pushing my red matte lips with his wonderfully curved thumb.  My lips part under their own volition and my tongue teases between them, licking the tip of his appendage as it glides across my ready mouth.  I can feel his other hand splayed across the top of my back, his fingertips finding the zipper of my dress. “Honey, if you don’t want this, you need to stop me now.”

Taking a deep breath, a smile forms on my face and is reflected in his eyes.  “I’m not gonna stop you, but wait one moment…”  Quickly, I run my hands down the front of his black t-shirt, feeling his hard chest and ripples of muscle along the way and grasp the bottom hem.  With a quick tug up, his shirt is removed and his hair is disheveled. How is he so fucking adorable and sexy at the same time?  Winking at him, I grab his hair, winding my hands in it tightly, pulling him back to my mouth.  My tongue explores his sweet cavity much as he did to me moments ago.  I don’t know what he wants but at this point I don’t fucking care.  I just know right now I need him to quell the fire he started.

His hand skates down the zipper, his second hand caressing each inch of skin as it is exposed.  I reach between the two of us and unfasten the buckle on his jeans, pulling the belt slowly from each loop.  Easing open the buttons on the fly, I hear his breath catch and gently caress his happy trail, following to dip my fingers in the waistband of his Calvins.  His skin feels exquisitely soft and he slightly tenses at my touch.  As he pulls the dress over my head, I try to maintain a sense of composure.  It’s now or never; please, Lord, don’t let him be sorry.

I can’t breathe as Chris steps away from the bed.  “Christopher?  What are you thinking?” I ask quietly.  The summer sun filters into the room and there is no hiding.  Feeling so exposed in this moment, I hope he feels the same way I feel about him.  If he truly likes me, cares for me, he’s not going to care what I look like with extra pounds on my large frame. Exhaling, my heart skips a beat.

The grin on his face shows he isn’t having any second thoughts as I stand before him in my pink strapless bra and boycut shorts.  Every inch, every curve is on display for him.  He either needs to take it now, or leave it.  “I’m not one of your stick thin models…  You can’t break me.”

His laughter is true and rocks through his body.  “No, no you aren’t.”  He cocks that famous eyebrow of his at me, grinning like he just won a prize.  He moves towards me, wrapping one arm around my back and grasping my other shoulder and bending to bring the other arm behind my knees and scoops me up off the floor, tossing me onto the bed.  Holy shit!  Landing off- center, I watch as he climbs over the top of me. “You’re beautiful,” hovering above me, he kisses the swell of my breasts, devoting a moment of attention to them before seducing my lips again.  “You have more of everything I like, and I’m just trying to decide where to start with you…”

“What did you decide?”  I tease him, already knowing the answer to the question as he crawls down between my legs, pulling down the lacy pink shorts as he slides off the bed onto his knees.  He scoops his hands under my ass and I gasp as he lifts and pulls me to the edge.  Marry this man.  He can pick you up and move you around like it’s nothing. Giggling, I push it away when he asks what’s so funny.  “Nothing, oh my god, you…”  I’m unable to finish my thought as he lifts my shapely leg and places my foot up unto the edge of the bed and his beard begins to scratch my inner thigh as he moves into place.

His breath is hot against my bare, shaved mound, his face moving side to side.  He taunts and teases me with his beard, leaving stinging marks.  His plump lips kiss their way down my wet slit as he runs a hand up my thigh and drags his finger through the juice, smearing it. I tilt my ass down into the bed, placing myself right where I want him to be, spreading my legs wider for him.  Looking between the V I have created, he is watching me and I can see the warmth and laughter in his darkened eyes.  Such a mischievous one!  I reflect the smile back to him and groan in pleasure when his tongue tickles over my center.  “So wet,” he offers, taking another lap with his wide tongue. “So sweet.”

His long licks paint over me as I rock my hips against his face.  I place my hands at my sides, grasping the thin air.  He moans his satisfaction and adds additional pressure by slowly penetrating me with one of his beautiful fingers, “Oh, Christopher, I like that, please,” I sigh with relief.

His other hand reaches for mine and he twines our fingers together, bringing our hands to rest on my rounded belly, pushing me down to hold me in place from rising off the bed. A true orator, he licks down my side walls slowly and back up the center, as he turns and twists his finger with each extraction.  His tongue teases me as he penetrates deeper with his finger, each time.  My body begins to tense and he slowly changes his motions, not bringing me to my much needed release.  His tongue rudely flicks over my swollen clit, before rising to his feet, wiping his beard on his discarded t-shirt.  I rise up on my elbows, watching as he quickly removes his jeans and his boxer briefs in one swift move.  His lovely cock is already swollen, veins pumping blood through the red tip.  Without hesitation I lick my lips at the thoughts of all he can do to me with that plentiful piece of equipment.

He moves to the dresser, and stops.  “Where? I have no fucking idea where you put stuff?”

I laugh, “Second drawer, either side.”

“Full service decorator.  Love it,” Chris laughs, turning to reach in the drawer.

“Nice ass,” I tell him, enjoying the flex in his Adonis and the way his ass cheek concaves for a brief moment as he bends to look in the drawer.

Upon rising to his full height, his cock also stands at attention as laughter wracks his body again, “Shit! You found these?” He chokes out, placing a pair of metal handcuffs on top of the dresser.

Motioning for him to join me on the bed, I hold out my hand for the condom packet.  “I found shit hidden everywhere.  The drawer on the other side has even more goodies,” I laugh, peeling open the package and climbing up on my knees.

“God, what you must have thought…” Chris laughs, sitting across from me in a similar fashion as close as he can be, moving his right knee between my open legs.  “How did you keep a straight face and watch Disney movies with me?” My tummy brushes against his, tickled by his happy trail as I gently slide the condom over his shaft.  His head falls back and he moans at the touch, lightly jerking in my hand.  His hands are on my hips, tugging and pulling at my flesh as his mouth finds mine again while I snap the protection in place.  Moving to favor attention on my breasts, he quickly releases them from their pink prison.  As they fall to their natural position he can see they are even more than his large superhero hands can hold. Attempting to hold them one handed anyway, he admires them closely and inquires, “Or did it peak your interest?”

Pulling at the hair on his neck when he bites a little too hard on my nipple, “Ease up,” I tell him quietly.  “Nothing I hadn’t seen before.”  I grin and cock my own eyebrow at his look of surprise and interest.  I begin to push into his thigh and he sits back on his heels allowing me to straddle his leg as he begins to nuzzle between my breasts, occasionally pulling my tight buds between his teeth.  Keeping his grabby hands free, he roams them over my body, caressing every inch.  I believe him when he whispers, “You’re so beautiful. I want all of you.”  His hands are under my ass and he somehow lifts me again, bringing my legs from under me and laying me onto my back.  I smile into his eyes, lost in their depths of blue.

“I want to feel you on me,” I tell him.  “Give me all of you, all of your weight.”

He shakes his head and chuckles, “Yea, I don’t hear that often… It’s usually, ‘you’re crushing me, get off.’”

“Big girls don’t break,” I confide in him.  “We’re more fun that way.”

He chuckles, “Why do I feel like you have many things you’ll teach me that I didn’t know before?”

Raising my leg up and pinning my knee to his side under his arm, Chris sinks himself into me.  He isn’t gentle, but there is a consideration to his force.  It’s as if he knows he can be rough, but doesn’t take the liberty yet. He remains above me as he slides in and out as we find our rhythm together. I reach for the pillows bumping me in the head and throw them on the floor.  I really fucking hate decorator pillows. “I hate those things,” he laughs.  I chuckle too, grabbing his tight ass and pulling him closer to me.

“You could have told me that before I bought two hundred dollars’ worth,” I tease.

“Shit,” he curses, shaking his head as I rise up under him, matching his thrusts.  I’m not sure if that was meant for me or the expense of the pillows.

I shift slightly, pulling my leg free from his arm, allowing for deeper penetration from his loaded cock. I run my hands down his sides, smiling when he shivers from my touch.  His eyes are on mine, occasionally looking down between us, watching my breasts rub against his solid chest.  His strength is an added bonus in the bedroom, his weight welcomed by me.  As requested he lays on me, cradling his arms around my face like a cage, holding my hands together above my head as he plows into me.  Each new bounce is more forceful, pushing moans and cries from my lips.  My walls start to tighten as my need to come burns me.  “Chris… Christopher… Oh, honey, I’m coming.”

His additional weight pushes me harder into the bed, a good pain as the orgasm rocks my body, but doesn’t quit finish the job.  “Roll me over?” I ask, knowing his certain proclivity for a rounded female form.  My pussy still clenches, seeking more, knowing he can fulfill its’ need.

He pulls out holding the condom in place as I rollover onto my knees for him.  I know he’s going to laugh at my tat, and he does. “Shit, that’s awesome,” he snickers, grabbing my curvy hips and sliding me onto his cock. My moan echoes through the room, high pitched and repeated as he bounces me on and off his stiff figure.  “So tight,” he groans as he pinches at my flesh, pulling me closer. I love the feel of him inside me, deep and full.  The wet he creates allows him to fuck me effortlessly and I can push against his hard body with the force I crave. He takes the hint and slams into me harder, slapping his solid thighs against my ass, his hands roaming over my expansive back, “So beautiful,” he whispers again.

His driving force brings me to a second climax, riding the pleasure out differently from this angle, my nipples brushing against the soft down comforter.  Fevered cries diminish to quiet whimpers as I continue to take his firm intrusions, his own vocals matching mine and building.  He picks up his pace incredibly fast as he parts my ass cheeks, pulling and tugging on my silky skin.  His determination takes my breath away, “Oh, Christopher, fuck me, come for me,” I chant breathlessly.  My mouth remains open, gasping for air as the tremors of his release rock through my body.

“Oh, fuck, that was so good,” he mumbles as he leans over my back, covering my shoulder blades with butterfly kisses and the occasional touch of his lips.  As the ripple effects die down, he slowly pulls out, knotting the condom and tossing it on his pile of clothes, collapsing on the bed beside me.  I’ve rolled to my side and he throws his arm over me to maintain his connection.

Laying in the afterglow as he struggles to catch his breath, I giggle and grumble, “Shit, this room is a disaster and those photographers will be here soon.”

He rolls on his side to watch me. “Are they photographing you too, or just the house?  Cause you look a little wrecked too.  Why don’t you go freshen up and I can put the room back together? And after the photographers leave, we can go get dinner.”

“Christopher, you don’t have anything to prove to me.  You don’t have to take me to dinner,” I tell him, running my fingers across the “Loyalty” tattoo on his right shoulder.

He shudders at my touch.  “Woman, that’s not for you.  I’m starved.  And we’ll need sustenance for the rest of the evening.”  He leans forward for a gentle kiss and runs his hand over the curve of my hip, sliding his fingers back and caressing the tattoo on my back side.  “The tat?  What’s that about?”

“Pretty much says it all, don’t you think?”

“Yea, but how did YOU get it?” he asks, still rubbing my hip.

“Not many have seen it, just so you know.” I smile fondly, thinking of the four leaf clover on my ass, with the message ‘You got LUCKY!’ written around it in a circle.  I take a deep sigh, “It’s a lot like this one here,” I say as I run my fingers over his Bardsley tattoo, gently caressing the tiny hairs on his torso.  “My roommate in college always said she was gonna have that done, but she never got the chance…”

He picks up my hand, squeezing it and bringing it to his lips, kissing the semicolon tattoo on the inside of my left pinkie.  “I’m sorry for your loss,” he says, lingering on the spot with his lips, the unspoken questions settled on his tongue.

I shrug my shoulders. “Life isn’t always easy.  That’s why I make my living searching for beautiful things to make people happy.”

He sighs deeply, maybe lost in his own thoughts. “Your eye is a gift.  Half this stuff I never would have picked on my own, but it’s all me.  I love it; it’s all perfect. You did a great job…”  Together we lay in the quiet ‘after sex’ bliss, knowing we should be moving and getting ready for the rest of the afternoon.  “Hey, what’s with the wooden box thing under the bed?”

Chuckling, I roll onto my back, pulling the sheet up over me.  My confidence is only so much, and I know lying on my back is not the most flattering view of my breasts.  Looking at him, I wait to see the reaction on his face.  “Well, it didn’t take a genius to know why you wanted a raised bed.  It’s a platform to pull out for shorter… bed guests.”

His laughter explodes and rocks the bed and I laugh along with him.  Moments pass before he can regain himself.  “And the mirror?  So I can see even when I’m behind?  Nice…  You designed me a sex room and I didn’t even know it?”

Climbing out of bed on the other side, I pull the sheet around me and laugh.  “That’s why you can’t fire me.  There are other features to this room only I know about.”

I pick up my clothes and pad barefooted into the bathroom.  Before the door closes, he calls out, “Wait! Did you design this room for YOU too?”

Without a word, I blow him a kiss before closing the door.  “Shit, sneaky girl,” I hear him say as I get ready for a quick shower.

No, but I sure as hell was hoping, and he did not disappoint…

“Hey!” he calls out, yelling through the door.  “And the chaise lounge in the sunroom? Can we try that too?”  Smiling at my reflection, I climb into the steamy shower, eager to get the photography of the house finished and dinner over with, ready to start round two.

Click here for part 2 “Let Them Watch”

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Pt 5 Chaperones


Pt 5 “Student Teacher”

by avenger-nerd-mom

AU Chris Evans finishes his term as a student teacher in the science classroom with Alexis Warner as his mentor.  Together they have to chaperone the end of the year dance.

Warnings: NSFW, language, adult situations, oral sex, fingering, penetration

Word Count 3620

Chris leans against the stage, chatting with students walking by.  He compliments the girls on their dresses and tells the boys how sharp they look in their suits and ties. The last day for the students has culminated with a celebratory formal for the eighth grade students and everyone looks their best. His eyes scan the room biting back his laughter at the principal dancing with his wife and the Student Council president challenging one of the English teachers to a dance off competition.

His eyes finally land on the vision he has been searching for, Miss Alexis Warner, his mentor and… friend.

Miss Susie, one the school cooks, hands him a piece of cake.  “Mr. Evans, you make this place look good!” the older woman giggles.  “I sure am going to miss seeing your handsome face at lunch during meetings next week.”

He takes a bite of the decadent chocolate cake and chuckles, “Oh, Miss Susie, I may have to stop by just to get lunch.  Your cooking is too good to pass up!”

His gaze falls back to Alexis as he continues to eat the cake.  “Listen here, young man, let me tell you, that’s another sweet thing that’s too good to pass up!  I see the way you look at her; that you bring her coffee every day.  Come Monday morning, you’re not her student teacher any more.  As the world’s leading authority on waiting too long, DON’T.”  Chris catches her wistful grimace as she looks to Mr.Larry, the custodian, dancing with his new bride.  Chris’s heart breaks for her, seeing the softer side to the hardened woman he has grown to care for during his time at the school.  “It wouldn’t kill you to ask her to dance.”

The plump woman gives him an extra squeeze when she hugs him good-bye. Chris chuckles as he watches her walk away, following his eyes across the gym floor to Alexis.  She and a group of girls from class are dancing and laughing to the nauseating beat of a boy band song.  The beguiling science teacher smiles when she looks up to see him watching her.

She looks stunning in her red dress, her dark hair piled on her head.  The skirt swirls around her as she dances and even from far away he can see the laughter in her eyes.  Chris crosses the room to dispose of his trash, holding back his own laughter when he sees her bite her lip instinctively as he licks some frosting from his thumb.

As if on cue, the music turns slow and the girls giggle when Chris enters their circle, asking their favorite teacher to dance.  The preteens move away and Chris blushes when he hears one young lady comment under her breath about the appearance of his ass.

“Are you blushing?” Alexis teases.  “She’s not wrong; it really is nice!”

“Thirteen-year-old girls should not be looking at my ass,” Chris comments, pulling her in close, placing his hand on the small of her back and lightly holding her warm hand in his larger one.

“Then don’t always stand with your hands in your pockets,” she giggles.  “It pulls them too tight.  Damn, I think maybe I’ll miss that most… There, I said it. I liked having you in my classroom, Mr. Evans. It was nice getting to work with you.  Blah, blah, blah.  Happy now?”

He spins her in time to the music throwing his head back in laughter.  “You make me happy,” he growls quietly in her ear, pleased to make her blush.  “I’m glad you’re wearing the earrings.  I like how they match the sparkle in your eyes.”

Alexis murmurs her thanks, sighing happily and trying to ignore the butterflies in her stomach.

Students circle around them, many mimicking the traditional dance style Chris and Alexis are modeling.

“You look so beautiful,” she whispers to him, afraid to meet his gaze.  She doesn’t want to feel for him the way she does.  He meets the needs she has for now.  She doesn’t want another man in her life, just one in her bed.  But she has to admit, he is slowly wearing down her defenses.  His cock, warm and stiff, against her thigh at the moment isn’t helping her wandering thoughts.

As the music winds down, switching to a faster tempo, he pulls her tight for a brief moment, whispering into her ear, “Meet me in the classroom in ten minutes.” He sees her nod and catches the flash in her eyes.

She returns to her look-out duty, shuffling kids out of the hallway and back to the dance floor, bribing the boys to eat the rest of the cake.  When the computer teacher returns to the dark corner as well, Alexis excuses herself from her post, saying that she is needed to help pack up the left-over food for Monday’s teacher lunch.

In the hallway, when she runs into the home ec teacher, actually needing her help with packing up the food. Alexis gives her the excuse that she can’t because she is supposed to help at the photo booth in the Commons. She bypasses anyone else who might need her assistance and heads towards the science hallway.

When she reaches the darkened tunnel, she sees a light glowing from one of the other classrooms.  Her heels clack down the hall, and the dark hallway hides her smile as Chris steps out from the room.  He’s removed his dress coat and rolled up his shirt sleeves, and his movie star good looks take her breath away. He looks at the time on his phone and chuckles.  “I was hoping you’d be late.”

“Oh, no Mr. Evans, I always try to be punctual when I’m heading to class,” she teases.  “I wouldn’t want to be in any trouble.”

“No, no you wouldn’t,” he growls as he pulls her into the empty classroom.  He closes the door behind them, flipping the lock quickly.  His lips claim hers in a series of fierce kisses as he spins her and waltzes her over to the empty desk.  When the back of her legs hit the desk, he picks her up and sets her down.

He reaches under the layers of her skirt to find she is wearing panties.

She had been in trouble earlier in the week, arguing with him about his request that she not wear underwear this evening.  As he drops to inspect the silk covering her wet pussy, he hides his smile under her dress.  He knew she’d wear them, even after promising she wouldn’t.  A middle school dance is no place to be without underwear, but he demanded it of her knowing she’d stand her ground.  She’s such a good girl and loves to please him so he rarely has the opportunity to punish her as part of their play.  Chris delights in creating impossible tasks for her, knowing the punishment is just as much a reward for them both. And he knows she’ll love what he has in mind for tonight.

Alexis brings her legs together, keeping Chris from his explorations under her skirt as his bearded cheeks try to find their way up her legs.  “Yes, darling?” he asks, a clipped tone.

“I can speak freely?” Two taps on her thigh indicate his answer is yes, as he pulls out from under her skirt, resting back on his haunches. He eyes her warily, already knowing what she’s going to say.

“Chris, today was your last day here, but this is where I work; I still have work days next week. I can’t do this.  And it’s creepy. This isn’t even my classroom!”

“You’re right,” Chris says quietly.  “It’s not your room.  It’s mine.”

Alexis stares at him in shock.  “You got the job?”

He can’t hold in his smile, nodding his head yes.  “I have just as much to lose here if we get caught.  We won’t get caught. Now, if you don’t mind I’d like a celebratory fucking.  Why do you think I spent all afternoon helping the old man move his stuff outta this place?  I’m thinking we need to christen this desk.”

“You’re sure the door is locked?” she asks, her voice hitching with excitement.

Looking over his shoulder to be sure and then around the room, he replies, “Door is locked and the shades are drawn.”

Lifting her skirt, she opens her legs for him, and he shifts forward on his knees.  She giggles as he loosens his tie, “That could be used later,” she reminds him.

“Don’t tempt me, woman,” he mutters from under her layered skirts.

Alexis places her hands behind her, leaning back, relaxing as her fitness instructor turned student teacher takes care of her needs.

Working together the last eight weeks has been a long and tortuous adventure as they have kept their affair secret from the people they work with. Chris has done an outstanding job in his role as a science teacher, leading student teams to place at the state level in the science fair. Alexis can’t be happier he will be in his earned place and join part of the science department next fall at James Buchanan Middle School.

Chris slides his hands up her thighs, teasing her with kisses and nibbles, reaching to grasp her satin panties and pulls them off as she raises her ass from the desk.  His bites become rough, and he grinds his beard against her tender skin.  He pockets the soft satin, inhaling her scent as he moves closer.  As his mouth and beard continue their attack on her thighs, inching closer to her sweet spot between her legs he removes her heels, placing her feet on his shoulders.

The new placement causes a shift in her body and his mouth makes contact with her sweet lips before he intended, but he takes advantage of the given situation.  He covers her, his breath hot and warm as his tongue dives in, lapping at her wet center.  The groan he releases in gratification of their contact echoes through the quiet room.  As he licks up one side and down the other, his attention with his strong oral muscle causes Alexis to slowly writhe on the desk.  He reaches from under her dress to hold her in place and she releases a whine, attempting to not struggle against him.

His mouth seeks her pink button swollen and ripe with need.  He begins to suck, pulling from her a stream of steady whimpers.  When he feels she is ready, he plunges two fingers into her hole, filling her as she builds to a climax. Chris continues his sucking motion and slides his fingers in and out, with a little twist each time as she rises to her peak.  When he feels her at the precipice, he releases his mouth from her tender spot and returns to caress her with his tongue as his fingers continue their task.

The combined sensation of his tongue and his fingers bring her to a powerful climax.  She can feel herself stretching her as her walls squeeze around him.  She releases a quiet cry before holding her breath, afraid of making any noise that would draw attention to them.  Balancing with one hand, she grabs the back of his head, guiding him to continue his task.  His hands penetrate her deep, lapping at her cum with his tongue, pushing her closer to a second release.  She can’t handle the intensity and releases his hair from her grip, falling back onto the desk, whining his name.  His thrusts mimic the sex she desires and his gentle fucking gives way to a rougher touch.  She can’t catch her breath when he grips her tender clit in his mouth again, sucking her as though he will never let go.  Her body quakes and she’s unable to keep still under his forceful hand on her stomach. Her second orgasm rips through her body, momentarily blinding her and removing her from an earthly plane.

Chris’s fingers slow their plunder as her breathing returns to a steady normal pace.  He slides her off the stodgy old piece of furniture, standing her in front of him and balances her wobbly legs.

Holding her steady with one hand, with the other he caresses his fingertip along her jaw.  He flicks her dangling earring and reaching behind, to pull her hair from her clip.  Her chestnut colored hair falls in waves around her shoulders, just the way he likes it.  “Lovely dear, you look lovely. You are such a good girl for me, but we aren’t finished.”

Tangling his fingers in her hair, he roughly grasps the back of her neck.  His mouth dives to her plump lips, capturing her sweet whimper.  His hands cover the bodice of her dress, squeezing her breast, pulling down and exposing her nipple.

He dips his mouth lower to tease her with his perfect teeth.  When she begins to pant with need, her rosy bud taut under his caress, he covers her back up and returns his mouth to hers.  He kisses her until he is dizzy himself, ready for more.

His hands roam down her arms, taking her hands in his.  He twirls her in time to the faint music drifting through the air ducts from the ongoing dance in the gymnasium.  He sways with her to the beat, his chest pressed against her back.  Darkly he whispers in her ear, “But you know you also have been a very bad girl.   You wore panties tonight, even after you promised you wouldn’t.”  His tone sends a chill up Alexis’s spine.  She knows she’s in for it and bites her lip to hide her smile.  “Maybe that’s it… Maybe you want to be punished?  This is an interesting change…”

Forcefully, he pushes Alexis over the desk and she willingly bends to cater his wish.  He’s been teasing her with this fantasy for weeks and she would have been disappointed if he had failed to act on it. 

Her pulsing cunt aches, needing him to fill her again, so she leaves her hands placed on the desk in front of her where he left them.

Her knees shake already weakened from her finger fucking.  His calloused hands reaches under her skirt again and they grasp her ass cheeks, firmly pushing and pulling apart at the soft tissue.  She releases a quiet sigh.

“You have a great ass,” his voice thick with emotion and need.  She shivers at the timbre that enters her body and whines her disproval when he removes his hands.   She jolts at the smack of his hand on her rounded bottom, making her wet again and waiting for him.

At the sound of the metal click of his belt buckle, she closes her eyes and imagines the view as he drops his pants.  In her mind she can picture his beauty as he pulls himself out just enough to complete their union.  Her sweet hole involuntarily contracts and her juice pools, waiting for his cock to push into her.

He quickly slides on a condom he produces from his pocket and with no pretense, he enters her from behind with such force the desk skitters across the floor.  Chris pulls out and pushes into her again and again, the rough fabric of his dress slacks scratching the back of her legs.  Alexis savors the feel of his hands gathering her hair and pulling her up to arch her back. As his force accelerates Alexis reaches across the desk gripping her fingers over the edge.  His moans of desperation break her concentration as he whispers words of encouragement to her. Being pushed into the desk, she feels light headed and the sensation creates a need; she wants to be his and wants to be used by him.  Her slick coats his cock making each thrust easier on re-entry.  His sounds begin to match hers and this increases her desire to please him.  Her orgasm builds for another quick release.

Sensing the inevitable conclusion, Chris whispers into the dark, “Come for me, ride my cock.”  His sweet words give her the permission she wants as she pushes back into him, bouncing on his thick member with each push.  The pain she feels with each thrust is delicious and only adds to her pleasure as her man gives her own heart’s desire.  She feels her hip bruising from the beating she takes against the desk and revels in the hurt.  His fingertips dig into the firm flesh as he slides in and out. “Uhf, so fuckin’ tight,” he moans.

She muffles her cries into her shoulder, coming hard and squeezing him with each pull.

Chris doesn’t let up, pushing her harder, with longer strokes, the desk creaking underneath them.  Her tight walls palpitate as she finishes her high and his begins.  As he uses her, his moans and groans quietly fill the room. Her velvet lining flexes around him forcing his member to tighten before its release.  Heat travels through his bones as the sensation builds. His head falls back as he grasps her hips for a final thrust forcing their bodies together for his well-deserved orgasm.

He collapses on top of her, slowly syncing his breath to hers.   “Fuck, that was amazing. Good old- fashioned sturdy desk…  Gotta get one for home,” she giggles.


As the last of the chairs are put away, all signs of a formal dinner and dance are gone and the faculty and staff are once again simply standing in a gym.  Small groups mill around sharing summer plans and making arrangements for the next work week’s carry-in lunches.

News has spread among the group that Chris has been hired as a new faculty member for the following school year and he receives congratulations and well wishes.  Mr. Vishure, the school principal, asks if he has any big plans for the summer.  Chris makes eye contact with Alexis, and answers, “Sir, my only plans now are to convince that one to grab a burger with me since I’m no longer her student.”

Alexis chokes from his bold move and catches the encouraging wink from her friend Rebecca.  She looks at Mr. Vishure, who shrugs his shoulders and she mimics the older gentleman’s movement.  “Sure, why the hell not, I’ll get a burger with you.  I mean, Mrs. Vishure, you chaperoned on this same dance floor twenty years ago, didn’t you?  Maybe this event is lucky.”

“Oh, very lucky,” she answers as she nods.  The women closest to the principal’s wife hide their laughter at her comment under her breath, “Oh, we did more than dance when we chaperoned these things!”

Chris and Alexis both avoid looking at their boss as they exit the gym together holding in their own chuckles until they’re out of the room.  “Congratulations, baby.  I’m glad we’ll be working together,” Alexis says as she takes his arm.

“You know, if I ever became principal, you’d have to work under me.”  Chris he purrs into her ear, pulling her closer to his side.  Seeing the look on her face, he stops her thoughts before she can put them into words.  “I know you… No smart comments from you, or else you don’t get after school detention.”


This concludes the mini-series “Student Teacher.”  A special thanks to @mumbles411 for suggesting the (fantastic) idea of a particular use of a standard piece of furniture.  Happy birthday, lady!

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