Snow Fun

snow fun jan 14 2019

Snow Fun

An Emery&Chris story

By avenger-nerd-mom

*Since I’m home sick with strep throat, how about a little Emery drabble?*

Word Count: 1726

Summary: Pregnant Emery can’t enjoy the slopes during the New Year holiday, so she keeps busy with online shopping and cocoa with Scott

Previous Chapter, Bun in the Oven

January 2019

“What are we looking at?” Scott asks, rounding the corner of the couch with two mugs of hot chocolate in his hands.

Emery doesn’t even look up from her phone screen as he eases down on the couch next to her. “That smells like heaven.” She smiles, holding out her hand for the mug.

“Careful, don’t burn yourself,” he advises, leaning onto his side to pull a box of cookies from the large front pocket of his hoodie.

She flicks her thumb over the pile of whipped cream atop the steamy mug and quickly licks it away. “He assigned you to babysitting duty?” she teases.

Scott rolls his eyes, peeling back the sleeve of cookies and offering her one. “I volunteered. I had enough of their testosterone on the slopes yesterday.” He shoves the whole cookie in his mouth and moans in delight. “I swear they were ready to start a pissing contest to see who could write their name best in the snow.”

Laughing, Emery pats his arm. “No contest, the Evans boys are the biggest dicks I know.”

“Hey! I’m not a dick, I have a big d-,” he boasts, tugging down on his jeans. He edits himself, withering under her heated glare. “Jeesuz, you put up with a lot of shit from us,” he laughs, resting his head against her shoulder.

She kisses the top of his head. “Cuz I love you both.” Emery turns the phone to him. “I’m looking at stuff for the baby’s room. Tracking orders.”

“You don’t have the new house yet. Where’s it going to?” Scott takes her phone and flips through the pictures.

She points to the rocking chair she adores. “Chris picked that out. He says it’s like the one he remembers at Nonna Capuano’s when he was little.” Scott looks closer at the phone. “All the stuff so far is in your mom’s garage.”

Scott nods. “It does look like the one she had, that’s pretty amazing.” He continues to look at the pictures while she breathes down his neck. “That crib is beautiful. It converts when the baby’s older?”

Finishing a sip of the hot chocolate, she dips her head. She points to the back of the crib. “Yea, this part detaches and becomes a headboard for a toddler bed. But the baby won’t be using that for awhile. Carly is giving us the baby bassinet back with all the proper bedding, so the baby will sleep in our room for awhile.”

“Every Evans baby has slept in it,” Scott says quietly.

She brushes his arm tenderly. “Don’t be that way. Your life is no different, you can surrogate, or adopt. We’ll keep the bassinet in use for a few years, and then you can have it.”

He raises his eyebrow before popping another cookie in his mouth. “And just how many little Evans babies do you plan to make, Miss Emery?”

Patting her belly and smoothing her hand over the stretched out Pats jersey, she sighs warmly. “Two or three? I don’t know. Depends on how much trouble this one is, and what Chris really decides to do with his career after hanging up the shield.”

Scott offers the lovely pregnant woman another cookie. “You still upset he took all the jobs this winter and spring?”

She furrows her brow and twists on the couch to get comfortable. At 26 weeks along, she can’t ever seem to be comfortable anymore. She remembers their small tiffs over taking extra jobs. The Greenland job was supposed to film in October, and kept getting pushed back. She shakes her head, straightening out her leg in front of her.  “Your brother had a typical ‘I’m gonna be a dad’ freak out moment, and started worrying about how to pay for a kid. No, I’m not mad he took extra work. And I can still travel some, to go be with him. And I have family in Birmingham, so that’s a plus.” She taps a quick note on a memo pad feature on her phone. “I just don’t wanna be in the new house without him. That’s where we’re really supposed to start our life together, it’s truly ours.”

“He’s a cheapskate and you still clip coupons. How can he freak out about money?”

She laughs, throwing her hands to her thighs, barely reaching over her belly. “Because your brother can be a troublesome worry wart. I told him if all else fails, he can be a stay at home dad, and I’ll go back to teaching full time.” She begins to rock forward on the couch, trying to get leverage.

Scott laughs and pushes her ass up. “God, that could be reality TV gold. Chris trying to Mr. Mom all day.” He chuckles, his eyes glazed over as he pictures it. “Hey, where do you think you’re going?”

She brushes the cookie crumbs away that landed on her little belly shelf. “I’m supposed to walk and get some fresh air.” She holds out her hand. “Come with me.” He rises from the couch. “I discovered yesterday if I go out the basement garage door, it’s a straight walk to the little ski shop. The path is clear and it’s been treated so it doesn’t ice over.”

Scott follows her to the mud room, stepping aside so she can rest on the bench and pull on her boots. “Need help?”

She swats his hand away. “I’m perfectly fine.” She huffs for air, reaching forward for her new snow boots. “Chris was irritated I went alone yesterday and didn’t tell anyone. So today, you’re keeping me out of trouble.”

“Em, those are the most ridiculous snow boots I’ve ever seen. They look like they came from the kids’ department,” Scott laughs, stepping into his own boots.

She tugs on the other boot, and reaches down to pull the velcro strap tight. “Because they did. And they were on sale.” She laughs. “I’m a cheapskate too. No worries about us filing for bankruptcy, ever.”

He shakes his head. “You’re both certifiable. It’s a miracle you found each other.”

She grabs his forearm and hoists herself to a standing position. “You go down the stairs in front of me, that way if I fall, you can catch me.” He laughs again, and she plods down the steps slowly, holding on to the rail tighter than necessary. “Did I ever thank you for that?”

Already bundled up with a scarf wrapped around his mouth, Chris’s younger brother mumbles, “For what?”

The tiny pregnant woman places her free hand on his shoulder, squeezing through the layers of his thick winter coat as best as she can. “Thank you for getting him to sign up for online dating. I can’t remember my life before, and can’t imagine where I’d be without him.”

At the bottom of the steps, Scott turns to her, wrapping his arms around her as she begins an emotional cry. Patting her flaming red hair, his gloves create static and flyaways pop all over her head. “It’s okay, Em, you don’t have to worry about those things.”

The pair jump apart when the side door opens and they’re momentarily blinded by the bright sun bouncing off the snow.

“Scott! I didn’t tell you to make her cry!” Chris rushes in, stepping between his wife and his brother.

Emery sniffles, smiling up at her husband’s handsome face. “Oh, he didn’t do anything. You know that. I cry at commercials and torn pantyhose these days.” She reaches up to caress his beard, his coat of scruffy ‘fur’ wet from a morning run down the slopes. “I didn’t expect you back so soon.”

“Well, I can see that,” he fusses, looking over his shoulder to his brother. “Catch you two, canoodling in the garage.” She playfully pushes on his chest. “Shame, shame. I expect if of you, but not from him.”

“Christopher Robert Evans! You take that back! No jokes about cheating. You know I hate that.”

The anger flashes in her eyes and he knows she’s truthful. He bows his head sheepishly. Her pregnancy dreams have been awful, fearful he’ll stray while he’s away working. He silently vows to himself to stop teasing her about it. Silly girl should know better. There’s no one else like her anywhere. “I’m sorry, kitten. I was just teasing. I won’t let it happen again.” He brushes his thumb over her tear stained cheek and his eyes are solemn. “Scott, Adam’s waiting for you up at the ski shop. Why don’t you go on? I’ve got plans with my girl this afternoon.” He kisses the top of her head as she waves bye to Scott, thanking him for the hot cocoa and company. “Come on, I wanna show you something.”

In the driveway, he proudly presents a snowmobile to her. “Come on. Our guide told me if I just travel this sidewalk, about a mile past the ski shop is an empty parking lot. Smooth and flat. We can ride in circles for hours. The fresh air will be good for you.”

The set up is something she’d never seen before. It looked like a modern golf cart with skis on the front where tires should be, and treads on the back, like a tiny tank. The seats had belts and a roll bar over top, with a high shield of plexiglass to protect them from snow hitting them in the face. She walks over and runs her gloved hands over the shiny finish. “You sure it’s safe?”

“Would I do anything to put you or Baby E in danger?” He walks over and opens the small door. “We’ll go down to the ski shop and turn back if you don’t like it.” Settled in, he helps her adjust the harness strap over her shoulders and pulls tight to make sure the buckle is secure. Kissing the tip of her nose, already turning red from the cold, he hands her a helmet from the back, “Just to be sure.”

“You better get a picture. The mothers will never believe this,” she laughs, smiling for a quick pose alone and a selfie of the two of them before she dons the helmet.

Strapped in himself, he turns to her with the helmet shield up, so she can hear him. “Ready?”

“Always ready for any adventure with you, Jellybean!”

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Hero In-Laws

hero inlaws.jpg

Hero In-Laws

An Emery&Chris story

By avenger-nerd-mom

Scott Evans makes a visit to see Chris and Emery in NYC in early March 2018, for Lobby Hero

Warnings: none

Word Count: 1287

Click here to follow the tale of Emery and Chris!

Scott throws himself around the little powerhouse when the apartment door flies open. “Oh, Sis! I’ve missed you so much,” he declares, picking Emery up and spinning her around. He sets her back down and she wobbles from dizziness. “Shit, I shouldn’t have done that, I’m sorry.” He eyes her belly warily.

“Oh, stop!” She hits his arm. “We’re still trying. Lots of fun trying, actually,” Emery laughs, closing the apartment door. “He told you, right? All the tests came back normal, for both of us. So relax.”

Scott gently kisses her check. “You look beautiful. Winter cold suits you,” he says, setting his bag down by the entry table before following her into the larger open space. “Holy shit, look at that view.”

Her gaze follows his. She’ll never get tired of looking at the skyline, despite the cold gray look of the city this time of year. “I hate the cold… But New York is an interesting place; I kinda like it.” The Southern belle smiles, sitting on the cream colored couch facing the large wall of windows. “I feel like it’s so foreign though, like everyone moves and talks so fast. And they ask me to repeat myself. I think people think I’m slow,” she giggles. “My Southern drawl; it’s like they expect me to pull out a redneck joke or something.”

Scott chuckles and sits down on the couch near her. “You liking work?”

She nods. “I’ve been training with some of the magnet schools.  They’re using some of their funding for a STEM project to replicate some of the ‘discoveries’ of Wakanda.” She chuckles. “Chadwick’s been too busy right now to get back to me, but I’m hoping before we leave the city, he could come by and meet some of the kids and teachers.”

“Gawd, did you see it? Amazing, right?” He continues to stare out the front window.

“Of course! Opening day. Wouldn’t have missed it for anything. Incredible… And now they’ve moved up the IW date?”

“Still a fangirl, huh?” Scott chuckles. He leans forward to take off his shoes. “You’re not sick of it by now?”

Emery rolls her head to the side, surveying the room in front of her. The rented furniture is exquisite and luxurious. Not something she ever thought she’d have chosen, but it works for the space and feels right. Although they’ve spent a lot of time ‘hiding’ at home during the few weeks in the city, she hasn’t felt lonely or secluded. She and Chris both have many friends in the area, and it seems someone is always stopping by, as is evident from the stack of games laying on the glass coffee table in front of her. She’s looking forward to Anna and Tom visiting soon, to see the play. She loves competitive game night with the charming couple!

“I still feel like Cinderella, sometimes. Like the clock is gonna strike and it will all disappear, or the fairy godmother’s spell will end, and he’ll realize I’m just a silly little teacher from Georgia. But being a fangirl got me here.” She sits up and closes the lid to one of the games before standing. “I don’t geek out over every little thing anymore, but the perks of being Captain America’s wife are nice sometimes.”

She motions for him to follow her to the kitchen. Without even asking, she pulls over the cake pan, lifting the cover off a lovely three-tiered cake. Scott mimics cutting a big slice and walks to the fridge, reaching inside for the carton of milk. They make small talk, Scott catching up with gossip of her family and he fills her in the news of the Evans clan. She opens a cabinet and grabs two plates down from the shelf.

“One of your cake creations?” He asks, sticking his finger in the glob of cake frosting that landed on the counter.

Emery nods, dropping the knife down through the layers of chocolate confections. “Can’t you tell from the size of my hips?”

Scott steps back, admiring the beautiful woman. “Eh, doesn’t turn me on, but, whatever…” He laughs. “Em, you look great.”

She points the knife towards him. “You’re lying, but thanks.”

Scott runs his hands over his scruff. “Bullshit. I can still appreciate a beautiful woman when I see one. You had a miscarriage, you ate some food,” He shakes his head when she whispers, “lots of it,” under her breath. “But you look amazing. Fifteen extra pounds won’t kill you.”

“Bless you for thinking that’s all it is…” She places a much smaller piece on the plate in front of her.  She sighs. “I like being close to the park. I’ve been running in the mornings. I have to block out episodes of Law and Order from my mind when I do it, but still…” She chimes in as Scott hums the theme credits. “I’ve never liked running before. The pace of the city at that time of day is so hyped, I’ve never felt anything like it. It’s like a drug.”

“It’s like you expect to see Carrie or Miranda around every corner; yeah. I get that,” Scott laughs, catching the crumbs from the cake as they fall from his mouth and licking them from his palm.

“Right? By the way, that is so gross… I’m in love with New York. I can’t believe I’m saying that, but it’s true. I really want the play to go well for him, Scott. I’ve been a nervous wreck all week. He’s so amazing. Like there is no Chris in it at all… Until he cracked a grin as the cast took their final bow, he was a different person.”

“It’s called ‘acting,’” Scott laughs. “It’s what you do when you are raised in the ‘theatre.’”
He mimics a pompous voice. “I don’t know how he can keep a straight face with that… that thing on his face.”

“Oh, gawd, it’s awful, isn’t it?! Like a fuzzy caterpillar… I’m still getting used to it.”

Scott reaches for his phone in his back pocket, licking some more chocolate frosting from his thumb. He swipes over the phone screen, bringing it to life and opening one of his social media accounts, turning the photo for her to see. “Total ‘70s porn ‘stache,” Scott grins. “I had a boyfriend once with-”

“Stop. Stop. For the love of God, Scott, stop.” Emery covers her face, wishing her brother-in-law hadn’t put those visuals in her head.

He shrugs, moving to carry his plate to the living room.

“Oh, no. Do you see the color of that furniture? No food in there. That was our deal. Chris and I agreed it was the one time in our lives we can have white furniture.”

“God, you’re bossy. You’ll make a great mom.” He moves to the kitchen table instead.

“Scott, really. I can’t get used to it. I mean, he was ‘Frank Adler’ when we met. So when he had to be Steve, that was weird. Then the long hair and beard this summer…” She takes another bite, shaking her head.  “The other morning, I held my hand over his upper lip when I kissed him. It’s just so ‘skitchy.’” She grins at the family word her nieces use to describe the texture of scruffy beards. “I don’t wike it.”

“You love it,” he teases, eyeing her sideways.

“I love him… the new look? I’ll get used to it,” she sighs.

Scott points to the TV. “It’s very Jack Pearson.” He looks at her with a hope in his eyes. “Ya know, I haven’t watched this week. Wanna catch up?”

“Thought you’d never ask,” Emery grins, high-fiving him and squeezing his hand in hers.

Cover photo images found on Pinterest, using Layout and Phonto for cover creation

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Play It Through

play it through aug 20 2016

Play it Through

an Emery & Chris story

* a Chris Evans fan fiction*

by avenger-nerd-mom

Chris shows signs of cold feet and Scott gives him the brotherly advice he needs to hear

Warnings: Language, Pre-wedding jitters, Smoking, cats, anxiety

Word Count 1990

Sitting out near the 9th hole, Chris and Scott continue their chat, their golf game on hold due to the rain. Chris has angled the cart just right so that Scott is getting pelted in the morning shower that popped up unexpectedly.  He smirks each time Scott wipes the rain from his face.

“Dude, have you seen Emery’s list of songs for the DJ?” Scott chuckles, looking over the notes on his phone as part of his duties as ‘Best Man.’

Chris guffaws, shaking his head. “I’m sure it’s some fucked up list. Let me guess? Garth Brooks, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Meghan Trainor, Louis Armstrong?  And to be a brat, I bet she put JT on the list too… Am I right?”

“Man, you two need to be on a newlywed game show,”  Scott laughs, nodding his head to show his older brother he’s a hundred percent correct.  “You know each other so well.  You’d take home all the toasters!”  Scott shakes the rain off his windbreaker, hoping his brother will take the hint and move the cart.  But the rain seems to be matching the older man’s mood, so he rides it out, figuring maybe the storm clouds will loosen his brother’s tongue if he waits long enough.

After several minutes of silence, watching the rain, listening to the far away rumbles of thunder, Scott can’t take it anymore.  “Dude, are you two still arguing?  It’s petty shit. You need to man up and let it go.”

“Pick a topic. Any topic and we are probably arguing about it.  Yes, it’s petty but she should have known.”

“Man. Lighten up. She already explained it was a business dinner with the state director. How was she supposed to know he’d try to make a move in the parking lot?  Or that someone would recognize her and post the damn photos?  At least there was a shot of the guy’s damn bloody nose. She can definitely take care of herself, that’s for damn sure.” Scott whistled his praise.  “She doesn’t need you to swoop in like a superhero and take care of everything.”

“Fuck you, man,” Chris mumbles.

“Shit. That’s what’s bugging you, isn’t it?” Scott asks, finally understanding the cold feet.  “She loves you with her last breath, but you know she could survive without you if it came to it. And you’d fucking curl up and die.  You need her more than she needs you.”

Flinching at his brothers brutal honesty, Chris reaches into the pocket on his golf bag, and takes out a cigarette.  He defiantly lights up under Scott’s watchful eye.

“How long you been sneaking those? I thought you told her you were trying to quit.” Scott can’t keep the accusing tone out of his voice.

“Well quitting sure would have been cheaper than keeping the damn kitten.” He scoffs at the memory of the arrival of the cat.  “No, actually, I shoulda just fixed the damn door when she said it was broken.  Do you have any idea how much a fuckin’ cat costs? Fixed, declawed, litter every week. Cat toys? And I actually like the damn thing!”

Scott laughs, thinking back to the videos Chris has shared during his last two visits to Emery’s Savannah home, different silly antics of the little gray furball.  “Always knew you loved pussy, man,” he jokes, patting his brother on the back, lightening the mood briefly before getting down to serious matters.  “Listen, you know Emery loves you. She’d do anything for you.  It just kinda seems like you’re fighting her.  Like you’re testing her.  Don’t be a dick.  This is not the girl you wanna push away.  You said ‘name a topic.’ What else is bugging you, bro?”

Chris takes another puff on his cigarette, rolling it between his fingers and staring at the orange heated tip before answering.  “She wants to wait to have kids.” His tone drops, thinking about their recent discussion when he was visiting Georgia.  “After our first wedding anniversary.  Man, I’ve waited long enough.  I’m ready for a family with her, like months ago,” he spits out.

Scott turns his head, shaking the rain from his arm again and wiping the side of his face with a towel.  “Chris- I said it before, I’ll say it again. Don’t be a dick. Think about it.  It makes sense. You get her knocked up now,” seeing the pained look on his brother’s face, he changes his tactic.  “That’s not what I meant.  I meant if you guys get pregnant too soon after the wedding, you’re off fulfilling your Marvel contract, and she’s starting a new job and then you’ll have post-production and the press tour. And she’s home alone with her mom, or in Boston with ours.  She doesn’t wanna raise your baby alone. Man, think from your head, not your cock. What she says makes sense.”

Chris stares at his brother.  “Since when did you have so much brotherly wisdom?”

Scott raises his eyebrow and smirks, cocking his head.  “Smart enough to know this isn’t the real shit that’s bugging you.  Man, she doesn’t ask you for a damn thing.  Why are you still fighting her on this?  I mean, think about it.  She’s not like your other girlfriends.  She doesn’t want the limelight. She doesn’t want your money or fame.  She doesn’t ask for fancy trips or jewels.  If this is the one thing she’s ever asked you for, why won’t you give it to her?”

“It’s an out.  It’s like saying we might not work.  I can’t agree to that.  You’re right.  I can’t live without her.  I don’t want her to have a backup plan, god forbid something does go wrong.”

“Jesus fuckin Christ, Chris.  That’s not what she’s saying.  She doesn’t want your money.  She’s set it up so that she only gets what she deserves and nothing more.  She wants to show you and the world she isn’t after your fame. She’s trying to protect you, Chris; looking out for your best interests.  That’s what she does. She’s a mathematician; she knows the numbers.  The prenup is to protect you and what she brings into the marriage.” Scott catches the look Chris is giving him.  “Yes, she and I have talked about it.  She knows I’m the only one that’ll talk sense into you on this one.  And that’s where she’s different too. Other girls you’ve dated would’ve run crying to Mom to try to get you to change your mind.”

Chris nods his head, bitterly and non-verbally agreeing with his brother’s comments about previous women in his life.

“She’s made good investments over the years. She doesn’t want you to take her money if you fuck up.”  He jokes with his brother.

“You think I’m gonna fuck it up?” Chris asks, finally voicing his fear.  He rubs his hand over his face, stroking his beard. A comfort reaction that will be gone in another week or two. Dropping his head in his hands, he leans over the steering wheel of the stilled cart and speaks down to his feet. “I always have before.  Why would this be different?”

Scott stares at his older brother, sitting on the seat next to him, looking like a lost and shattered man. Scott lets the image sink into his brain, never seeing his brother so weakened by love or fear before.  It throws him off; his big brother always being big and strong, his hero long before Marvel made it official.

His voice fills with compassion.  “Dude? Are you serious? Is that what this is about? You really think you’ll have to use it one day?”

Lifting his head, showing his true self to his younger brother, Chris’s eyes well with tears and he quietly nods, unable to speak past the lump in his throat.

Scott puts his arm around his brother’s shoulder, providing comfort.  “Why would this be different? Because it’s Emery.  Not some Hollywood starlet with a cartoon voice; but a real woman. Flesh and blood. Brains and strength. What does Mackie call her? A GRIT?  She can take whatever shit you throw her way and she’ll build you both up, stronger for it.”

Scott pauses for the power of his words to set in. He may not believe Chris can promise an easy life but he knows Emery will wage any battle that comes their way. “If it really scares you so much, give her everything.  Prove to her you’re not gonna let anything happen to your marriage.  You really are ‘till the end of the line.’  But you gotta sign the damn papers. It’s just paper.  It’s the only thing she’s ever asked you for, man.”  Looking out over the wet golf course, the beautifully landscaped greens, he says, “You gotta play it through.  She’s aces and you know it.”

Chris sighs, knowing his brother is right.  Dammit, he hates admitting when Scott is right.

“Bro, I know you could give her anything, but she has never wanted what money can buy.  All she’s ever wanted is you.” He taps the rain from the bill of his ballcap, cursing when it adds a puddle to his already damp pants.  “That makes me question her intelligence some, but you know; she’s cute. I won’t hold it against her if she thinks you hung the stars and moon.  But I’ll kick your ass if you fuck this up now.  She is the best thing that has ever happened to you.  Hell! I’ll marry her myself if I have to, because she was truly built to be an Evans woman.  They’re a rare breed.”

Chris dips his head, acknowledging the strength and heart of the women bearing the Evans name.  There’s no denying Emery can’t hold her own with that group.  He continues to nod his head, lost in thought.  Reaching into his pocket when his phone buzzes three times in a row, he unlocks the screen.  His heart flips when he sees the messages she sent:

engagement photo text

A fourth buzz indicates he has an email to open and everything he ever needs to know about the love Emery has for him is on display on the screen in front of him.

engagement photo

Chris sighs and admits out loud, “She is kind of a kick ass bitch, isn’t she?” His voice fills with awe and love for the tiny little red powerhouse who owns his heart, and soon his last name.

“Jesus, Scott. I’ve been a dick.  I need to call Emery. Now.  She and I have a lot to talk about it.  Can you drive up the clubhouse so I can call her?”

“Of course, bro, not a problem.”

Chris sits, waiting on his younger brother to take the hint.  He doesn’t.  “Dude, you’re already wet.  Get off!  Walk around and I’ll slide over.”

Scott looks up the hill, realizing he’ll still be driving into the direction of the rain, just getting more wet on the way back.  “Remind me never to be your ‘Best Man’ ever again; this part of the job sucks.”

“Shit, man, if I keep my head on right, and you kick me in the ass every now and then when I need it, you only get this one time at Best Man duties. ‘Cause if I fuck it up, I won’t need a prenup, I’ll need a funeral.”

Both brothers share a gut busting laugh in agreement, Scott choking out.  “She is scary for such a little thing.”

“Yeah, but she’s mine,” Chris smiles.  Into the phone, his voice jumps to life.  “Hey, kitten, you busy? I’ve been a real ass and I need to apologize and fix some things…”


Author’s Note: To learn more about Emery and Chris’s kitten, Bucky, click the link in the story.

“Engagement photos” were found on Pinterest. I have no idea who the man is in the large photo, but he sure looked like Chris to me!

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an Emery & Chris story

by avenger-nerd-mom

While Chris is out of town, his fiancé, Emery, and his brother, Scott Evans, share an unlikely bonding experience

Warnings: FLUFF, Language, Adult Situations

Word Count 1095

Emery opens and closes the golden oak cupboards, trying to keep the noise down.  When she can’t find what she is looking for, she stares around Mama Lisa’s kitchen, wondering where the hell the woman keeps her aspirin.  She sets that thought aside as the first cup of coffee is ready and she takes the warm mug in her hands, leaning against the counter for additional support.

She smiles at the Disney mug and relives memories of the two trips she and Chris made with family to the parks.  The warm coffee is like serum that settles her soul for the moment and she shuffles to the table.  She checks her phone, not wanting to bother Chris and wake him up in LA at this ungodly hour, but she doesn’t know what else to do.

Smiling at the sound of dog tags clanging against one another, she reaches down and picks up Lisa’s little fluffy dog, letting it burrow in her lap.  She catches up on some reading and checks her flight information for the math conference she is scheduled to attend next week.

“It’s bright.  What the fuck?”  Scott mumbles.  “Why is it bright in here?” His grumpy voice echoes in the quiet room.   He flips off the light switch, not seeing his future sister in law at the table.

“Hey!” she quietly protests.

“Shit, sis, didn’t know you were in here.”  The lights flick back on, bathing the room in a soft glow.  “Oh, Em!  It’s you!  What are you doing up?”

Tears well in Emery’s eyes.  The pain she feels hurts so bad.  “I’m not feeling too good.  Scott, where does your mom keep aspirin?”

She watches as Scott drags himself to the drawer by the sink.  He fumbles in the drawer for a minute and empties two pills into his hand from a metal tin.  No wonder I couldn’t find them!  He passes the fridge and gets a water bottle and carries it to the table, grabbing a box of cereal off the counter island on his way.

“I didn’t wake you, did I?” she inquires, noticing the similarities in Scott’s morning movements to that of his older brother.

He gently hands her the pills and holds his hand to her forehead.  “I smelled coffee.”  He places his finger under her chin and tilts her head back in the light.  “You look like shit.  What’s wrong?”

Scott plops in the chair next to her and props his feet up on the seat to the other side of him.  He digs in the cereal box, pulling a handful out and simply eats the cereal dry.  She shakes her head.  “That’s disgusting.  Does your mother know you do that?”

He looks down at the colorful cereal that fell from his hand and landed in his lap and onto the floor before digging his hand back in the box.  “Chris does it too; you’ve never caught him?” he chuckles at the shocked look on her face.  “You dying? What’s wrong?”

Emery lays her head down on the beautiful oak table cradling her tummy and the dog in her arms.  “Not dying.  I just need a cave for a few days…”

“A cave? I don’t get it,” he confusedly asks, rubbing sleep from his eyes.

“My period, Scott.  My period came early and I wasn’t prepared for it,” she sighs, her cheeks as red as her hair from embarrassment at discussing this issue with her future brother-in-law.  Especially since he isn’t known for keeping secrets.

He’s quiet for a few moments, considering what to do or say.  He pats the top of her head gently and says, “Well, that’s good right?  At least it’s not late?”

Chuckling, Emery lifts her head and says, “Yes, I guess that’s one way to look at things.  I guess all the stress and travel the last few weeks has my body messed up.  I’m not prepared for it.  And it kinda puts a damper on things when Chris gets in tonight.”

Scott starts to make a smart ass remark, but the look on her face stops him cold.  “It’s not like this is news to him.  It happens every month, right?”

Emery shakes her head.  “Well, yea, actually, somehow Chris has managed to be gone every time; we’ve never been in the same place together when I’m broken.”

“Oh, honey, then you need to milk that for all it’s worth!  Cramps are shit, right? Get him to rub your back and run to the store for every craving!”

“I think you have that confused with pregnancy,” she giggles.  “Period cravings aren’t that bad,” Emery explains.

“He doesn’t know that! Everybody is different,” Scott replies.  “You so need to use this to your advantage.”

Emery giggles at his excitement.  The phrase high maintenance comes to mind. “Scott, this isn’t something I go around talking about.  I don’t want the whole house to know, but I need to ask a favor,” Emery confides.

“Sure thing, Georgia peach!  Whatever you want, I’m at your service today,” Scott grins.

Emery’s spirits lift.  Bonding with Scott over her period?  She shakes her head.  “Can you take me to the store so I can get some things I need?” she requests sweetly.

“Of course!” he replies, jumping up with added energy.  “And we can get breakfast and I’ll take you to my favorite spa.  We’ll make a day of it!”

Laughing, Emery rolls her eyes.  “This isn’t like some Judy Blume teenage novel.  It’s not a big deal.  I just wanna be comfortable.”

Scott pulls her up gently from the chair, forgetting the sleeping dog was in her lap.  “Sorry, little one,” he says as the dog yaps its’ displeasure at tumbling to the floor.  He watches as it gobbles up the spilled cereal, shrugging his shoulders to Emery as if to say ‘clean now.’  “You’re in good hands.  I’ll pamper you all day and Chris can take over when he gets in from his meeting in tonight.”

Emery nods her head, “Are jeans and a t-shirt okay for the day? I’m not feeling up to much else.”

“Whatever you want, babe.  You’re so fresh, you don’t even need make up!  Can you be in the driveway in 10 minutes?”

The pair discuss their plans quietly as they walk the stairs back to their respective rooms to get ready for their adventure together.

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Cinderella’s Curfew

pt 4 Cinderella's Curfew.jpg

Cinderella’s Curfew

By avenger-nerd-mom

Actor Chris Evans meets with an OFC/Reader who wins a radio contest for a date with him, but plans change because of winter weather.  This is the conclusion to the story.

Warnings: Fluff

Word Count: 1788

A special thanks to @ek823, who inspired this with her #FantasyFriday submission on @tsfrce

Part 1 The Winner is…

Part 2 Boston’s Best

Part 3 An Open Book

The clothes Chris offered fit, and you find a belt in the closet to cinch the waist of the jeans tight.  No red belt.  You looked, and laughed to yourself.   You smile when you see Cap’s shield peeking out behind some t-shirts.  You run your hands over them and bust out laughing.  A Pink Petunias t-shirt!  Before you become any more creepy, you leave the room, closing the door behind you.

Downstairs everyone is helping the kids with their boots, gloves and scarves.  Chris smiles at you when you come down the stairs.  Just a fan, just a fan, just a fan, you chant with every beat of your heart.  But at least it feels like you could be friends, even when this silly publicity date is over.

Chris’s brother in law chases the kids out the back door and everyone follows suit, even Lisa.  The back yard is lit up with Christmas lights, and you give Chris a questioning glance.  “She hired a company to do the lights, and liked them so much, we’ve never taken them down.  That was last Christmas.  We have them for every backyard gathering, doesn’t matter what season.  The home-owners association hates it, but she’s Captain America’s mom, so what are they gonna do?”  He hugs his mom to him and kisses the top of her head. She adjusts his scarf and pats his cheek.  He squeals like a girl, not realizing she had gathered up snow from the porch railing in her hand, depositing it on the side of his face, and she takes off running into the yard.  “And THAT is my mother,” he says, maybe as an explanation for his own behaviors.

You stand back on the porch, watching the craziness, thinking someone should be preserving this memory for the family.  You notice Chris’s youngest sister is snapping some photos on her phone, so you take his niece’s hand when she reaches for yours, leading you into the yard to help her build a snowman.  You watch as the boys all have a snowball fight and Lisa and his older sister are in the corner of the yard making snow angels.  The little girl is chattering away and you can’t understand half the things she says but she is just adorable.  She runs off to find sticks for arms as you wrap your scarf around the fat blob of a snowman.  “Perfect!  It looks just like Scott!” Chris jokes when he comes up behind you.

You stand up, turning to him and aim a giant snowball at him, but the one he threw hits you first!  You squeal in shock as the cold goes down your sweater, and you wonder how people really live in the snow and cold all the time.  But right now, you know this is the most wonderful night of your life, and you’d live forever in the cold, if this wonderful man was by your side.  “I’m gonna get you back,” you counter, as he takes off running again.

The little girl’s father comes to aid in finishing the snow man, as you chase Chris around the yard.  He disappears behind the garden shed and you wait behind a tree.  When he peeks around the corner, you pelt him with a snowball and he shakes it from his hair, laughing.

“Sorry to spoil the fun,” his older sister calls out, “but we’ve been out here a long time, and these kids are turning into Capsicles.  It’s time to go in and clean up for bed.  You crazy adults do what you want.”

From the corner of your eye you see that Scott and Chris are both advancing on you from opposite directions. Lisa calls out from the porch, “Boys! You be nice!  Don’t stay too much longer; I’ll have hot chocolate!”

You make the mistake of turning towards her and they both hit you at once, Scott closer to you, dumping snow on your head, and Chris hitting your legs with snow.  You twist to throw your snowball at him, and damn if you don’t slide again, falling over.  This time you land on Chris, taking him down with you.  He cushions your fall and lands with an “oomph” in the fallen snow.  You lay on top of him for a moment and this time you see a look of lust flash through his eyes.  You roll to the side quickly, and Scott helps pull you both upright again.  It’s almost like he can sense an awkwardness pass between you and he jogs into the house quickly.

“Sorry about that.  I guess snow boots in my part of the world aren’t really the same for here,” you laugh.

“Maybe you’re just clumsy?” he bumps you with his shoulder, and you brush the snow from his back, as you head indoors, laughing with him.

Inside the doorway, you shake off the snow, not wanting to dirty Lisa’s floors.  You glance at the kitchen clock.  “Chris, I feel like Cinderella, but I don’t know if you know, I have a curfew from the contest people. I guess someone is gonna check up on me back at the hotel at eleven…  How far away are we?  Do we need to head back into the city?”

Quizzically, you watch him.  He has an odd expression on his face.  You push your damp hair back, and feel like a mess.  Between the snow, and now sweating from the indoor heat, your hair is curling around your face, and your cheeks burn from the cold.  He just watches you as he addresses his mom, “Can you put the hot chocolate in to-go cups?  Cinderella has to get back,” he announces.

A short while later, you and Chris have said your goodbyes to his family.  You hear him promise Scott and his brother in law to stop at the store and pick up beer for the game tomorrow on his way home.  You are surprised when Lisa shares her email with you and gives you a big hug before handing you a cup of hot chocolate and a plate of cookies.  “Thanks, Mom,” you giggle.  She smiles and nods her head.  “You enjoy the rest of your weekend in town.  If the snow hits bad and you can’t get out of the hotel, you send me a message if you need anything, and I’ll send one of the boys to help.”

You are overwhelmed at her kindness and hug her tightly again.  You know you will never have this chance again so you take a deep breath and say, “I think you have an amazing son.  He’s loved by so many people around the world because of the way you raised him.  That’s really something to be proud of; he’s kind and generous and he’s been a perfect gentleman.  Thank you.”

“Oh, stop, he made it easy,” Lisa laughs as she pats your hand on her arm.

You chuckle. “No, he didn’t.  He had to have been the biggest pain growing up!  You have a wonderful family; I’m glad I got to know you all tonight.”

Lisa’s eyes shimmer with unfallen tears and you know where Chris’s beautiful eyes came from.  “Thank you, dear.  It was a pleasure meeting you!  Best of luck!”

“You ready?  The walkway is clear and safe,” Chris announces as he steps in the door, taking the hot chocolate and cookies from your hands.  “Let me carry these, clumsy.”

“Ha-ha,” you joke.

The car ride back is quiet. You dread having to say good-bye, wishing this night didn’t have to end.   Chris finds a radio station playing 80s classic rock and you both sing along, filling the car with music and laughter.  He pulls into the hotel lot and parks the car.  He walks you into the lobby and you say your lingering goodbyes.  You don’t want to draw this out because all of a sudden you feel like your heart will shatter in two.  You don’t want him to see you this way, fighting to keep tears at bay.  “Good night, Chris.”  You whisper.  “It was really nice meeting you.”

“It was nice meeting you too, Cinderella,” he says as he hugs you tightly, kissing you on the cheek.

Sadly, you watch him walk away.  Before exiting the revolving door, he stops to wave at you once more, and then he is gone.  When he is out of sight, you wipe away the tears that have escaped, and look around the lobby, thankful no one is around.

In the elevator to your room, your phone beeps and you smile at the pictures from the snowball fight his sister sent you.  She snapped a few really cute photos of you and Chris together, and you know you will cherish those forever.  You text back a quick message, thanking her and letting her know you intend to keep those private to yourself.  Don’t want to be the girl on Instagram everyone hates, you smile to yourself sadly.  You hope she also shares those pictures with Chris and that they provide him with happy memories to, of the dinner he shared with a fan, who won a contest on the radio.

True to their word, a representative of the radio station knocks on her door promptly at eleven.  The woman enters the room, and asks you a few questions about the evening.  You catch the furtive glances around the room, and you just want to ask her ‘Do you want to check behind the curtains? Look under the bed? He’s not hiding here!’  You offer her a cookie, and she turns up her nose.  You hate those kind of women.  You lock the door, take a quick shower, letting out your tears, and get ready for bed.  You dig through your bag, looking for your tablet charger when there is a knock on the door.

“What the hell, lady, you wanna check the closet too?  Damn!” you mumble as you cross to the door.  You remember proper travel safety, and think to look out the peephole.  Why are those damn things so high up on hotel doors?!  “Who is it?” you ask gruffly.

“It’s me, Chris.  Can I come in?”  You’d know his voice anywhere.  You look down at your pajamas and know your face is puffy from crying.  “Please.  I drove around forever.  I need to talk to you.”

The tone in his voice punches you in the gut.  It sounds like you feel.  You open the door to him, and he takes you in his arms, wrapping his fingers in your hair and kisses you.  Exactly the way you hoped he would…

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An Open Book

Pt 3 An Open Book

An Open Book

Pt. 3

by avenger-nerd-mom

Actor Chris Evans meets with an OFC/Reader who wins a radio contest for a date with him, but plans change because of winter weather

Warnings: Fluff

Word Count: 1350

A special thanks to @ek823, who inspired this with her #FantasyFriday submission on @tsfrce

Part 1 The Winner Is…

Part 2 Boston’s Best

“THAT would be my younger brother, Scott, “Chris groans.

“I have one just like him at home,” you giggle.

“Oh, good, so I don’t have to explain him?”

“No, I think I have him figured out.”  We both laugh together over the shared grief of having younger brothers. “Oh, my goodness!  Look at you!”

The hallway is lined with family photos and Chris stands back, watching you.  You soak them all in looking from photo to photo, smiling at the Disney photos, school pictures and family Christmases.   He points out a few to you and shares some of the stories behind them.  You like the way he steps behind you, not quite touching you as he shows you different details.  It feels intimate, like he’s inviting you to more than just his home for dinner.  You close your eyes to get a grip.  He’s hungry.  He missed his family.  He’s just being polite.  This isn’t a real date.

                But, damn, you wish it was, because it seems to be going so well!

Smells from the kitchen waft across your nose, garlic bread and roasting tomatoes, and he pulls you to the kitchen.  He introduces you to everyone, simply as a friend, but you catch the look he exchanges with his mother.  You hear him tell his brother in law about the patch of ice on the walkway and watch with smiles as he tumbles to the floor piled under his nephews and niece.  His sister, Carly offers you a beer, but you shake your head no, accepting instead the water bottle she offers.  A beer would calm your nerves, but you really feel you need to keep your wits about you.

“Mrs. Evans, you have a lovely home!  Thank you for letting me crash your dinner tonight!  What can I do to help?” you ask as you wash up, prepared to help.

She smiles at your offer and hands you two baskets of garlic bread.  “Dear, it’s all done.  We were just waiting on you two to get here.”

Each of the women take an item and carry things to the dining room.  You follow behind and Chris carries your water and his beer.  Dinner conversation is light and fun, and reminds you of Sunday dinners with your family.  There is talk of board games after dinner, before desserts and coffee.  Lisa starts to explain that its tradition, but Chris interrupts, “She gets it Mom; she’s Italian too.”

You smile at this, and notice Chris is loosening up, relaxing and talking more.  When he starts to get another beer, his mother scolds him, reminding him he has to drive you back to the hotel later.   Scott guffaws loudly at this, and you try to hide your blush.  By now, it’s come out in conversation that you were the winner of the dinner date contest, and the family is having a good time teasing you both.

Shortly after the table is cleared the men are in the kitchen, cleaning and doing the dishes while the women lean against the counter watching and talking.  Lisa pats your arm gently as she asks you a few more questions about your work and family.  You share with her that Chris said he was taking you to the best Italian place in Boston, and you are sure that he was correct.  She beams with pride, and promises to share the meatball recipe with you.  One of the little boys comes running into the kitchen, all bundled up in his snow gear, and his mother shouts, “Just what do you think you are doing, young man?!”

“Mooo—om!  You promised when it snowed and Uncle Chris was home, we could play in the snow together.  Well look!  It’s snowing right now!  Let’s go!”  He tugs on his mother’s hands and she looks to her husband and her brother.

Chris smiles at you, “You up for a snowball fight?”

“Sure!  Sounds like fun!”

Chris’s sisters go gather warm clothes for the little ones, and Scott issues a few challenges to his brother and brother in law.  Chris looks you over and says, “You aren’t going to be warm enough dressed like that.  Come with me.”

He takes you by the hand and pulls you up the back set of stairs.  You pause at the doorway, seeing the carvings into the wood work and the labels of each of the children’s ages and heights- Chris and his siblings.  You notice the other side of the doorway has the same markings for the grandchildren.  You long to have a house full of such history one day, and it makes you happy knowing Chris provided this for his mother.  Seeing him with his family makes him seem real and you’ve forgotten your nerves from earlier in the evening.

The stairs are narrow and he has you walk up first.  Halfway up the steps, you realize this means he is watching your ass.  Oh, God, please let it look good!  When you reach the top of the stairs, you stop walking, not knowing where to go, and he runs right into you, nearly pushing you over.  For the second time that night, you find yourself in his arms as he catches you from a fall.  Your hands land on his hard, broad chest, and you pull back quickly, glancing up at him.  “Watch where you’re going!” you quietly admonish him, trying to hide the shortness of your breath.  Something flashes through his bright blue eyes, but it’s gone before you can identify its message.

“Sorry,” he says, pointing to the door on the left.  You step in the room, and choke a bit, realizing it’s his bedroom.  You stand just to the inside of the room, taking it all in.  You sigh deeply, and as he riffles through the closet, you begin to walk around the room, gently touching some of the things on the shelves- photos from school plays, awards and medals from high school, and Marvel memorabilia.  You turn your head to read the spines on the book covers and find one of your favorite classics among the best sellers.  You pull it out to look at it, and see his handwritten notes in the margins.  You feel like you are getting a peek at who he really is, and you are amazed at the depths behind the front he shows to the public.

You continue to look through the book, smiling, realizing you had many of the same thoughts as you have read the book, many times, at different points in your life.  You don’t realize he is back in the room until he coughs, pulling you away from your thoughts.  “Which book?” he curiously asks.

Turning the book cover to him, you hide your smile behind it and your heart turns somersaults.  If you didn’t already love this man, this public persona you’ve gotten to know over the years, you would fall in love with him now, simply over a book on his shelf.   He reaches his hand out, taking the book, and handing you a pile of clothes.  For the first time in the evening, in the closed space, you can smell him.  He smells better than that damn candle on your bedside.  You fervently wish there was a way to bottle that scent, very masculine, outdoorsy, with a slight hint of musk.  “I think these might fit; at least they can layer over what you are wearing and keep you warm.”  He addresses the book.  “I always come back to this one.  It’s different every time I read it, and always has a new lesson for me at whatever stage I’m at in my life at that point.”

“I know exactly what you mean…,” you quietly agree.

There is a pounding in the hallway as Scott runs along, yelling “Hurry up, losers!”  and the moment is lost.

Chris grabs a sweat shirt off the bed and leaves the room, “Can you find your way back downstairs?”

“I think I can manage.  I’ll send up flares if I need to,” you joke.

Part 4 Cinderella’s Curfew

NOTE: @ek823 Just accept this as a thank you for being my first “fan,” the first random reader who reached out to let me know you loved my character, Emery Thomas, in Georgia on My Mind, as much as I do!

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Ski Trip

Ski Trip

Actor Chris Evans and girlfriend Emery Thomas are interrupted during their ski weekend

by avenger-nerd-mom

Warnings: None, Fluff

Word Count 430               

The couple freezes when they hear the knock on the door. 

                “Hurry up, man, we’re supposed to meet everybody in 20 minutes,” Scott shouts through the closed door.

                Emery slaps her hand over Chris’s mouth to keep him from laughing out loud.  She can see his body shake as he tries to keep the sound in.  He pulls away from her and whispers, “Oh, God!  The look on your face…. It’s priceless!”

                Just then there is another tap on the bathroom door.  “Sorry guys.  I’ll just leave you two alone… Don’t be late to meet up.  I’m really, really sorry, Emery,” Scott laughs as he exits the suite.

                Chris bites her palm and she removes her hand as the laughter springs forth from deep inside.  “Oh, my God, honey, that was too funny!”

                She slaps him on his firm, wet ass.  “No, it wasn’t!  You said you locked the door!”

                “Ow, that hurt,” he chuckles as he rubs the spot she smacked.  “I promise, I’ll be more careful.”

                Emery and Chris finish their shower and are only five minutes late to meet the group in the lobby for the New Year’s Eve party.

                Scott’s laughter greets the two and he pulls Emery into his arms for a hug.  He whispers in her ear, “Your secret is safe with me.  I’ll tease the hell out of him later, but I won’t embarrass you in front of the others.”

                Emery is so grateful for this, and her heart fills with love for THIS man.  She adores Scott and enjoys the friendship that has developed between them over the last few weeks.  She gives him a gentle kiss on the check and murmurs her thanks.

                Chris hears the exchange between the two and is indebted to his brother for the kindness he shows to his girlfriend, and also nods his thanks.  Since Shanna is the one running late, as always, Chris asks quietly, “What gave it away?”

                “Well, the room smelled like her strawberry shampoo, but it was the pile of clothes; her little ski boots tumbled next to your giant ones.  By the way, Em, you always wear Captain America underwear?” he turns to ask Emery.

                Chris pulls Emery close to his side and does one of his left boob grab laughs at the flustered look on her face.

                “Alright!  I’m here, let’s go get this party started!” shouts Shanna, as she joins the group.

                Scott links arms with Emery and pulls her forward as he says, “I think 2016 will be fun for all of us! Happy New Year!”

Something to be Thankful For

Part 18 Something Thankful

Something to Be Thankful For- Part 18

by avenger-nerd-mom

Actor Chris Evans receives a Thanksgiving surprise!  Part 18 of the “Georgia On My Mind” Series

Warnings: None, Fluff, Language

Word Count 3275

Previous Chapter “Strength to Say Goodbye” Part 17

Walking through the airport, Emery still can’t believe the crowds.  She can’t believe she’s in Boston.  She can’t believe the generosity of her family.  She can’t believe it is Thanksgiving Day, and she hasn’t had any turkey or potatoes.  She never would have believed in a million years that she would be surprised with a last minute plane ticket to visit her boyfriend, actor Chris Evans, and meet his family for Thanksgiving weekend.

She finds the place her dad told her to look for, and begins to scan the crowds.  People are rushing everywhere, trying to find their bags, catch connecting flights, and reuniting with friends and family.    She turns when she hears someone call her name.  Her face breaks into a large grin when she sees Scott Evans, Chris’s younger brother, walking towards her.

“Man, you are short!”  The handsome man scoops her into a giant bear hug.  “So you’re the little thing that’s turned my brother into a giant mess?!  Thank God you’re here, because he’s making us all miserable,” he says, putting her back down on the ground.

“Oh, Scott, it’s so nice to meet you!  Thanks for coming out to pick me up; I really hope it wasn’t too much trouble.”

Emery can’t stop smiling.  It’s been over week since she’s seen Chris, and she’s been just as miserable.  Knowing she will be reunited with Chris soon makes her bounce with excitement.

“Yea, braving the crowds on their way to Black Friday shopping and the airport crowd is nothing compared to the fun at the Evans’ house since he got in from LA yesterday.  Kid, I’ve never seen him like this before; you’ve really got him tied up in knots.  Good for you.  It’s about time he had someone to put him in his place, but man, is he a crab ass.”

“Is he really that bad?”

Scott takes her bag, and says, “You’ll see.  And it got worse this morning when you quit answering your phone because you were on the plane.  Come on, Mom needs us to stop and get his favorite ice cream.”

Emery laughs, “That is bad.  Sorry.”

“Oh, well, I heard you cried your eyes out watching the Kimmel interview and the trailer on a constant loop yesterday.”

Emery laughs, “I know!  I couldn’t even enjoy the biggest moment in fangirl history!  All I could think about was how much I missed him…  So, let’s get this ice cream, and get to your mom’s house fast!  On the way, you fill me in on the details of how everyone worked out this surprise.”  She takes his arm with ease, as though they have known each other for years.

Scott shakes his head warmly at the little red head.  He quickly can see why his older brother is so taken with the beautiful woman.  She has an air of class and quiet reserve about her, real Southern charm, but Scott is pretty sure she is a fireball hiding underneath that surface.  He thinks it will be fun to tease her this weekend, and get a rise out of his brother.  He’ll just have to be careful so he doesn’t get in trouble with Mom for teasing too much.


Most of the Evans family crowds around the kitchen table and counter to meet Emery for the first time and listen to Scott’s exaggerated tales of battling Boston airport traffic on Thanksgiving night.  He has his sisters practically in tears from laughing.

Chris’s mom, Lisa, and Emery have already had a few quiet minutes alone to talk.  Lisa already feels great affection for this young woman who so obviously loves her son.  Shanna scoops up bowls of ice cream, and sets them out on the counter.  Carly gets out spoons and napkins while Scott and Ryan, Carly’s husband, raid the fridge for turkey leftovers.  “Chris! Come to the kitchen!” Lisa yells.  “We’re all having a snack.”

“I’m not hungry!” his voice sounds from the other room.  Just hearing his voice causes Emery’s heart to sing.  The girls smile at one another knowingly when they see happiness break across the red head’s face.

She walks to the doorway, and yells at her oldest son again, “Chris!  Come sit with us!”

“Mom! I’m watching a movie!”

Emery can actually hear him whining and her smile grows wider.   She feels like this could be an exchange Lisa and Chris have had many times over the years.

“I don’t feel like being nice; please just leave me alone!” Chris continues to whine.

Emery walks over to where Lisa stands, putting her hand on the older woman’s arm.  “Are the kids around?”

“No, they’ve already been down to sleep for awhile,” she responds, with a question in her voice.

“Good because I don’t want them to hear this.  Miss Lisa, I’ve been in your home less than 30 minutes, so please don’t let what I am about to say change your first impression of me, okay?”  She waits to see Lisa nod her head in agreement and confusion.

Emery steps slightly into the darkened room, sensing the rest of the family crowding around behind her.  She doesn’t even raise her voice, but just says, loud and firm, “Dammit, Evans.  Quit feeling sorry for yourself and get your whiny ass into the kitchen.  We’re eating ice cream.”

Teacher voice?!  Chris’s head pops over the back of the couch.  “Emery?!”

She laughs when he vaults over the back of the couch, like the superhero he is.  Within three large strides, he crosses the room and sweeps her up in his arms.  Happy tears run down her face while he spins her around and kisses her wildly. His large hands hold tight to her face, almost like he thinks she’s a vision, that he’s just imagining her there.  Emery feels complete now that she’s back at his side.  She uses her lips to say what she can’t put into words right now.

“Enough, get a room!” shouts Scott, and the family goes back to their late night snack preparations, leaving the couple to continue their reunion privately.  Chris notices his mom standing in the kitchen in the spot where she thinks she can’t be seen from the living room.  When they were younger, they referred to it as her “spy spot.”  They always knew she was there.  He knows his mother is just happy for him, happy for them, so he doesn’t hide away from her.  He wants his mom to know how special Emery is to him.

Emery’s heart soars as she gently wipes the tears from his cheeks.  “You’re bubbling,” she laughs.

She squeezes him a little tighter, and whines when he lets loose of her.  He bends down and pulls out a step stool from under the side table and puts it in front of her.  She laughs and steps up on it, grateful for his nephews and their need to climb on all things high.  Chris smiles, seeing over her shoulder that his mom and Shanna are watching and laughing too.  She climbs another step, effectively putting them at eye level to one other.  She pulls Chris in closer, tugging at his shirt and flicks her tongue across his tattoo on his collar, her favorite greeting reserved just for him.

“What?  How?  How did you get here?” he asks, the last of his happy tears wiped away and joy returning to his smoky voice.

“My dad and Scott worked it out on Facebook somehow, and told your mom.  I guess they’ve been planning it for a few days.  I showed up to work at the shelter, and dad said I had to leave because I was depressing the homeless people!”

She continues to laugh through her tears, which haven’t seemed to stop yet.  “He drove me to the airport, and here I am!  Scott picked me up, we got your ice cream, and I cursed at you in front of your mother.  Oh, my god, I cursed at you in front of your mother!”  A red blush creeps over her face, and she buries her face in his shoulder.

He chuckles, bending to whisper in her ear.  “I missed you!”

He pauses for a moment to smell her hair. Even under the smells from the airport and the shelter, he can still smell strawberries, and the scent that is distinctly Emery.  “I think she’ll forgive you.  I haven’t been a pleasant person since I got in from LA.”

“So I’ve heard…”  Just then, the aroma of leftovers from the kitchen greets her nose, and her stomach growls.  “I haven’t eaten all day.  Screw that ice cream you are always raving about.  I want turkey!”

He kisses her again, before picking her up and pushing her into the kitchen.  He motions for her to sit at the counter and he starts to prepare her plate.  “Warm or cold?” he asks as he points at the remnants of the leftover bird.

“Cold, and toast the bread?”

Shanna offers her a water, and she settles in while the family chats about their schedule for tomorrow.  It seems as though they had already hit some sales earlier in the evening, while they waited for her to arrive.  Carly and Shanna plan to return to the toy store at midnight to pick up some things for the children, and invite Emery to go along.  She eats her sandwich and leftover mashed potatoes while Chris stands next to her, gently rubbing her back, feeling for the first time that THIS is what it means to be home.  To be surrounded by food and laughter, with the people you love.


While Emery and the girls get ready to go battle the masses at midnight for the great holiday deals, Chris pulls his mother aside.  She’s been watching all night, joining in the banter, but being somewhat quiet.  Observant.  Chris needs to hear from her now.

He shouldn’t have worried.  Lisa has nothing but kind words to say, and expresses her joy that Chris has finally found someone who makes him so happy.  “I wasn’t sure, but I thought I saw it on Kimmel.  Even with Robert trying to tease you about the ladies, there was just a calm over you.  A peace.  It was so nice to see, and she does that.  That’s the effect Emery has on you?”

“Mom, I’ve never felt so at home in my own kitchen until tonight, if that’s what you mean.  Is the guest room ready?” he asks sheepishly.

“Well, yes.  All the Christmas stuff for decorating on Saturday is on the bed… I just assumed? And, well, you’re an adult now?  I wasn’t going to make you follow the same rules I had when you were in your twenties and you brought girls for weekend visits.”

Lisa really can’t believe what her son is implying…  She watches Chris with a quizzical expression on her face.

“Mom, Emery is a little old-fashioned.  I think she’d feel more comfortable if the guest room was ready.”

“Christopher Robert Evans!  Do you mean to tell me you’ve been dating this girl for almost 2 months, and you haven’t slept with her?!  Well, I just like this girl more and more.”  Lisa giggles at the pained expression on her son’s face.

“God, Mom!  Do you have to be so Italian?!  The whole neighborhood can hear you!”

“Well, good! They should know some girls still wait these days!”

Chris shakes his head, chuckling, “Fine. Whatever.  Just don’t let Scott know…”

“Too late!” is heard from a room down at the end of the hall.  Lisa chuckles and wanders off to get the guest room ready.

“Fuck,” Chris groans with frustration.

Scott comes around the corner, and says, “Apparently, not.  Let the girls go shopping.  If we’re golfing in the morning with dad, you need sleep.  Or maybe a cold shower.”

“I’m tired of cold showers, man,” Chris confides to his younger brother.

“I don’t know how you’re doing it, brother. She is hot. Even a gay man can see that!” Scott punches his brother in the arm, and runs off to share his newly discovered information with Shanna.

Chris finds Carly and Emery talking teacher stuff in the living room, bundling up to go out in the cold Boston night.  He grabs a scarf from the table for Emery, and pulls her close.  They kiss and talk quietly for a few minutes.  He tells her when they start to head home, to call and wake him up and he will show her to her room.  She cocks her eyebrow into a question, and he explains he asked his mom to fix the guest room.

“I just want you to be comfortable and not to feel any pressure…”  Chris shrugs his shoulders. “You got bonus points with mom?  But, on the downside, Scott overheard me; he knows.  I’ve been living like a monk.”

“You fail.  I guess you have to turn in your man card…  Just tell him you weren’t man enough to get me in bed.”

“You are evil.  Do you have everything?  Here, I bet you didn’t even get to the bank,” and Chris pulls out his wallet and hands her a $100 bill.

Emery knows Carly is secretly watching, even though she pretends to be focused on her phone and she feels uncomfortable.  As the oldest sister herself, she knows Carly will be watching her every move, and waiting to pass judgment if she doesn’t feel Emery is a good match for her brother.  Emery knows it won’t be as easy to win Carly over.

“Evans, I don’t need money,” she says and pushes it back towards him.

“I know you don’t.  But I also know you said part of your holiday tradition was Black Friday shopping, and buying toys for the kids at the shelter. So take this.”

“That’s really nice of you, but since I wasn’t going with Mom and the girls, I gave them my money, and they’re buying stuff for me,” Emery explains.

Chris smiles at her generosity and big heart.  “Fine, then, take this and buy $100 more.  We’ll drop off whatever you buy at the hospital this weekend.”

“Oh, Chris, I would love that!”

Chris always brightens when he talks about the kids he meets at the hospital and Emery is so honored he’s willing to share this with her.  She feels like her heart just can’t take one more piece of happiness right now.

“Wait.  You left from the shelter this morning and went straight to the airport?  What about a suitcase?”

“Dad said Mackinzie packed it for me; why?”

Chris lets out one of his loud, boisterous laughs, and Carly tries to shush him before he wakes the children.  He reaches in his wallet and hands her more money.

“What is this for?” she inquires, confused by him.

“You’ll need clothes.  You know that suitcase is full of nothing but Victoria Secret!”

“Fuck.  I bet you’re right!” Emery gladly accepts this cash handout.  “New clothes aren’t in the budget.  I’ll make her pay you back.  She and Scott will be dangerous together sometime, won’t they?”

As if by magic, Scott appears at the mention of his name.  “Who could I be dangerous with?”

Emery explains that her sister delights in teasing her the same way he seems to like to tease Chris.  Scott says, “Well, it doesn’t sound like I’m the only one that teases him…”


Lisa isn’t even in the room, and she still knows when to reprimand her youngest son.

Emery laughs and blushes.  “Why aren’t you going shopping with us?”

“No can do, pretty lady.  I’ve got to get my beauty rest.  Tradition.  Black Friday golfing in the morning with Dad,” Scott explains.

Emery smiles at Chris holding her tight around the waist.  He can’t seem to wipe the grin from his face that has been there since the moment he climbed over the couch.  “So you will wake up early for football, basketball or golf, but any other time you need up, you’re a miserable bear?”

Scott slaps his brother on the back and says, “Chris just likes playing with his balls in the mornings.”

Emery turns red again from the blush that creeps down her neck.  She hides her face in Chris’s chest.  She is rocked by the laughter exploding from her boyfriend.

Carly says, “Oh, Scott, that is terrible,” and reaches to grab him as he runs away when he sees Lisa enter the room.  Chris is laughing so hard, he can barely catch his breath.

“God, I missed being at home,” he finally says when the mirth dies down.

Emery looks to the floor when she feels something brush against her leg.  Chris’s niece is pushing between them, carrying her Avengers blanket, and rubbing the sleep out of her eyes.

“Unca Chwis. You too woud. You ‘ake me wup,” the sweet little girl whines.

“See what you did?  You woke her up.  Ryan’s asleep.  I’m going shopping.  She’s all yours now, “Unca Chwis,” Carly says woefully to her younger brother.

Chris sits down on the floor, pulling his niece into his lap.  “You go.  Have fun, I got this.”

Emery pauses to blink back her thoughts.  Chris, with a dark haired, blue eyed little girl.  Not quite the picture she often finds floating in her head.  She always pictures a red haired little girl.  But the sight at her feet now is just as powerful, causing her ovaries to explode.

Emery squats down next to the pair.  “This, I would love to see, but I’ve promised the girls to go shopping.”  She caresses the side of Chris’s face, gently scratching his beard.  She swears he would purr at this if he could, and he turns his head to kiss her palm.

The little girl sleepily yawns, leaning into the warmth of her uncle’s chest.  Her blue eyes search the stranger’s face, and says, “You pwetty. You wook wike Awiew.”

Carly laughs.  “That’s it.  The Little Mermaid.  He always says Belle is his favorite, but it was really Ariel.  Oh, my god, Emery, you’re his Disney Princess!”

Emery laughs, thinking back to the night Chris met her family and her sister spilled the beans about her Steve Rogers in uniform fantasy, and Chris overheard.  “Who’s busted now?” she asks as she tosses her bright red curls over her shoulder.

“Aww, thank you, sweetie,” she says as she kisses the top of the little girl’s head.  The sweet smell of toddler overwhelms her, and again she feels her insides pop.  She kisses Chris goodbye, and he chuckles.

“I know what you’re thinking,” he said.  His niece cuddled in his arms is having quite the effect on his lovely girlfriend.

She whispers in his ear, so only he can hear, “That’s because you’re thinking the same thing, too, you ass.”

She ruffles his hair and leaves with Carly and Shanna for Black Friday shopping


About thirty minutes later, Emery’s phone buzzes.  She opens it to find a message, only a picture.  On a bed are the contents of her suitcase.  Except for her make-up and hair items, sure enough, the only thing her sister packed for her are items from Victoria’s Secret and condoms.

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Birthday in Boston

Birthday in Boston

By avenger-nerd-mom

Scott Evans gives an OFC a tour of Boston for her birthday

Warnings: Fluff, minor language

Word Count: 2100

The crowded coffee shop provides a bit if solace. You don’t feel so alone. You watch the people stroll passed the window, wondering where they are going and what their life is like. You wonder if you’d feel different if you moved here, if you would feel like part of the energy this city seems to have.

You enjoy your coffee refill and start to look over your notes and your map for the day when a distinctly male Boston voice enters your thoughts. “It’s really crowded in here, do you mind if I join you?”

You look around and realize there are no available tables and you have an empty chair across from you. You look up at the handsome man whose smooth voice still rings in your ears. “For you? Yea, I guess I can make an exception; sure have a seat!” Continue reading