Bubble Trouble

Bubble Trouble

A Steggy Fan Fic

by avenger-nerd-mom

One Shot

Word count: 2880

Warnings: fluff, language, hints at fluffy smut, life at Stark Tower

Author’s Note: Set approx. in 2024, after Endgame. Everything that happened, happened. But then some things were undone and changed. There’s been some time travel. Nat and Tony are here. I don’t know how. Deal with it. It’s my story. The Avengers deserve to be together and happy.

This story was inspired by an ad I saw. It screamed STEGGY to me. The link is provided at the end of the story.


Steve looks up from his morning paper and smiles at Nat, blindly stumbling to the coffee pot. “Eggs and bacon are in the oven, still warm,” he kindly offers.

“You’re really the best roommate I’ve ever had, you know that, right?” She cracks a half-smile.

He shifts in his seat. “Why does it sound like you’re getting rid of me?”

Nat fusses at the counter, not quite awake. “Not yet. Not today.” She stretches her arm, rubbing her shoulder. “Can I just drink it from the pot? Do I have to pour a cup?”

Rising from his seat, he chuckles. The tall blond moves around the counter, just as sore and achy. He gently pushes her aside and reaches up into the cabinet for a large mug. “Other people might want some.” He pours all of the hot liquid into the cup and starts a new pot, winking at her.

“Their loss. They should be up early if they want any.” She takes a deep inhaling breath, savoring the aroma.

He turns her around, leaning her against him and begins to rub her shoulder. “Early, Nat? It’s after noon.”

The redhead hisses when he digs his thumb into a sore spot. “Rogers, I don’t even know what time zone we’re in. Literally. What year is it?”

“Everything is back to the new normal, according to Tony, whatever that means.”

“Oh, well, that clears it up.” They both laugh and he kisses the top of her head before she pulls away, her stomach growling. “Where is he, anyway?”

“SHIELD business. Said it had to be taken care of with the new director, right away. He left early this morning.” 

Setting her plate of eggs down at the counter, Nat climbs up on a barstool. Reaching for the salt and pepper, she tilts her head, watching him closely. “You’re beaming with pride. Since ‘the new director’ just rolled out of your bed, why didn’t they meet here?”

“Well, since the new director, Maggie, is Peggy’s distant “cousin” or whatever story Tony concocted, and they’re conducting an interview with Secretary Ross. She has to prove who she is- tell about her former life in the UK- so they needed to meet downtown.”

“She didn’t tell you the details?” Nat stares, dumbfounded.

Steve shakes his head. “Like I said, ‘SHIELD business.’ I’m just the brawn. I fight the battles.” Clearly agitated, he straightens up the items on the counter. “You’ve said yourself, it’s easier not to get too many people involved in your lies. Until the dust clears, Maggie Carter lives her own life, as far as the public knows.”

“Time travel’s a bitch.” Slowly chewing her food, she swallows. “Maybe you both should have stayed in the past.”

He slumps forward. “You know I couldn’t do that either. I missed you all too much, and she needed that surgery. That mission went wrong because I was there. I was messing up that timeline.” His eyes mist over. “I’d already lost her once… Dr. Cho was the only one I could trust to save her. And coming back allowed Bruce and Clint to save you, so-” His voice fades away and he looks out the windows, lost in thought.

Nat licks her lip, his emotions obviously making her uncomfortable, bringing up nightmares she’s not ready to deal with either. Changing the mood, she asks, “So when are you going to make an honest woman of her?” She nods to Tony as he quietly enters the kitchen, leaving a small package next to the fridge.

“We’re in no rush,” Steve smiles. “We’ve waited over 75 years and then some. I don’t think she’s in any hurry to give up her independence. We’ve already lived a life once. She quite likes the modern world.”

“God, you sound just like her. Classic and pious.” Tony pours a cup of coffee, leaving it black. “How did I never notice that before?”

Steve chuckles. “I’ll take that as a compliment.” He bows his head. “How’d the meeting go?”

“Good ole Thunderbolt Ross better get used to having his ass handed to him on a silver platter every time, because Maggie seems to have intimate knowledge of SHIELD information from way back when.” Tony undoes his tie and can’t hide his proud grin. “Maggie will be a force to be reckoned with, just like her ‘Aunt’ Peg was, I’m sure.” He winks. “The team wants to bring in Dr. Everett Ross to question her, do some psych evaluations. I’m not sure of all the details. Hill is keeping me posted. And I know Pepper has her apartment set up to look a little more lived in. Thor was a master at reading those IKEA instructions.”

Natalia laughs, practically sneaking across the room to the fridge. “Why even bother? She’s here all the time anyway.”

“I know.” Tony’s face sours. “The furniture bill always increases when a superhero gets laid around here. I had to buy his room a new bed last month. I don’t need to know what my godmother is up to. Retile your own bathroom wall, you filthy animal.”

Steve blushes. “Can we please not talk about Peggy like this-”

“We do it with everyone else-” Nat interjects. “Initiation rights.”

“Peggy isn’t everyone.” Steve’s tone ends the conversation as he exits the kitchen.

“And that’s why you need to marry her!” Nat shouts down the hallway.

She smiles at Tony and picks up the package, twisting it in her hands. “So this is it?”

Tony smiles. “Yup. Exactly like you said. It’s perfect. If he ever talks to you again.”

Raising on her tiptoes, she gives her gruff adversary a kiss on the cheek. “He never stays mad at me long.”


Walking out on the overlook high above the city, Nat smiles at the figure rested in the old chair rescued from a junk shop and the rickety oak table holding a beer, sweltering in the sun. Shade from another point on the tower casts over the spot as he looks up and down at the work in front of him. She quietly sneaks up behind him, smiling at the likeness of Morgan Stark coming to life on the page.

“See? Everyone thinks if they want to find you, they should look in the gym. But only I know your real hiding spot.”

Steve sighs, putting down his pencil and closing his sketchbook. His lip lifts to half a smile, knowing he can’t stay mad at the little red powerhouse. “If you tell anyone, just remember, I know some of your deepest secrets.”

“Don’t worry.” She holds out the tiny package. “I come in peace.”

He tilts his head, weighing his options. Nothing is ever free with Nat.

“Oh come on! I was walking home through the park this afternoon and there was a farmer’s market.” She brings the box back towards her body and unties the ribbon, opening the box. “It’s a star-spangled bath soap. I thought it would be funny.” She pulls the patriotic soap from the box. “You two deserve a quiet night in. We were gone on the mission over a week, or a month, or whatever, I still can’t figure out time travel science, and Peg-Maggie’s been adapting to life here, and technology, and Uber and Clint and Tony. I mean, that alone deserves a bubble bath. And I know you don’t bruise as easily as I do, but a long hot soak just sounds amazing.”

Steve raises his eyebrow, still judging her gift. “So why did you get one for us and not one for you and Buck?”

She can’t hide her blush, turning as red as her hair. “Uh, we, uh…”

He smiles, taking the soap from her hand and looking it over. “Yeah, that’s what I thought. Maybe you should go get another bath bomb for yourself. Maybe one without so much glitter.”

She bites in a smile, dipping her head. “You think I should?”

“Definitely, Nat. Buck would like a bubble bath. He needs a bubble bath if you get what I’m sayin’. Hell, make Tony buy three new beds just for you next month, okay?” He pats her on the shoulder, giving it a tender squeeze.

She giggles, a sound rare from her lips. “Maybe I will get one, a bath bomb. Not as fancy as that one. But when I saw it, I just knew Captain America and his girl needed it.”

“Okay, Red, whatever that means,” Steve chuckles, already rewrapping the soap delicately and placing it back in the box.


Steve leads his lovely date right past their new bed. Peggy is too distracted by his kisses to notice until his hands leave her body. “What do you think you’re doing, soldier?” she asks, grabbing for his hand, placing it back on her hip.

He kicks the door open with his heel and steps back, pulling her into the steamy bathroom. His hand slides around her hip, finding the zipper at the back of her skirt. “Still the height of fashion, doesn’t matter the decade, huh, Peg?”

“That’s Maggie. Director Maggie Carter. You better get used to it, before you blow my cover.”

“I can think of things we can blow,” he whispers in her ear as he lowers the zipper.

“Steve!” she squeals, the sound echoing through the room. 

His laughter rumbles against her chest, turning to a grumble. “A satin slip, Pe-Maggie. No one wears those anymore.”

She tugs his shirt up, running her nails over his washboard abs, the steam clinging the fabric to him. “That’s what Pepper said but I felt naked without it.”

“That’s the point,” he whispers along her neck, biting and nibbling, pushing her skirt and slip down, over the curve of her ass till it falls to her ankles. His hands caress over her bare skin. “Ah, what’s this?” He turns her slightly, giving her a tap on her bare ass.

“A thong? Is that right?” Peggy wiggles a bit, uncomfortably. “I hate it.”

Steve growls appreciatively. “Dear God in heaven, learn to love it. It looks so good on you.”

“Steve Rogers! I’m not in this time to be something you ogle.” She steps back, pushing against his chest, her eyes turning dark. “You brought me here, and I had no choice, being as how I was unconscious and half- dead.” She begins to unbutton her silk blouse. “Everything is different. And undergarments these days are not designed for girls like me. There’s nothing actually holding me up. I have no support.”

Her shirt falls open and Steve begins to pant. He whispers, “Oh, I support you.”

Maggie’s matching lace and satin panty set are barely held together with thin ribbons crossing over her hips and chest. She’s spilling over the top of the lace cups, straining to hold in her curvy shape. She grins when Steve whistles, stepping closer. Holding up a finger, she stops him. “Now you. Show me what the modern world has done for men’s underwear.”

Chuckling, he pulls off his t-shirt, tossing it onto her pile of clothes. “We don’t wear undershirts anymore, Mags- can I call you that?” 

She giggles and nods her approval. She sucks in her breath. “Still as beautiful as the day you stepped out of that contraption Howard built.” Maggie brushes her brightly painted fingertip over her lip. “How is that even possible?”

She watches as he quickly pops open each button on the fly of his jeans and slides out of the worn denim. “How is that fair?” She shouts. “Boxers? Not a damn thing has changed. Bollocks!” 

Laughing, he scoops her into his arms, quietly commanding F.R.I.D.A.Y. to raise the water temperature before stepping over into the tub. “You talk too much, Carter.” Sitting down, he rests her in his lap, closing his lips against hers, letting the jets of water pulse against the aching muscles in his back. The interface is always a step ahead, knowing he needed it, most likely from access to the mission records. He blocks it from his mind and his lips curl back into a smile when the lights dim. “Okay, F.R.I.D.A.Y. Whatever surveillance you’ve got turned on, that’s enough.”

“Talking computers that sound human. I still can’t get over that. Over breakfast this morning, Tony was telling me all about his original system, JARVIS. You know, when he was a young boy, Edwin and his wife, Ana, and I would go and have lunch with Howard and Maria on Sundays. He would have been about the age Morgan is now-” As Maggie chatters away, Steve deftly relieves her of her undergarments.

Taking her proud, square chin in his hand, Steve draws her face closer. “As much as I love knowing everything I missed, I don’t want to talk about SHIELD, Howard, or computers right now, do you?” His hand traces across her jawline and draws a line down her chest, reaching down in the water, caressing over her soft belly and reaching lower.

Reaching his desired target, Maggie gasps. “Oh! What should we talk about then?” She purrs.

Steve chuckles as her hand tugs at the waistband of his boxers and teases them down. “Grab that little box in the corner. I have a present for you.”

“I’d rather grab something else,” she pouts, “but wet clothing is proving to be troublesome.”

He laughs again, water splashing over the side of the tub as he shifts his body. “You get the box, and I’ll get out of these. Meet back here in three seconds.”

They both lean away and she laughs when he throws his wet boxers against the wall with a splat, watching them slide down to land by the water faucets. Maggie opens the box, peeling back the tissue paper, just staring at the star in her hand. 

Steve runs his hand over his forehead, forgetting she still has much to learn. “Drop it.” It begins to fizz and bubble and the smell of apples begins to fill the room. “It’s called a bath bomb. Wanda and Shuri love them.”

“So they’re for young girls? It has glitter, Steve.” Maggie doesn’t sound that impressed with her gift.

Rolling over in the water, Steve advances on Maggie, pressing her against the side of the tub. “Again with the talking. Lips are good for other things you know.”

“Why don’t you remind me?” She teases, grabbing the back of his head, and pulling him closer to her mouth. “It’s been so long…”

The bubbles swirl in blue and red around them as they kiss and caress in the steamy water. Steve settles between Maggie’s legs, enjoying the tub built for two- another convenience of the modern world. As their kisses deepen and Maggie shifts, lifting her leg to pull him closer, something in the tub bounces against his arm. Maggie reaches for the disintegrating bomb and crumbles it in her fingers, surprised to discover a hidden case in the middle.

“What’s this?”

Steve shakes his head, continuing to nuzzle her neck. 

“There’s a note inside. Come on, what did you do, Steve?” Maggie gently pushes him back and sits up in the water, rivulets running down her shoulders between her breasts, the peaks still hidden under the red and blue bubbles filling the tub. Maggie reaches out to dry her hands on one of the towels on the back ledge of the tub.

Steve didn’t do anything, but he’s beginning to wonder what Nat did. He holds his breath while Maggie opens the little plastic shell. Carefully she opens the paper, while he watches as something falls into her other hand. Her eyes dart to his and back to the paper. She reads breathlessly, “You’ve always been my girl. Please marry me, Director Margaret Peggy Carter.” 

Tears are in his eyes. So simple, not how he ever imagined proposing at all. But if left to his own devices, he’d probably have dragged his feet for ages.

“Oh, Steve, do you mean it? I really want to hear you say it, if you mean it,” Maggie pleads, dropping the paper on the towel behind her, holding out the ring to him in her other hand.

The ring had been in the center of the soap. A platinum band showcasing a diamond in the center, with a ruby on one side and a sapphire on the other. What else would the future Mrs. Captain America wear?

Swallowing hard, Steve drops back on his knees, taking the ring from her outstretched hand. “Peggy Carter, I’ve loved you from the first day I met you. You saw me, the real me, the little kid from Brooklyn and you believed in him. I always knew we could do anything we put our minds to. Now’s our chance to do it all again, and I couldn’t ask or hope for a better woman by my side. Maggie Carter, I know I’m about 75 years late, but will you marry me?”

“Of course, Steve Rogers. You’re the only dance partner I’ve ever wanted.”

Her eyes well with tears as he slides the ring on her finger and he pulls her into his lap again, covering her face with tiny kisses and whispering words of happiness.

Here’s the link for the soaps! https://www.fragrantjewels.com/

Copyright © 2020  avenger-nerd-mom. All rights reserved. Intellectual property of avenger-nerd-mom

Word Travels Fast


Word Travels Fast July 22 2016

Word Travels Fast

A Steve Rogers Fan Fiction

By avenger-nerd-mom

Steve prepares to make a more permanent spot for Charlie in his life

Warnings: Fluff, Language, Adult Situations

Word Count 3763

Click here for Safe and Sound


After the server takes the dirty plates away, Steve reaches across the table to take Charlie’s hand, “All right, doll, what’s going on?  You’ve been quiet all night, and you hardly touched your food.”

Charlie looks deeply into the blue eyes of her boyfriend.  She sees the love, concern and exhaustion there and her heart aches.  He’s been gone on a mission since the end of January and she’s missed his beautiful face and his warm body in her bed.  She doesn’t want to do this tonight, but she knows his mind won’t let it go.  “Can we just walk home?  I want to be alone with you,” she explains quietly.

He loves that she calls the Tower home, even though he hasn’t been able to convince her to fully move in with him yet.  Steve pulls cash from his wallet, leaving it on the table.  He scratches at the scruff on his chin, and starts to glare at her.  She sits back down and waits for him to pull her chair out for her.  “That’s not a habit you’ll break me of, so you might as well get used it,” Steve says tiredly.

“Yes sir,” she laughs as she gives him a salute.

She adores the old fashioned manners Steve still displays, but she sometimes has to remember to abide by them.  She feels certain gender roles died the day Rosie the Riveter took control of the war efforts, and society never looked back.   Try explaining that to the man frozen for nearly 70 years…

The couple walks out into the cold night air.  The snow banks line the city’s sidewalks and the couple talk and window shop along the way.  Steve shares stories of winters from his youth and Charlie laughs at the childhood tales he weaves of himself and his friend, Bucky.  Turning a corner, a block from the Tower, the sidewalk isn’t cleared.   Steve grasps Charlie’s elbow to keep her from slipping on a patch of ice. In the process, he takes a tumble and they laugh at the resulting wet spot on his ass.

Steve guides her into Tony’s modern building and they greet the night sentry.  Crossing the lobby Steve catches sight of them together in mirror and does his best to erase the furrowed brow on his face, trying to disguise his concern for his uncharacteristically quiet girlfriend.

The lovers step into the private elevator and Steve requests, “JARVIS? Please set up a privacy block and stop the elevator.”

“Yes, Captain.  Will that be all?”  the sentient computer voice clips in its soft British voice.

“Yes, thank you,” Steve replies.  He leans against the paneled wall, bracing himself for whatever it is Charlie needs to say.  “Okay, we’re alone now.  What?  Because you’re kind of scaring me…”

Charlie takes a deep breath, and slowly exhales.  Steve can sense her apprehension and takes her hands in his.  “Baby, unless you’re breaking up with me, whatever is bugging you, I’ll face it with you.”

“Oh, Steve, no!  I’m not dumping you!”  Charlie smiles, “But yes, I suppose we will face it together…  Honey, I was sick while you were gone-”

“Yea, I remember you said you missed work a day or two, but still felt bad.”  The concern on Steve’s beautifully chiseled face is evident.  “Did you see the doctor like I asked you to?  Is everything ok?  If you’re sick, I’ll take care of you.”

Charlie slowly shakes her head ‘yes.’  “Everything’s fine.  I hope you’ll take care of me!  It’s your fault!”  She giggles, a smile finally spreading across her face.  “Steve, I’m pregnant!”

The color drains from Steve’s face momentarily before his cheeks turn a bright shade of pink.  “What? How?”

“How? Really, babe,” she laughs at him.  “Do I have to explain that too?”

A smile flashes across his face as he pulls Charlie to him.   He takes her beautiful visage into his large, capable hands and kisses her gently.  “I mean, how? We always use protection.”

“We didn’t at Christmas and I guess your super serum sperm was no match for my birth control pills.  What the hell DID you tell Santa you wanted?” she teases.

“We didn’t at Christmas?” Steve asks, slowly recalling details of their intimate moments spent together.

“Broken ornaments, knocking over the tree, whipped cream- ring a bell?”

“Oh… That was you?!”  He teases her, looking her over, spinning her slightly and admiring her ass, tugging on the dark hair that hangs down her back.  “Yea, you are my type-”

“Steve, this is serious,” she admonishes, giggling, pushing against his massive chest.  “What are we going to do?”

He pulls her back to him, catching her hand in his and raising it to his lips for a quick kiss.  “Do? Is that even really a question?!  We’re having a baby! That’s what we’re going to do…” Filled with emotion, Steve’s thoughts are on overdrive and fall from his mouth in a jumble.  “How do you feel?  I can’t tell what you are thinking.  You’re being too serious.   Me? I’m happy; I’m shocked and surprised, but I’m so happy, so filled with love for you and our little Christmas gift.”

To prove his point, he picks her up and spins her around, gently setting her down, and putting his hands on her belly.

Tears of joy silently fall down Charlie’s face.  “I’m so thrilled, sweetheart.  I’ve had a few days to let it sink in.” She smiles as relief washes over her and the worry begins to lift from her face.  But her gut tells her she needs to stay strong and somewhat reserved a few moments longer while she bares all to Steve.  “I’ve just been so worried about you and how you would react.”

“Why? Why would you even wonder that?”  Steve is confused by her words and quickly tries to make sense of them.  He sinks back against the wall of the elevator, a little weak-kneed at the news he is trying to absorb.

“Well, although I know you adore kids, and love when Clint and Laura bring the children to visit, you always say that man and his dreams were left in the ice.” Charlie steps to him, placing her hands on his waist, grasping his shirt between her fingers.  “And you always worry that the serum may have changed you, and…”

Steve cuts her off, kissing her to shush her up.  “Shhh…” he whispers.  “Let’s just be joyous now.  Real life can butt in later.”

“One more thing, and you aren’t going to like this one…”  Charlie’s eyes turn serious and she steps back, folding her arms across her chest.

Steve braces himself.  Charlie’s tone is serious and he pays attention to her body language.  “Okay, what else?”

“The world is a different place than it was.  I don’t want to get married yet, or for you to propose just because of a baby.  I’m with you till the end of the line, but I’m not ready for that.  I don’t even want our friends to know.  It’s still really early, and all kinds of things can happen.” Her stance, with a swift move to place her hands on her curvy hips displays how serious she is about this point.

Steve knows there is no arguing with her about this now, but he slowly shakes his head to show he disagrees. “Hmmm… That’s something we’ll talk about later.  One thing at a time, I guess.”

Steve allows the quiet to still between them so she realizes he is listening to her words, although his opinion differs.  If he had his way he’d “put a ring on it,” as they say these days, first thing in the morning!  He reaches for her hands, pulling them away from her hips and stepping towards her.  “Are you done being serious now? Did you get it all out?” he asks tenderly, the timbre of his voice humming through her.

“I think so,” she breathlessly replies as his hands wrap around her waist.

His lush bottom lip hangs open, signaling his intent, as Steve’s blue eyes darken, looking down at her.  His dark lashes brush his cheek gently, blinking as he leans to kiss her.

His lips taste like the sweet wine he had at dinner, slightly cold from the walk in the winter air.  Charlie presses her lips to his, warming them, meeting him. She finally relaxes, having said what she needed to say, and she falls into his kiss, pressing against his solid chest, her hands searching inside his coat to reach around him.  She rakes her fingertips up his back, feeling him shudder against her, slowly scratching back down his covered plane as the kiss deepens.

His tongue slides against her lips and she parts her mouth to let him in, her tongue reaching to tentatively tap his before both retreating.  She swallows and takes a deep breath as his lips hold her top lip gently between his, his nose brushing against hers, before slowly letting go and resting his forehead to hers.

“We should continue this upstairs,” he groans, his warm breath against her face.

Charlie hits the elevator keypad, feeling the steel metal box is worthy of keeping their secret safe for now.  “Whatever you say, Daddy,” she giggles.  The heat in his eyes tells her he likes the new nickname, maybe for all the reasons it implies.  She tucks that thought away for later.

Smiling to herself, she knows Tony will be curious in the morning when he sees it was offline for about 20 minutes.  He’ll be sad to learn it wasn’t as exciting as it was the last time they stopped the elevator but forgot to turn on the privacy block.  She blushes to think that video might still exist and that Tony has probably seen it.


A few days later, the couple has agreed on a few things, although Charlie still holds strong to her idea that she does not want to rush into marriage.  Whenever she catches Steve staring at her wistfully, she speaks clear and firm, “Don’t even think about giving me a ring either.”

Steve has finally been able to convince her to move in with him at the Tower, and they have spent time organizing boxes at her place and deciding what items for her to bring along, keep in storage, or donate to city organizations for the needy.  His apartment in the Tower has enough space for her to keep an office space for her work and crafts, as well as a room for a nursery.

While making breakfast, Steve smiles at the changes coming to his life.  He’ll have to let go of some of the pain he feels that the changes may not come in the traditional order, but he can’t wait to raise this little miracle with Charlie.

He moves to answer the door when he hears a knock.  He chuckles to himself when he looks through the peephole to find Tony standing there with a box of donuts in his hands.  He opens the door for the man who has reluctantly become his friend.  Steve feels a certain level of affection for the man, simply because he was such good friends with his father, Howard, during the war, but Steve knows that Tony would never want to hear that.

“Tony, why the early visit?” Steve and Charlie had a bet as to when Tony would confront them about the elevator shut down.   He wins, because Charlie thought it would be within 48 hours, but it’s been longer.  He’ll have to think on what he wants to claim as his prize for later. He gestures for the dark-haired man to come in and have a seat at the counter.  He pulls out three plates and places them down. Steve points to the coffee pot, and Tony gives him a thumbs up.  Steve moves about, fixing the coffees, and pulls a donut from the box, setting it on the plate, turning his attention back to the bacon he had been cooking.

While Tony puts a chocolate donut on his plate, he replies quietly, “I went out to visit Aunt Peggy yesterday.”

Tony watches closely to see any change in the soldier’s steady demeanor.  He notices the slight pause in his movement, knowing he has struck a nerve.  “I also noticed on the security logs the other morning that your service elevator had some sort of malfunction the other night…  You wanna talk, pal?”

Steve pulls the pan from the hot burner, and turns off the stove top.   Steve had been out to visit Peggy and shared his news with her.  He had waited till the end of the visit, when she had started to drift between the now and the past.  Steve always worries that each visit will be his last, and he wanted Peggy to know he was happy, but not necessarily remember it, knowing she sometimes still lives in their collective past.  He told her about the news Charlie had shared with him in the elevator.  He wipes his hands on the dishtowel and turns to his friend.  “She told you?” he says quietly.

“Yea.  She did.  At first I thought it was just some crazy fantasy she was telling me from her youth.  One of the dreams she had but gave up long ago when you became a Capsicle.”  Steve cringes at this nickname, and Tony shrugs a silent apology and continues.  “But the details were different, and she talked about how, God, I can’t believe I’m saying this, but how handsome you looked in your ‘tight,’” Tony pauses to make air quotes, to show the words are not his own, “jeans and your cowboy boots, and I knew it wasn’t a fantasy or a make believe memory.  She was pretty lucid yesterday…  So, you and Charlie, huh?  I did not see that coming.”

Steve chuckles with melancholy at the reference to the phrase their fallen friend used often.  He just shakes his head yes, and the smile grows on his face.  “Yea, Tony.  I’m going to be a dad.”

Tony raises his coffee cup and says, “Congratulations, Cap.  That’s amazing.”  Tony holds his enthusiasm in check, owing to the calm Steve is keeping, but the excitement Tony has about the thought of a baby in the Tower bubbles under the surface.


Steve looks to the bedroom door.  Charlie is still sleeping, and he doesn’t want her to hear him.  “Thanks, Tony.  But is it really?  I mean, yes, it’s amazing, and I love that woman with all my heart. But I am scared shitless.”  Leaning against the counter, it appears that the weight of his thoughts are crushing him down.  “What if my DNA is all messed up from the serum?  What if our baby is like that baby in that cartoon, the one about superheroes and the baby that bursts into flames?”

“I think only our pal, Johnny Storm, has to worry about that-“ Tony interrupts.

Steve looks at his friend crossly, “Or what if the serum doesn’t hold through the DNA and all the maladies from my youth are passed on to the baby?  That’s scary, and I just don’t know how to handle this.”

Tony sees his friend watching the door to the other room.  “You haven’t talked to her about this?  She doesn’t know you’re scared?”

“She hinted she already knows, but we’ve had so many things to talk about, it’s been low on my list of priorities.  She doesn’t want to get married either, at least not now.”

“Shit, man, does she even know you?”  Tony chuckles.  “You’re king of doing the right thing.  She has to know you’ll rush out to buy a ring.”

“I haven’t had a lot of experience being around pregnant women, but I know Charlie.  If she says no, it’s no.  And I won’t be able to change her mind till she is ready.”

He steps over to the fridge, and reaches behind the cookie jar and pulls down a small recipe box.  He pauses before he shows it to his friend, and again looks to see that the door to the bedroom is still closed.  He sets the box on the counter, and opens it without a word.  His friend peers down, and sees a tiny ring of white gold, in a delicate Edwardian design. Tony marvels that the markings almost look like the eagle found on the SHIELD insignia.  Tony estimates the round solitaire diamond to be about half a carat, and quickly realizes the significance of such a simple ring.  Tony lowers his voice, and says, “It’s your mother’s?  She’s going to love it!”

charlie's ring

“You think so?  Everything old is new again, and she loves classic styles.  It means a lot that the SSR kept all my storage items and passed them on to SHIELD.  It’s like I was meant to give it to a dark-haired beauty…” Steve smiles wistfully.  His super soldier ears pick up movement in the other room, and he quickly replaces the box to its hiding spot as the bedroom door opens.

“Is that bacon?  It stinks,” Charlie says, sleepily.

Tony looks at Steve’s girlfriend with new eyes.  He smiles to see she is wearing what is obviously the top that matches the bottoms Steve is wearing with his gray t-shirt.  And when she reaches up to push the hair out of her eyes, he sneaks a peek at the cute boycut underpants she wears.  She puts on her glasses and sees Tony smiling at her.  She growls at him, and he chuckles.  “I brought donuts?”

“Oh, well, then you’re forgiven.  Word travels fast, huh?”

“Aunt Peg,” Tony explains.  “Congratulations, beautiful!  I’m so excited for you both!”

Rubbing her face, still trying to wake up, Charlie smiles to Tony nodding her acknowledgement before addressing her handsome man.  “Steve, babe, can you put up the bacon please?  It really smells bad.”

She reaches for a donut, and takes a sip of Tony’s coffee.  Tony continues to grin at her, as Steve steps out to the hallway to dispose of the bacon down the trash chute.

“I heard.  How’d you get him to fess up his fears to you?”  Charlie asks, knowing Steve’s deeper feelings for the man sitting across from her.  Despite the age difference created by 70 years in ice, had Steve and Howard followed life’s normal path, Steve feels he would have been Tony’s godfather, and Steve holds Tony in high esteem.

“I don’t know, darling. But it will all be okay,” Tony pats her hand and pushes the donut box towards her for a second one. “How much did you hear?” he asks, worried she might have discovered Steve is secretly hiding an engagement ring in his kitchen.

She grabs a napkin from the basket at the end of the counter and wipes a chocolate smudge from the marble top.  “Just babies bursting into flames or having asthma; why? Did I miss anything good?” she teases.

Tony hides his relief, “No, that about covers it.  Wait till I tell Storm that!  Oh, honey!  I’m really happy for you both!  A baby? In the Tower? Can you believe it?”

Taking another bite of the sinfully good pastry, Charlie’s smile cannot be contained as the two lean across the table conspiratorially.

Steve comes back in and smiles at the two of them sitting at the counter, talking quietly together.  He pours a glass of milk and pushes it across the counter to Charlie, before placing a kiss on the top of her head.  She gives him a quick peck on the lips, turning her nose up at the milk and takes another sip of Tony’s coffee.

Tony smirks at her silent defiance of Steve’s will. “Charlie, I understand you want to keep things quiet a while, but I think you both need to go talk to Bruce.  He’s a doctor.  He’s gone over the old files, and he has more knowledge about the serum than anyone. He would know what tests to run, and what to look for.  I think it could alleviate some stress for both of you,” Tony suggests.

“Sounds like a good idea to me,” Charlie acquiesces, “On one condition. Steve, you gotta let me have my morning coffee.  Without it, I’ll hurt someone, and that could be bad mixed with pregnancy hormones.  And besides, if it wasn’t for my morning visits to the coffee shop, we never would have met.  This baby comes from coffee.  It’s already in her blood.”

“Her, is it?” Steve asks playfully, as Tony just hands over his coffee cup to the beautiful pregnant woman.

“Call it a mother’s intuition,” she smiles hopefully.

Watching the two love birds, Tony silently prays things work out for them.  Loving a superhero isn’t easy.  He should know.  He clears his throat, as the two move closer to one another, almost forgetting he’s present.  “Well, if it’s okay with you two, why don’t you both get dressed, or don’t.  Charlie, I think you look quite lovely just the way you are,” he wiggles his eyebrow at her lasciviously and she giggles.  Steve steps in front of her protectively to block Tony’s view and Tony flips him off.  “I’ll go give Bruce a heads up, so he can have old files on the serum ready?”

Steve nods his approval, “Yes, Tony, but don’t tell anyone else.  I know you are horrible with secrets, and you like to tease, but this is serious stuff.”

“Can I tell Pepper?”

Steve and Charlie exchange a look.  She has always felt an instant friendship with the classy blonde woman who exerts so much control over Tony.  She knows that if Pepper is in on the secret, she will better be able to keep Tony in line.  Charlie shakes her head, “Yes, of course.  We can’t ask you to keep secrets from Pepper.”

Tony stands to leave, and steps forward to kiss the top of Charlie’s head.  “I’m happy for you, kid.  You’re going to be a great mom.  And this one here?” He motions his head towards Steve, “You’ll have to make an honest man of him some day.  You can’t keep defiling him in elevators and under the Christmas tree, and not marry the guy.”

He chuckles from the looks on their faces, grabs the last chocolate donut and leaves.


a special thanks to my friend, Kaiti, for being my beta for my Steve and Charlie stories!

Author’s Note: December 2016  I have several rough drafts for upcoming installments of this story.  I’ll keep you updated with it’s progress!

Copyright © 2016 avenger-nerd-mom.  All rights reserved. Intellectual property of avenger-nerd-mom


Safe and Sound

safe and sound july 3 2016

Safe and Sound

a Steve Rogers fan fic

by avenger-nerd-mom

Steve returns home late from a dangerous mission, glad to be back in Charlie’s bed

Warnings: NSFW, Adult situations, Language, Oral Sex, Fingering, Intercourse, condom use

Word Count: 1647

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 Steve parks his bike across the street, thankful her light is still on despite the late hour.  His ribs ache as he throws his leg over to dismount the cycle.  He cradles his arm to his chest, his limp prominent as he crosses the street.  He nods hello to the night doorman and punches in a passcode to the private elevators of Charlie’s highly secure building.  Steve scoffs at the thought that she just happened to already be living in a building owned by Stark with its advanced safety features.  As soon as Tony met her over the holidays, knowing Steve’s concerns for her safety, he advanced security measures in her building, to the benefit of other residents.

He takes a deep breath and leans against the wall of the paneled wood as the elevator ascends to the eleventh floor.   The pain in his head weakens as the healing process speeds through his body.  Exiting the metal box, the limp is now gone and he stretches his arms in front of him, swinging them back and forth, good as new.  He touches his cheek, the bruise still stinging to the touch, reaching for the key in a lower pocket of the cargo pants on his uniform.  He smiles when it clinks against the compass he’s carried with him since he was a younger man, many years ago.

Tired, beyond exhaustion, the soldier enters his girlfriend’s apartment, quietly sliding off his shoes.  For a split second, he considers grabbing a beer from the fridge, but knows it won’t do any good.   With stealth he walks down the hallway, silently pushing her door open, finding her asleep on her side.  Her book lays open in front of her, her glasses sliding down her nose.  A need surges through him, but he simply removes the glasses, placing them and the book on the nightstand.   He pulls the blanket over her, gently kissing her temple before going down the hall to the second bathroom for a shower.

The heat of the water renews him and the pain through his body subsides.  A quick survey in the mirror shows the bruising from the broken rib is fading and the scratches on his shoulders zigzag across his skin.  He wraps the towel tighter around his tapered torso, shaking the remaining water from his hair.  While brushing his teeth, his eyes land on her collection of creams and lotions that scatter the counter.  He brings the bottle of her favorite perfume to his nose and smiles at the instant flash of memories that fill his mind, most recently their snowball fight in Central Park hours before he was called away on another dangerous mission.  He remembers the sweet promises she had whispered in his ear and his cock stirs at the memory as well.

Returning to her room, Steve lets the towel drop to the floor.  He crawls in bed behind her sleeping form, his chest to her lovely back.  His fingers draw across her shoulder, sketching heart shapes, his mind wandering.  “I love you, Charlotte Mayer,” he whispers against her neck.

“Wuv you too,” she answers groggily, awoken from her slumber.  “Glad you’re home.”

Steve hums his agreement and slides down her body, covering kisses across her back, nibbling at her rounded ass and backs of her legs.  Charlie begins to squirm and moans her approval.  Steve lifts her left leg and crawls between her thighs.  He trails small kisses to the apex of her curvy figure.  Dipping his finger into her flooded well, he swirls around her inner walls and curves his finger to pull out her juices.  He rubs her swollen lips, smearing the sweet wet before pushing his finger in again.  From her curved spooned position, the dark haired beauty can watch the top of his head and sees him pull his finger out slowly, feeling him brush her velvet lining before sucking his finger into his mouth and savoring her taste.

His ocean blue eyes lock on hers as he sucks his finger dry.  The vision of Captain America between her legs preparing to suck her off causes her heart to race.  Her breathing catches as he devilishly winks at her and dives forward with a flick of his tongue against his lip.   His flat tongue does things to her she only dared imagine before and she begins to crave the ache that she knows will come after their lovemaking.  No one has ever loved her like Steve, and no one will ever compare.

His tongue laps at her, pushing at her opening to release more wet.  He washes over her lips, right and left, flicking back down the center of her slit.  Steve groans at her deliciousness, digging his fingertips in to grip her ass in his strong hands, lifting her to his mouth as her hips roll back and forth against his tongue.  Building whimpers escape from the back of her throat as she grinds against his face.  His stiff muscle slides smoothly over her entrance, the tip of his nose dragging across her waiting clit.  Slapping one cheek lightly, Steve encourages her wordlessly to fuck his tongue harder.  He instinctively knows the wetter she is the easier she can take all of his super strength when he plows into her.  He’s never known a woman so eager to take the loving pain he gives.

He gently rests her down onto the plush bedding, wrapping one arm around her thigh, and shifting her leg to rest her foot on his shoulder, opening her up.  While teasing with his tongue, his hand gently strokes the ball of her foot, eliciting a giggle from her.  He smiles over her mound as her head drops back against the pillow before she arches into him again.  With his other hand, he slips his finger in to gently fuck her hole as his lips wrap around her aching clit.

Charlie feels like she is going to explode with the heat of desire ready to consume her body.  She winds her hands around the back of his head, pulling him in to her, listening to his own groans of pleasure at her response to their lovemaking.  She can feel how closely she teeters to the edge, waiting to be tipped.  His caresses continue and he begins to suck harder on her clit.  Slipping another finger into her sopping wet void, the hums Steve makes against her cunt cause her fall.  She fucks his hand, riding out the waves of pleasure that threaten to drown her.  Steve continues his talented assault as she cries out his name with seismic fervor.

Before letting her come down completely, Steve moves his mouth away, wiping his face against the bedding and reaches to the bedside for a condom.  Gliding it on quickly, he moves his body up hers, crushing himself against her soft tits, her nipples hard against his solid chest.  He plays with them, watching the heat in her eyes as he covers them with bites and kisses, leaving her breasts coated in her own juices.  The scruff of four-day old stubble grazes her soft skin as he attaches his mouth to her neck.

“Steve, I can’t wait, hurry and fuck me, babe,” she whines.   Her whole body is on fire with every kiss against her throat.

Supporting himself with one arm by her head on the bed, his free hand gently rubs circles on her hip while lifting her to him as he teases his cock over her entrance.  Whimpers of desire escape her lips as he whispers in her ear, “You make me so hard, doll.  I think you’re ready.”

Her gasp echoes through the room as he sinks inside her, pushing full to the hilt.  “Fuck me, please,” she cries out.

Steve knows she has been primed, and knows she takes pleasure in her pain.  He doesn’t hold back as he enters her again and again, ranging from slow to rapid movements, building her to another orgasm, wanting to feel her convulse around his thickened cock.  He pushes in deeply, his balls hitting against her, creating an erotic sound that fills the room in time with her quiet cries.

The bed begins to creak beneath them and Steve grasps the headboard to keep his weight from her.  His long strokes are exemplified in the painful smile on her face as he watches her from above.  She scratches at his back, clawing at his ass, encouraging, “Come for me, baby, please, fuck me harder.”

Her request sets his release in motion as his thighs and balls tighten, the orgasm rushing through him like a freight train.  The headboard pounds against the wall as it receives the brunt of his thrusts while he attempts to cushion the blows to Charlie’s fragile form.  His growls roar through the room and his eyes reflect an animal lust mirrored in her own when he looks down into her blackened eyes.  Her own orgasm follows shortly and her cries, “I’m coming, I’m coming,” mingle with his in the night.  A few more pushes in and out and Steve slows to match her needs.  He falls to her, not really landing on her and trails kisses from her forehead down the side of her face to meet her waiting lips.  Her musky flavor is still in his mouth and mingles with the coffee on her lips from earlier in the evening, tongues teasing and tasting one another.  “Sweet,” she coos.

Steve slides down, resting his head on her breast.  Brushing his hair back from his sweat covered brow, she marvels at her gentle giant, the superhero who loves her so beautifully.  Her arms wrap around him tightly, holding him close as his body still shakes, his used and limp cock resting against her muscled thigh. Sleep over takes him quickly as he lays in her loving arms; home, safe and sound again.

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Copyright © 2016 avenger-nerd-mom.  All rights reserved. Intellectual property of avenger-nerd-mom

What’s His Number?

what's his number June 23 2016

What’s His Number?

a Steve Rogers fan fiction

by avenger-nerd-mom

Nat walks in on Girls Night at the Tower with Charlie, Pepper, Jane, Darcy and Maria

Warning: Language, Adult Situations, Discussions of sex, Drinking, Anxiety

Word Count: 1643


Link here for Story One: Finding Warmth

Author’s Note: I’m not exactly sure what Wanda’s super power is? I know she can move things with telekinesis and has the power to make people see things?   I’m extending this belief as my personal head cannon that she can read thoughts and sometimes see images in the minds of others as well…



Nat enters the common room of the Tower and wishes quickly she could make a hasty retreat, but she’s already been spotted.  “Nat’s here!” Jane giggles loudly.  “WHOOOO! Party!” a chorus of female voices shout.

She smiles and shakes her head, grabbing a bottle of chilled vodka from the wine fridge before sitting in a chair on the outer edge of the circle of women collected in the room.  “What kinda hen party is this?” she asks with a grin.  Damn Steve for making me play nice, she thinks to herself.

“We’re just killing time till the cocks get back,” Jane announces with flourish, high-fiving Darcy, who is rested near her feet on the floor.

“What?” Nat asks Charlie, curled up on the end of the couch closest to her.

Charlie takes the bowl of popcorn as Wanda passes it to her, “Somebody in Rhodey’s department is getting married. The boys are all at a bachelor party, so we’re having a little fun of our own,” she answers in a stage whisper, slightly tipsy.

“Speaking of cocks, the good part is getting ready to come on,” Pepper laughs, pointing at the large screen.

Nat is a little taken aback by Pepper’s youthful appearance with her hair loose and no make-up, wearing one of Tony’s Guns N Roses t-shirts and sweats.  Seeing the straight-forward business woman so relaxed causes Nat to take a deep breath and settle in.  If Pepper can do this, I can do it too, she thinks to herself.  She takes a long pull straight from the bottle, feeling the sting of the icy cold liquid as it goes down.

All the women turn their attention to the TV, shushing one another, giggling as they try to cover Wanda’s eyes.  “You’re too young for this!” Jane shouts.

“What are we watching?” Nat asks to no one in particular, but no one answers her.

“I’ve seen the movie before,” Wanda laughs, pushing everyone’s hands away from her with her mystical powers.

“No fair!” Pepper laughs, throwing popcorn at the young girl.

“That tingles,” Darcy giggles.  “Do it again!”  Wanda gently kicks her in the back of the head and Darcy dissolves into a fit of laughter.

“Shhh…. It’s the best part,” Pepper admonishes the women.  Nat smiles at Pepper’s youthful actions and turns her attention to the TV, wondering what is so damn important.

The women all are transfixed by the image on the screen, the handsome actor slowly stripping and tossing around a basketball.  “Damn, I need to learn to play basketball,” Jane giggles with a sigh.

Nat whistles out, “Holy fuck!” and the girls giggle at her response.

“Is it just me, or does that actor look a lot like Steve?” Maria asks, biting the tip of her manicured nail, her sinful thoughts openly displayed on her face.

The women turn to look at Charlie and she shrugs her shoulders.  “Ah, Steve’s better looking,” she laughs, biting her lip and hiding her blush behind a pillow.

“Ooooww!” Darcy cat calls loudly, her voice echoing through the large cavernous room.  “Hell yea, he is!  I shoulda hit that when I had the chance.”

“Darcy!” Jane shouts as Pepper hits the young woman with a pillow, “You can’t say shit like that out loud.”

Wanda laughs, “Why not? Every woman in this room was thinking it.”

“Hey, again, not fair!  You can’t use your gifts against us,” Pepper joins in the laughter.

Wanda tosses her hair back and says lightly, “Well, it’s not like I want to be in your minds, but everyone practically screamed it at me.”  She giggles and slightly blushes, shaking her head to try to wipe away the images her friends inadvertently sent her.

“Oh, God.  I don’t want to be here for this,” Nat says, getting up to leave.  Wanda catches her eye with a sly grin and Natasha uses every ounce of her spy training to close her thoughts from releasing more images to the young girl.  What Wanda has already seen from her mind is probably enough to scar the girl for life.

“No, stay.  You can’t leave me here,” Charlie says, grabbing the red-head’s arm.  “They’re about to turn vicious and you’re the one I trust to back me up.”

Nat is stunned by the contact and Charlie’s words. Her first instinct is to jerk her arm away but she takes a deep breath and instead gently pats the top of Charlie’s hand.  “What do you mean, ‘vicious?’”

Charlie motions for her to sit back down and Nat complies, reluctantly.

“I’m new, fresh meat. Now’s the time in the ‘hen party’ as you called it when they’re going to pounce and ask me all kinds of questions I don’t want to answer.  That’s what girls do,” Charlie explains.  She smiles warmly at Nat, knowing Steve wants her to draw the woman into their superhero sisterhood.

Nat closes her eyes and opens them slowly.  “Why the hell would you do that to one another?”

While Jane pauses the movie, also aware of what Charlie is doing, Darcy pats the table top and motions for Nat to rest her feet there, “Just don’t knock over my beer,” she advises.  “Cause that’s how we learn things about ourselves, one another, and secrets about our men.”

“You just don’t tell everything,” adds Pepper.

“Yea, please don’t,” Nat groans.  “I don’t need to know about Tony in the way I think you all are implying.”

Charlie laughs, “Apparently we can’t think it either, cause Wanda knows more than she’s letting on. Isn’t that right, babe?”

Wanda covers her face in a blush.  “I really don’t mean to be intrusive.  It’s all coming at me so fast, unless I see a thought, I don’t know who thinks what, if that makes anyone feel better.”

“It doesn’t,” Nat laughs.  “It’s creepy as shit.”

“Oh my God!  It’s perfect!  Wanda! You can be like the bullshit detector and call out the liars,” Darcy claps her hands gleefully.

“NO!” the women shout.

Darcy huffs.  “Fine, whatever, but that was gonna be an awesome game of Never Have I Ever…. So.  Charlie.  Steve? He’s got more game than we think, doesn’t he? He’s not all ‘yes ma’am,’ ‘whatever you say, ma’am,’ am I right? I studied my 1940s war history.  I know some of the guys have bets he’s still a virgin, but he’s not, is he?”

Charlie tries to hold back her giggles. “Wait a minute!  You’re gonna jump over the easy questions and go straight for the kill?”

“Yes!” Jane, Darcy and Maria reply in unison.

With a gleam in her eye, Maria adds, “You forget.  Some of us are trained assassins.”

Laughing, Charlie takes a nervous sip of her wine, swirling the crimson liquid around in the glass.

“Come on, give us something,” Pepper pleads.  “He’s so damn good looking, but in all the time I’ve known him, he’s never brought a girlfriend home.”

“Well, Mom,” Charlie looks pointedly at Pepper, “I think it’s pretty safe to say you just never knew.

“He’s brought women here before, Pepper,” Nat confirms quietly.

Pepper cocks her eyebrow at Nat, the question left unspoken.

“Or he’s left here with them,” adds Maria, quickly looking away from the group, back to the TV.

“Shit. No way,” says Darcy. “How did I miss my chance?”

Charlie taps Darcy on the shoulder. “It’s ok, hun.” She smiles at the younger woman.  She tilts her head to the side, taking in Natasha and Maria, both women having just confirmed answers to questions Steve has been avoiding.  “Some friendships can survive the sex if it doesn’t work out and some are just too important to mess up by adding in sex.”

Darcy blushes.  “Damn. You’re just saying that to make me feel better, but thanks.  Ok, so we have confirmation Steve isn’t like a hundred-year-old virgin? What’s his number?”

“Dammit, Darcy! Cut it out!” Jane scolds her co-worker and friend.

“What?! We’re all friends.  We should be able to share personal shit and not be embarrassed.”

Nat chokes on her drink, straight from the bottle.  “Fuck, no.  I still don’t wanna know about Tony in the bedroom.”

The group laughs.  Jane sighs deeply, willing to take the jump, feeling she and Charlie are in somewhat similar situations.  “Charlie?” she inquires, her tone soothing. “He’s not your average mortal man.  I can sympathize with that.  Ah… us girls have noticed you sometimes have bruises.  Is, um, everything okay?”

Charlie’s eyes widen.  “Oh, my God!  You know Steve would never hurt me, right?  I mean, you said it yourself, he’s not your average man.  So, yea.  No.  It’s all good,” she chuckles, blushing but needing to set things straight.  “It’s not like-” she sighs deeply, embarrassed, and shakes her head.  “Steve is always very gentle and considerate.  It’s not like we mean to be rough, it just kinda happens that way.”

Nat sees Steve’s girl struggling with her answers, wanting everyone to know she’s okay, but not wanting to betray Steve or their relationship in any way.  She feels oddly protective of the woman Steve has claimed as his.  Acting on instinct, her quick thinking exclaims, “Oh, shit!  I think I’ve seen this movie.  Isn’t the guy’s bare ass in the next scene?  Cause, uh, I’d rather see that than hear about Steve. That’s almost creepier than hearing about Tony.”

Cluing in to Nat’s dismissive tone, Darcy laughs, “Ok. Fine. What do you guys think about Clint? They’ve got lots of kids.  His aim must never miss.”

The girls boo and hiss at her joke and Jane turns the movie back on.  Nat watches the easy camaraderie of the women and she feels Charlie’s eyes on her.  She turns to the dark haired woman, who whispers ‘thank you’ before turning her attention back to the attractive actor, who happens to look a lot like Steve.

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Copyright © 2016 avenger-nerd-mom.  All rights reserved. Intellectual property of avenger-nerd-mom

Finding Warmth

finding warmth June 19 2016.jpg

Finding Warmth

a Steve Rogers fan fiction

by avenger-nerd-mom

Steve Rogers recounts his meeting with Charlotte Mayer and the first few months of their relationship together

Warnings: FLUFF, adult situations, language, jealousy

Word Count 3079

Watching her sleep, her dark curls hide her angelic face as her arm lays gracefully over her belly.  He sits quietly in the chair just watching her, so grateful to be home again.  He’s missed so much time away on missions.  He hopes it will be a while before he is needed again.  Attempting to stay awake, to watch over her, he thinks back to how they met, a lazy smile on his hardened face.



Steve looks up from his sketch pad as the group of women approach his table.  He rises slightly from his chair, but sits back down quickly.  His old-fashioned manners are sometimes hard to let go of in this new world.

“Excuse me,” one of the ladies says, “we’ve seen you here before? We just had to say hi!  Our friend is too shy to come and talk to you, but Charlie thinks you’re really cute.”

Steve smiles at the three women who have stopped to talk to him.  “Oh, ladies, thank you.  But tell your friend, Charlie, although I’m flattered, I’m not interested in men, sorry.”

One of the ladies laughs, “Oh, no, Mr. Rogers!  That’s our friend, Charlie!”  The ladies part from their circle around his table, and point across the coffee shop.

Steve’s eyes follow their gaze, and he sees a lovely young woman sitting at the tall table.  All he sees are chocolate brown curls, cascading down, as the woman is sitting with her hands over her face, laughing and hiding from the embarrassment her friends have caused her.  His eyes continue to sweep down and he takes in her long legs.  If he wasn’t in mixed company, he would have let out a low wolf-whistle.  He can’t remember the last time he saw such a nice set of gams.  She drops her hands and he sees eyes the deepest color of blue.  She waves at him shyly.



Several weeks later, Steve enters the common area of the Avengers tower, whistling a tune under his breath, and throws his bag down on the couch.  He flops down next to it, and leans forward to grab the TV remote.  Before he can even reach it, it is snatched from his grasp by Natasha, who seems to appear from nowhere.   “You’re awfully happy these days, Steve.  I haven’t seen you around much.  What have you been up to?”

If Steve didn’t know better, he’d almost think that was a tone of jealousy in the red-headed spy’s voice.  After a failed attempt at a relationship, the two had settled back into an easy friendship.  Steve feels a strong bond with the woman who always stands by his side.  “Not everyone got exciting missions to run off with Coulson and his new team.  I’ve just been here, getting ready for the holidays, following up on leads about Bucky; nothing special.”

“Nothing special, huh?  I think the red lipstick stain on your shirt collar says otherwise…”

She throws the TV remote at him, and leaves the room in a huff.

Steve pushes his head back on the couch in frustration.  He does not need Nat digging around into his personal life.  He takes a deep sigh, and knows he really has no control over that.

“Captain Rogers,” JARVIS interrupts his thoughts.  “Although Ms. Romanoff has tried to jam the signals and search phone records, the phone you have used for personal contacts is not appearing on the tower servers.  No connection to Miss Charlotte Mayer can be made by these means.  Your secret is safe with me.”

“Thank you, JARVIS.”

Wanda steps from the shadows and settles on the couch next to Steve.  “Give her time.  She knows you’re seeing someone.  She’ll come around to the idea soon enough.”

Steve hands the young girl the remote, giving her choice of their Netflix marathon for the evening.  “You didn’t tell anyone did you?”

Her dark eyes search her friend’s face.  Her quiet accent brings a musical lilt to her words of comfort.  “You’re like my older brother.  I would never betray your trust.  You should know that by now.”

Steve pats her leg, “Thanks, ‘sis.’ I appreciate it.  Don’t let Nat try to get under your skin, nagging at you for information.”

Wanda laughs at his brotherly protection.  “Oh, you don’t have to worry about that! Nat would never admit it, but she’s just a little bit afraid of me.”

Steve joins in her laughter, shaking his head at the confidence of his newest confidant, wondering what insipid show she will choose to distract them with this time.


A few days later, Steve meets Charlie for their morning cup of coffee before she has to get to work.  He sees that one of her friend’s is leaving and waves to her on her way out the door.  Steve kisses Charlie on the cheek before sitting down at their favorite spot.  They share a little small talk, but he quickly senses her body language change and sees her eyes growing wide, just before he feels a hand on his shoulder.

“Steve!  What are you doing here?!  Oh, my goodness, darling!  I haven’t seen you in ages!”  The red headed spy throws her arms around Steve as if they were long lost lovers. To add insult, she kisses him on the lips quickly, and looks at the other woman, “Oh, pardon my manners!  Steve and I are old friends!  And you are…?”

The question trails off as Natasha glares at the young woman with dark curly hair.

“Jeez, Natasha.  Just don’t…” Steve complains.

“I know who you are…,” Steve’s girlfriend smiles sweetly, not caving under Natasha’s glare.  “I’m Charlie.  It’s nice to meet you, Natasha.  Steve talks about you all the time!”  Charlie extends her hand to the other woman, her voice friendly, but her kindness is ignored.

“Really?  Because he never talks about you,” Natasha responds curtly.

Charlie simply grins.  “Steve, why don’t you go get your coffee, and bring me a refill to go.  I don’t want to be late to work.  Please, babe?”

Steve may have been frozen on ice for 70 years, but he knows when to avoid a catfight.  That much hasn’t changed!  And frankly, he doesn’t want to be around to watch these two steadfast women have it out with one another.  “Are you sure?” he looks at Charlie, conveying that she doesn’t know what she’s really asking.  She nods her head firmly, effectively dismissing him.

“Play nice,” he whispers to Natasha, before going to join the long line of customers.

The crowd in the little shop has hit its morning peak, and he can’t see the table over the crowd of tourists and shoppers who have come in.  Several minutes later, when he returns to the table with morning snacks and a coffee for himself and each of the women, he is pleasantly surprised to find them talking and laughing like old friends.  He just looks at Charlie, questioningly, and she shakes her head and smiles.

“Oh, Charlie, it was so nice getting to meet you!  I really hope you can come to dinner!  I have a debriefing, so I really have to go.  Thanks for the coffee, Steve.  I’ll see you at the Tower later?”

With a kiss on the cheek for Steve, Natasha grabs her buzzing phone from the table and coffee from his hand and leaves.  Steve sits there, stunned.  Natasha isn’t one for ‘girl talk’ and she just made nice with Charlie.  It has him a little curious.  Nat’s awkward exchange with Charlie has the handsome soldier wondering what the red headed spy is plotting.  Bitterly, he’s also irritated by her intrusion into his personal life, a piece that is solely his since awakening from the ice.

“What just happened?”  He asks, incredulously.

Charlie laughs at the puzzlement on his face.  “I’m not sure.  I think I just got invited to Thanksgiving dinner at the Tower by Natasha?”

Steve chuckles, “Well damn, I guess I’ll have to find my own date then.  I was planning to ask you tonight, but looks like Nat beat me to it.”

“Well, I’d much rather be your date…  Which is the plan- she was afraid you wouldn’t ask me, and apparently the team is worried about you because they know you’ve been keeping secrets.”


“Problem solved.  I went to the coffee shop he always visits….  I was right…  That’s where he’s been meeting her…  Yea. Nice of you to text me the whole damn time.  Like my buzzing phone didn’t make her uncomfortable… Meh, she seems like a nice girl… Really wholesome and squeaky clean…” Although she played nice, at Steve’s request, Nat’s voice shows she isn’t too sure how she feels about this new development with one of ‘her boys.’

“Yes, Tony, I told her about the dinner.  She said she’d love to attend.  No, of course he isn’t happy with me for butting in; you know he likes his privacy.  But it’s done.  She’ll be there. And we’ll all get a chance to meet her,” Natasha explains over the phone.

Before hanging up, she tosses an aside.  “And she mentioned knowing Wanda.  Wanda’s known about her for weeks.”


“NAT!  NAT!” Steve enters the common living space, having already been to her quarters, failing to find her.  “JARVIS! Where the hell is she?”

The fridge door closes and Nat steps calmly into Steve’s wrath.  “Looking for me?”

“What the hell was that?”  His jaw flexes, showing his restrained anger.

Nat sighs deeply, setting the carton of eggs on the counter.  “Scrambled or fried?” she asks.  “What was what?  At the coffee shop you mean?”

“Don’t play dumb; you know what I’m talking about.  Why did you come find Charlie?” Steve asks.

Nat pulls a large bowl from the cabinet and begins cracking eggs.  “You get scrambled.  Why?  Because you didn’t tell me…  You’re the one person I’m always honest with, besides Clint, and you didn’t tell me you had a girlfriend?”

Steve’s anger dies when he sees the hurt in his friend’s eyes.  Nat always hides behind her armor of confidence; he sometimes forgets she has feelings too.   He drops his fist to the counter.  “Shit, Nat, I wasn’t really keeping it a secret-“

“Wanda knew; that hurt.”

Sighing, Steve leans to pull the larger skillet from the drawer by his hip, placing it on the island stove top.  “She reads minds, for Christ’s sake!  I didn’t actually tell her anything; she just knew.  Nat, hey, Nat?  Look at me,” Steve waits till he has her attention, placing his hand on her arm, resting on the counter.  Nat’s eyes shine brightly under the lights, still lit with a silent fire.  “Hey, you’re right.  We’re partners.  We’re a team.  I should have told you.  Charlie’s really important to me.  I’m crazy about her, to be honest, and it’s such a new feeling for me, I’m still trying to process it all.”

“She seems really sweet.  I can see why you like her, and I was only with her a few minutes,” Nat replies, trying to mask the slightest ounce of jealousy in her voice.

Steve steps away and gets some cheese from the fridge.  “This world we live in isn’t safe.  I wasn’t keeping our relationship a secret from you or anyone else for any reason other than to keep her safe.  She’s just the girl next door; the beautiful girl who caught my eye in the coffee shop.  She can’t shoot arrows, or drop kick some villain like a bad ass.  She can’t be part of my life here; the more she knows, the more at risk she could be.”  He tosses the cheese into the mix as Nat begins to stir the contents of the bowl, working together as a solid team, wordlessly knowing what needs to be done to finish the task.   “Charlie is my safe place.  It’s like finding warmth for the first time in seventy years.”

Natasha pinches the bridge of her nose.  Her voice drops, and she replies apologetically.  “Steve, I’m sorry.  I wasn’t thinking.  I was mad because I knew you were keeping a secret, and I kicked into ‘spy mode.’  I was just curious to know who was making you so happy.”

Steve laughs, “You mean you acted like a girl and got jealous?”

She laughs with him, bumping his hip as she adds the egg mix to the heated skillet.  “Shut the fuck up; I did not act like a girl!”

The easy friends sit and chat over a late breakfast as Steve answers Nat’s questions about his relationship with Charlie.
“Nat, it’s really important to me that you try to get along with her.”

“I’ve never really had a girl ‘friend’ before, Steve, but I can try.  I’ll just pretend it’s spy training; a new challenge for me,” she laughs as she steals the last bite of his toast from his plate.


Steve smiles to himself while he finishing up the coffee.   Charlie’s calm demeanor instantly set everyone at ease at Tony’s annual Thanksgiving dinner.  It was nice for him to finally show off his best girl to his friends.  He was grateful to Pepper for giving him cooking lessons, and he loved surprising Charlie with the noodles she said her grandmother used to always make for the holiday. She was a vision of loveliness in her navy pants, cream colored silk blouse and forties inspired hair-do.  Steve appreciates the little efforts she makes to honor his lost time, and the patience she has with teaching him about modern life.   He is still reminiscing about the dinner, when the kettle starts to whistle.

He fixes two mugs, one black and one with two sugars and a splash of French Vanilla creamer. He places them on the tray with slices of pumpkin bread he baked the day before, using an old recipe of his mother’s he remembered.  It didn’t seem like Thanksgiving without it.  He sends a silent prayer up to the heavens, thinking of his mother.

The super soldier is happy for the first time in a long time.  A true happiness, a warmth he can feel in his bones.  The handsome blonde carries the holiday goodies into the living room, and freezes at the doorway. Steve is surprised to see Charlie sitting on the floor, staring up at the un-decorated Christmas tree Pepper had delivered earlier in the day.  His heightened senses signal to him that she is crying.  He silently sets the tray on the table, and walks quietly behind her.  “Hey doll, are you okay?” he quietly asks.

“Oh, Steve,” she says, reaching for his hand. “I just miss my dad so much this time of year, you know?”

As soon as she realizes what she’s said, she gasps.  “Steve!  I’m sorry.  I didn’t mean it like that.  Of course you understand…  I’m just kind of a mess right now.”

Without letting go of her warm hand, Steve reaches over and grabs a tissue from the shelf, and passes it to her.  He sits down behind her, wrapping his arms and legs around her, holding her tight.  “I understand.  It is hard; do you want to talk about it?”

“Not really. It was just the lights on the tree.”  Charlie squirms a bit in his grasp and he loosens his hold enough to allow her to turn her upper body to him so he can look at her beautiful face.   “It reminded me of how when I was little, we would sit for hours under the Christmas tree and talk and laugh and he would tell me stories about Christmases when he was a kid and when he and mom first got married.”

“It’s harder this year because your mom is in Paris with her new husband?” he asks.

“Yea, a little bit.  I mean, I’m here with you.  And that makes me so happy; more than I can even put into words.  And I love your crazy friends, and they obviously adore you. Especially Maria…” she pokes him in the ribs, and he bashfully bows his head.  “I gotta watch for her.  You have a type.  Dark haired beauties, huh?”  She smiles at his blush.

“Only you now, doll.  You’re my girl.”  His lips crush to hers, taking her for his own.  Steve backs off after a moment, slowly pulling from her sweet grasp.  He tilts his forehead to hers.  He takes a deep sigh.  “Sorry, not trying to change the subject… You were talking about your family?”

Charlie moves her head back to search his face.  Licking her lips and then slowly pulling her bottom lip between her teeth, she smiles.   “Nah, I think you did a good job changing the subject.”  She pulls from him and begins to rise to her feet.  She reaches her hand out to him.  “You’re family too.  Let’s go talk quietly about you… maybe some sweet whispers in your ear?”

Steve takes her hand and uses his other to push himself up off the floor.  She takes a quick sip of the now cooled coffee and he kisses the top of her head.  “Not just sweet but naughty too?  And how quiet does it have to be?  You know this floor of the Tower is soundproof.”  His lips brush across her silky hair.

Charlie sets the cup down, pulling his hand, moving towards the bedroom.  “Hmmm,” she teases.  “You want a little noise? Can you make me scream?”

“Oh, you know I can do that,” Steve chuckles, picking her up and tossing him over his shoulder and playfully smacking her rounded ass.  “Is that what you want tonight, baby doll?”

Charlie shrieks with laughter, claiming, “Oh, yea.  It’s definitely what I want.”


Author’s Note: In my collection of Steve stories, I will be ignoring certain aspects of the MCU.  JARVIS still exists, and Vision doesn’t.  Civil War never happened, although certain elements of the Civil War plot will be brought forward.  I began writing this story in December 2015, but then Girls Weekend happened!  I lost sight of Steve and Charlie, but they have always been in the back of my mind.  I’m happy to have time now to return to their story.

A special thanks to @virtualgirlfriendsan and @marvelmom for helping to guide this story and helping me to find Nat’s voice.

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Copyright © 2016 avenger-nerd-mom.  All rights reserved. Intellectual property of avenger-nerd-mom

Happy New Year’s Eve, Steve

Happy New Year's Eve Steve.JPG

Happy New Year’s Eve, Steve

by avenger-nerd-mom

Steve Rogers and his girlfriend, Charlie Mayer, ring in the New Year right

Warnings: NSFW, oral sex, fingering

Word Count: 1830

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Charlie is curled up on the couch next to Steve.  It is nearing midnight, and she whispers in his ear that she wants to go back to his apartment and celebrate alone.  “But, honey, it’s tradition.   I know it’s silly, but watching the ball drop at midnight is something I did as a kid.  It amazes me this tradition still exists.  This year, I want to watch with you.”

“Alright fine,” she quietly huffs.

Steve kisses the top of her head, loving the smell of her apple shampoo.  He reaches across with his right hand and tugs on one of her curls.  “I promise, baby doll, I’ll be worth your wait,” he teases.

Charlie knows she’s had more than enough to drink, and feels bold.  She wants what she wants.  And she wants Steve.  Soon.  She twists her body on the couch and rises up on her knees to face him. She hovers above his beautiful face, putting her hands on the back of the couch on either side of his head.  He drops his head back to rest on the back of the leather seat and smiles up at the lovely vision. Her dark curls cascade down around them and he can see the defined muscles in her arms.  She moves her knee over his leg, straddling his thigh.

“Baby, we’re in public,” he breathes out with a hiss.

She looks up and sees Natasha at the bar, giving her a thumbs up, and Clint excuses himself awkwardly from the other end of the couch.  Tony’s annual New Year’s Eve party is in full swing, and the gang is all together, along with about a hundred other people they collectively know and trust.

She leans forward, dipping her arm so Steve can peer down her gold sequined dress.  She whispers with hot, wet breath into his ear, “How about instead of watching the ball drop, we find a quiet place where I can suck yours?”

Instinctively, Steve’s hand comes up and grabs the back of her thigh, no longer caring others are present. He snaps the top of the garter he feels with his thick fingers as she pushes away from him.

Across the room, Tony says to Rhodey, “Did you see that?!  Dear God, she was wearing garters.  No wonder Steve hides in his apartment all the time lately.  Who knew Cap could still get it up at his age?”

“I think this finally puts the whole virgin question to rest,” Rhodey replies as they watch Steve follow Charlie from the room.

“Damn, I need a cold shower.  Where’s Pepper?”  Tony says, as he excuses himself from his friend.


Charlie walks up the stairs, with Steve trailing behind her.  With each step, he grabs at her ass, making her laugh.  “Where are we going?” he asks, his voice dripping with hunger and need she created.

“I have no idea.  There has to be some place private with a view of the city.”

She stops on the landing, and looks down on all of the party goers. Some of them are watching them, knowingly, almost envious of the heat between them.  She pulls Steve to her and kisses him with desire.  “They say what you do in the first hour of the New Year, you will be doing all year long.  I want to be fucking you.”

She smiles as she feels Steve’s cock stirring against her thigh, and his hands slide in the cut out of her open back dress.  He kneads at her spine with his strong hands, and growls quietly with lust.

Noiselessly, Pepper walks past them and says, “Here, take this.  You’ll find what you’re looking for,” handing off a key card and post- it to Charlie before she descends the stairs.

As Steve pulls back on her hair, exposing her graceful neck and beginning to bite gently along her jaw, Charlie calls out her thanks to her friend, and takes a look at the note.

She hands it to Steve, and pulls away from him as they both share a laugh.

“No one uses the 46th floor. The room on the northeast corner of the building is available and all privacy blocks have already been set.  Have fun!   Love,Pepper.”

When the couple reach the space Pepper described to them, they find an unused room, glowing from a decorated Christmas tree still sitting in the corner.  Steve is astounded by the view.  Seeing his city from so high, covered in lights, is always such a breath taking experience.

Tonight this sensation is heightened by the view of his lovely lady leaning against the window, looking down on the revelers below.  He heatedly walks to her, pushing her against the glass, bringing her hands up above her head.  Charlie drops her head back to rest on his chest and his lips roughly find her neck.  He holds her hands together with one of his and uses the other to push her dark hair out of the way, over her other shoulder.  Then he begins to caress over her gold sequined dress.  He tells her, his voice full of lust and desire, “You smell so good; like apples and vanilla. Later, I’m gonna see if you taste as good as you smell.”

Charlie groans with delight.  Steve’s beautiful full lips on her, searching her core is a favorite.  Her body begins to respond warmly as his hand continues to run down her side, stopping to grip her waist.  His mouth works its magic along her neck and her knees begin to buckle.  She leans into the cold, hard glass, looking out on the city.  He kneads forcefully with his skillful fingers at her hip, gathering up her dress.  He reaches down between her thighs, and finds her wet and open.  “Oh, baby doll, that is a nice surprise!” he rumbles in her ear.  He is surprised to discover Charlie isn’t wearing panties.  “Have you been like this all night?”

She turns her mouth to him and stretches up to reach his neck.  She nips at him with her teeth before he pulls away.  “Only for about the last hour.  Thor fixed my last drink.  Bad, bad idea…”

Steve chuckles at this.  It’s a wonder the poor girl can still stand.  “I don’t know about that; it seems to be working out in my favor.”

“Are you going to keep holding me so tight, or can I touch you?” Charlie whines.

Steve ignores her and pushes her hands against the glass, silently signaling he wants her to leave them up, before letting go of her wrists.  The released hand slides down across her cheek, over her neck, gently grasping her jaw and turning her mouth to his.  He licks his lips before capturing her pretty mouth.

Charlie moans at his onslaught, loving the taste of the Asgardian mead that clings to his tongue.  She can feel his lips curve to a smug smile at her reaction.  She tries to catch his bottom lip, but he keeps pulling away from her, teasing her.  Instead, he captures hers, tugging and pulling it between his teeth, flicking his tongue across the tender flesh.

He smiles again, seeing the goosebumps form above the neckline of her dress.  He attacks her with his lips, teeth and tongue, using his hand to hold her sweet face in place.  Steve loves the little moans and whines she makes and his need grows from this.  As always, he knows he has to ready her completely with foreplay for her to be ready for his super serum stamina.  Steve is so pleased with how willingly she accepts his ministrations and prepares for him.  His heart aches from the love and joy she brings to his life.

While invading Charlie’s mouth, his other hand forges ahead, caressing over the top of her thigh, tugging on the garter belt.  He reaches between her thighs and she instinctively moves her legs apart for Steve to better reach her inner folds.  He drags his finger back and forth over her wet lower lips.  He can sense that the rough fabric of her dress is adding to her stimulation, and she pushes back against him.  She’s already dripping, and he roughly pushes into her sweet hole. He catches her with his legs when her knees collapse.  “Steve, please,” she moans.

He chuckles and whispers, “Not yet.”

“You’re so mean,” Charlie laughs at him.

She can see the lights of the city below them and watches their reflection in the glass.  She can see little marks forming along her neck, from the repeated bitings she’s received, and watches Steve’s hand disappear under the edge of her dress.  His eyes connect with hers in their reflection and she sees the look of triumph cross his face as he slips in another finger, sinking deep inside her. He pumps in and out slowly, then rough, then slow again, his mouth biting at the back of her neck now.  His other hand grasps her breast and pinches over her dress.

The super soldier feels the change start to pulse through her body and he pulls away from her.

“Steve!” she whimpers.  “Don’t stop!”

He yanks the dress over her head and drops to his knees, twirling her around and pushing her back against the window.   Steve burrows his tongue into the spot recently vacated by his fingers and rapidly laps up her juice, fucking her with his mouth. Her cries and mewling increases as she pulls at his hair.

She looks down to her favorite sight.  Captain America on his knees, just for her.  His hands grab her ass and guide her closer to him.   Just a few quick flicks with his skilled muscle and she breaks, coming on his tongue, filling his mouth. Steve moans against her, his vibrations completing her.  He slows, gently bathing her with his tongue now, as she slowly floats back to reality.

She yanks his hair and pulls him back, “Cap, you cheated.  I was going to take care of you.”

“Baby, look,” he gently pulls her down to the floor next to him and wraps his arms and legs around her as he can feel the chill of her skin, having been against the cold window for so long.  He toys with her hair as they watch the ball from Times Square start to fall.

“Happy New Year, doll.  You still have the hour you were talking about to take care of me.  I just knew I wanted to end the year with a bang, and start it with another.”

“Job well done then, Captain.”  Charlie turns in his lap and begins to unbutton his shirt.  Before her lips pounce on his again, she laughs, “Happy New Year, Steve!”

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Copyright © 2015 avenger-nerd-mom. All rights reserved. Intellectual property of avenger-nerd-mom

Merry Christmas, Steve

Merry Christmas Steve

Merry Christmas, Steve

by avenger-nerd-mom

Steve Rogers enjoys unwrapping his Christmas gift.

Warning: NSFW, adult situations, multiple orgasms, oral

Word count 2150

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“Bring the can of whipped cream too,” Charlie shouts over the sound of Christmas music.

“And what, Miss Charlotte, do you plan to do with that?!” Steve asks as he balances the tray with mugs of hot cocoa and Christmas cookies they baked yesterday. He carries it into the living room and sets it on the coffee table, near where Charlie is sitting by the tree.

“Well, don’t you just have a dirty mind!  It’s for my cocoa!  What do YOU want to do with it?” the pretty brunette asks, her voice full of laughter.

“Oh, I can think of some fun things I’d like to try,” he cocks his eyebrow at her and smiles devilishly.

“Why, Captain Rogers, I do believe you are being awfully forward this evening!”

She laughs as he plows into her, pushing her onto the ground, quickly planting his lips on her neck.  He runs his tongue along the sweetheart neckline of her red party dress, dipping his tongue between the valley of her rounded breasts.  He’s been dying to do that all evening.  He smiles as her pulse quickens and she reaches between them to pull at the buttons of his shirt.  He lifts his weight off of her, rolling onto his back and lifting her on top of him.  The ornaments on the tree jingle as she bumps into the lowest branches.

Steve begins to paw at the back of her dress.  “Hey, Super Soldier, don’t rip the dress this time,” Charlie teases him.

“Oh, no,” he growls in her ear.  “Not this dress.  This dress is too perfect.  Really, doll, you looked so amazing tonight.”

For the annual Stark Christmas party, Charlotte Mayer looked like she stepped out of a wet dream Steve had as a younger man, over 70 years before.  The bright red ‘40s styled dress hugged every curve of his girlfriend’s luscious body, and she had curves in all the right places, just as a woman should.  Steve didn’t see the fascination modern society had with stick thin girls.  He wanted his girl round and stacked.

Steve had been delighted during the sit down dinner to discover that his dark haired beauty was wearing old fashioned stockings with a garter belt.  He had been even more pleased that she let him play with her wet folds under the table during dessert, tugging at the garters.  He loved the attention to detail she gave to her style of clothing and her wish to please his tastes.

As he looks up at his girl, lying on top of him, he smiles at the way she spills out of her dress, her breasts smashed against him.  God bless grandmas who saved their favorite fashions and the vintage stores in Greenwich Village that now sell them.

Charlie pushes up on Steve’s rock hard chest, effectively pushing her lower body against his and she smiles.  “Hold up, soldier, I’m not there yet.”

She winces as her head bumps the tree branch again.

“What’s wrong, doll face?” Steve asks with his voice full of concern.

“I now know why every woman in old movies looked bitchy.  These hair pins were created by Satan, and there must be like 50 stuck in my head,” Charlie complains.  “They’re giving me a headache.”

Steve swiftly sits up, pulling her to a kneeling position, facing the lights on the tree.  “Here, let me help,” he says, as he slowly unzips her dress, kissing her exposed flesh with each movement, down her spine as the zipper goes lower and lower.  He grins as she shivers at his touch and goose bumps cover her milky white skin.

“How does removing my dress help?” Charlie inquires.  Although Steve can’t see her face, he knows she is smiling.

“It doesn’t.  That part is just for me; it creates a lovely visual,” he explains as he taps her bottom.  She rises up on her knees so he can gently pull the dress over her head.

Steve lets out a low, appreciative whistle, “Baby, you look fantastic!”

In the light of the Christmas tree, on her knees with her back to him, Charlie is a vision straight from a WWII pin-up poster.  Steve uses his artist’s eye to quickly take in every detail so he can sketch it later.  The back of her bra strap; the garter belt low on her hips; the curve of her ass hidden under the black lace panties; her tight thighs sheathed in sheer nylon.  His dick twitches and strains against his pants and he rubs his hand over himself a few times to alleviate the pressure.

She sits back down on her heels and he moves closer to her, pulling off his own shirt. He picks her up, setting her between his legs and leaning her back against his chest.  She quietly hums her approval at feeling her skin finally touching his.  Charlie’s head falls back, exposing her long, graceful neck.  Steve begins planting kisses along her jaw line, remembering to be gentle so his bites don’t bruise her so badly this time, and he slowly starts pulling the pins from her hair.

With each gentle tug, a curl escapes, and he twists her beautiful locks in his fingers.  Charlie sighs contentedly and massages her finger tips into Steve’s thighs on either side of her, using more force than required for the average man.  She can feel Steve growing hard as his still-clothed cock pushes against her lower back.

The pile of hairpins continues to grow and Steve is lovingly removing each one.  When he was a young man, traveling with the show girls, touching their well-coifed hair was a no-no, because they’d spent so much time to painstakingly create their curls and pin them in place.  Playing with Charlie’s hair is one of his favorite intimacies they share.  The fall of each curl as he releases it from its hair pin trap adds to his excitement.

Steve reaches around to cup under one of Charlie’s large, perfectly round breasts.  His large hand slides under the lace and pulls and tugs at her hardened nipple.  He pinches it lightly and laughs when he hears her moan, “Fuck, that feels so good…”

With the last of the hair pins removed, Steve begins to run his fingers through her curls, gently shaking them out.  He gathers her hair in his hands and pulls it to his face, smelling the strong scent of apples from the shampoos she uses.  He inhales deeply and drops her hair, watching it fall around her shoulders and cascade down her back.

Steve pushes Charlie away from him. “Lie down on your stomach,” he gently commands.  While she moves into position he removes the last of his formal wear from the party, only keeping on his boxers.  He smiles down at the ones she gave him covered with Christmas bulbs.

He straddles her back, not putting pressure on her, and begins to massage her back and shoulders.  He can feel the tension leave her body as his strong hands work their magic.  His hands move up her back, forceful and steady, then across the tops of her shoulders, trailing back down her sides with light, feathery touches.  On his second pass over, he unhooks her bra, and smoothly pushes it to the side.

Steve moves down to rest on the back of her thighs, and advances to massage her lower back, pulling up on her hips.  He grins to himself as he hears her breathing get louder, signaling she’s ready.  His thick fingers slide over her wonderfully curved ass and dip under the fabric, reaching into her hot, wet center.  She bucks at his touch, and his ministrations progress, pushing in slowly and deeply, spreading her slick.

Steve lifts up and flips Charlie over onto her back.  Her eyes are filled with lust at the sight before her, Captain America in all his glory.  Broad shoulders, amazing abs, strapping arms… She moans delightfully at the view and strokes her fingers down his chest to his tapered waist, reaching for the band of his boxers.

He quickly pulls away from her reach and dives between her legs.  He finds the black lace covering her mound is already soaked from her wetness.  He places his mouth at her sweet box and pulls the wet material into his mouth, sucking and lapping his tongue over the dampened fibers.

Charlie grabs at his hair and whispers, “Stop teasing me, dammit.”

She can feel his hot breath as he chuckles against her thigh, slowly kissing down her leg to the clasp of the garter.  He tugs with his teeth and it pops loose.  He slowly unrolls the nylon from her leg, brushing his long eyelashes over her flesh as each new area of skin is exposed.  Her moans and writhing add fuel to his desire.

Once the hosiery is removed, he takes her foot into his hands and begins to maddeningly caress her tender skin.  “Oh, my god, yes,” she breathily sighs.

Steve repeats the process with her other leg.  He delights in driving her crazy, knowing he is already pushing her to the edge.  His extended and torturous foreplay better prepares her for his power and need, enhanced long ago by the serum.

Steve tugs at the garter and panties at her waist with more force than intended and the fabric rips.  She just laughs when he shrugs his shoulders.

He sits back to admire her naked form. Even without his artist’s eye, her beauty could not be denied by any man.  She belongs to him and he intends to remind her of that, by taking possession of her.  He quickly removes his boxers and positions himself above her.  She raises her legs and plants her feet firmly on the floor, tilting up to provide him easier entry.

Steve pushes into her, straight to her core and she cries out.  He thrusts into her again and again.  Right as he feels Charlie reaching her peak, he lifts her and casts them over again so she is on top.  With his hands guiding her hips, she continues to slide up and down, impaling herself on his stiff rod.

Charlie braces her hands on the corded muscles of his forearms and grinds down against him.  She knows she’ll feel sore tomorrow, but knows the pleasure tonight is worth the pain in the morning.

The handsome soldier can sense the change in her as she comes closer to her release, tightening around his shaft.  He looks down the length of his body and watches her slide up and down, hiding him inside her delicious, wet hole.  Her beautiful full breasts sway back and forth and drag across his chest, adding to his sensory pleasure.  He grabs one of her pink buds between his teeth and remembers to gently bite down.  Steve pulls it between his lips and reaches up to grasp her breast, kneading it between his fingers.  His sucking is exactly what she needs and she lets him know, “Oh, god, Steve, I’m coming. I’m coming.  Don’t stop. More.”

Steve loves this directive and pulls down on her ass to bring her in closer, biting even harder on her nipple as she grinds against him to her completion.

Before she can fully come down from her high, he flips them once again.  His arm hits the branches of the Christmas tree and they both chuckle at the sound of ornaments hitting against each other and crashing to the ground.

Steve’s eyes lock on to Charlie’s as he continues his rapturous assault, pounding into her, pausing every few strokes to grind against her already sensitive clit.  As she swells to her second orgasm, he follows hers with his own release.

Steve continues to pump as her muscles contract around him, pulling every drop from him before he collapses by her side in a spent heap.

Charlie snuggles against him and basks in the glow.  When her brain can finally form words again, she teases Steve, “We knocked over the Christmas tree…”

“Again,” he interrupts.

“How many ornaments do you think we broke this time?” she wonders aloud.

“At this rate, there won’t be any left when Pepper comes to put it away,” Steve responds unapologetically.

Charlie sits up to stretch out her sore muscles, and Steve silently cringes when he sees the small bruises already forming on her back.  “Maybe I should bring the mattress in here for Round Two?” he suggests, caressing her back as he moves to stand.

“Don’t forget the whipped cream!” she calls out as he exits the room.

“I like the way you think,” he laughs as he pauses in the doorway in all his naked splendor.

“Merry Christmas, Steve,” Charlie giggles.

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