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by avenger-nerd-mom

Actor Chris Evans relaxes after an eventful evening with his girlfriend, Emery Thomas.  He takes quiet time alone before her family arrives for dinner.

Warnings: SMUT, masturbation

Word Count: 940

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The ride back to the house is quiet.  They both are lost in their own thoughts, but Chris is so happy to see the lazy, spent smile on Emery’s face.  Listening to the end of the game on the radio, Emery knows they still have about an hour before her family will arrive to her house.  She calls the pizza place and arranges to have several pizzas delivered within the hour. 

Chris parks the car in her driveway.  He walks around to the passenger side and opens the door for Emery.  “I’m still a puddle.  I can’t move,” she laughs.  He reaches into the car, and lifts her out.  He gently sets her down on the ground.  Emery reaches up on her tiptoes, pulls him down for a kiss, and reaches her hand under his sweatshirt, caressing at the hair on his tight stomach.  Less passionate than the kisses earlier, but just as powerful, Chris pulls back from the kiss, and kisses the tip of her nose.  “If you want me to make a decent impression on your family, in less than an hour, you can’t do that now.”

Emery chuckles at him as she walks away to check on her dog, West, “Got it.  No tent raising for the next few hours…”

Chris is waiting for her on the front porch; she sits down next to him and he takes her tiny hands in to his, his thumbs rubbing circles on the backs of her hand.  Emery sighs contentedly and shifts, leaning closer to him.   “I love you, Evans.  I don’t know what happens next, but I want you.  I need you to know that.”

Chris lets out a breath he didn’t even realize he had been holding in.  “Why tonight; why there?”

Emery shakes her head, like she’s been wondering the same thing.  “I guess, I just was thinking how wonderful you are.  How patient you’ve been with me…  I’m not stupid, or naïve.  I know it’s a lot to ask of you, to wait.  And you have, and you haven’t pushed me.  You let things progress naturally, and it just makes me love you more.  I love you.  I’ll say it a million times.”

Chris has heard those words before, from many women, but for the first time, he feels them.  Her words wash over him, making him feel complete in a way he’s not felt before.  Chris leans against Emery, whispering in her ear, “I love you, too; in a way I’ve never known.”

Emery turns to look in Chris’s eyes, and sees the truth in his words.  “I was thinking of who we are, and who we were then; lots of high school memories tonight.  I loved high school, and have happy memories, but I never had a high school sweetheart.  I never found the right guy.  I guess I wanted to make up for lost time; you know, a better high school memory than getting dumped at prom, right?”

She nudges his shoulder, and smiles at him.  “So now we can both talk about this amazing time in high school and no one has to know it was 15 years after we graduated,” Emery laughs, and Chris laughs with her.  “Say it again.”

Her teacher voice.  God, if she ever figures out what her teacher voice does to him, he is so done for, Chris thinks to himself.

“I. Love. You.” Chris puts his hand behind her neck and pulls her in for a gentle, sweet kiss.  His insides are still mush from the events of the last few hours, and he knows he’s being a hopeless romantic, but he can’t help but think this kiss is so different from any he’s ever felt, so full of hope and promise.  He fights the urge to say this out loud.  There’s so much he wants to say, but knowing her family will arrive soon, it isn’t really the time or place.  They both seem to realize this at the same moment, as she pushes back from him.  She leans her head into his chest, and he continues to caress the back of her neck.  She quietly whispers, “Go.”

 Chris goes in the house to take a shower, and removes the last remnants of the blue and white face paint.  He leans against the shower wall, as the hot water pours over his body, thinking back to the events of the last few hours.  He wasn’t surprised to discover the petite, lovely woman had been hiding a wild streak behind her tame exterior. 

The quiet ones usually do, he muses to himself.  Thinking back to the noises she made and the way her body so beautifully responded to him, he begins to stroke himself slowly.  His cock gets hard as he circles his thumb over his tip, using the shower soap to add to the ease with which he can slide his hand up and down his long, swollen dick.  Chris wraps his hand around his shaft and begins to pump faster as he imagines sliding in and out of her.  A groan escapes from his lips as he thinks about thrusting into her, and memories of her, warm and wet, push him over the edge; his orgasm providing a release for the tension in his body.  He continues to lean into the shower wall, knowing this relief will have to do until after her family leaves for the night.  He was so surprised by her behavior and her declaration of love.

 He can’t wait to see what other surprises she might have planned for him.

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Copyright © 2016 avenger-nerd-mom.  All rights reserved. Intellectual property of avenger-nerd-mom

One thought on “Quiet

  1. theycallmebecca May 26, 2016 / 11:18 am

    Mmm sexy scene. But I have to say the first thing that came to my mind when I started reading this chapter was “I bet she has paint all over her” haha I can only imagine how it transfered haha I really hope someone spots something on her! Haha

    Liked by 1 person

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