This are listed in the order they should be read after finishing “Georgia On My Mind.”

Ski Trip

NOLA Wizard Con Stories

Double Trouble

Con Confessions

His Apology

Adventures in Babysitting


Valentine’s Weekend


At Last

Oscar Weekend

Oscar Sunday

Fairy Tale Endings

All the Buzz

Vacation Surprises

Remote Control

Fire and Ice


Sunday Chores

Honorable Mention

Emery Gets Even

Memorial Day Weekend 2016

Weekend Hideaway- Pt 1

On the Pontoon- Pt 2

One Too Many- Pt 3


Love Notes


A Little Gift

Pay Up

Save the Date

Read Between the Lines

Bedroom Politics

Play It Through


Happy Anniversary

Best Present Ever

Last Night

Snapshots: Scenes from a Wedding

You Promised: Honeymoon Drabble

Birthday Treat

Baking Cakes

Online Shopping

Perfect Balance

Vacation Time

Hero In-Laws

Auntie Em

Late Night

Birthday Sweets

Private Dancer

Sunday with Grandad

Grease Monkey

Two Lines

Killing Time

Bun in the Oven

Snow Fun

Christmas Presents

Oscars 2019

Surprises Ahead

A Fine Gentleman

Late Night Snack

Labor of Love