Georgia On My Mind


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The Call

After School with Miss Thomas

Meeting Face to Face Pt 3

Long Ride Home Pt 4

Dinner and Dessert Pt 5

Alumni Night Pt 6

A Fine Art Pt 7

Quiet Pt 8

Busted Pt 9

Jealousy Pt 10

Lazy Sunday Pt 11

A Night Out Pt 12

Till the End of the Line Pt 13

Sub Notes Pt 14

The Patient Pt 15

Time Off Pt 16

Strength to Say Goodbye Pt 17

Something to be Thankful For Pt 18

Late Night Visit Pt 19

Naughty or Nice? Pt 20

Christmas Confessions Pt 21

 The completes the “Georgia on My Mind” series.  Click here for more fun and romance with Emery and Chris.